Rookie Podcast 47: 0 to 7 Deals in a Year Using Other People’s Money with Andres Bernal

Xổ số vuông hôm nayAndres Bernal came to America to play tennis with only $500 in his pocket. He thought that professional tennis is what his life would end up revolving around. After playing for 2 years and being burnt out from work, Andres decided to take some advice from his family members: start buying real est...

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Have Top-Notch Tenants? Here’s How to Keep Them

After placing the right people in your properties, the most important thing for landlords to do is ensure the best tenants renew their lease.

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Finding the Right Real Estate Broker: A Key Tool for Investing Success

Your broker is one of the most important members of your team. Make sure you find one who specializes in working with real estate investors.

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BiggerPockets Business Podcast 91: How Businesses Get Sold for Millions with Chris Younger

Xổ số vuông hôm nayIf you’re a new entrepreneur, it may seem like a dream to sell a business for millions of dollars. People like Chris Younger, make that dream a reality. Chris founded Class VI Partners, an investment bank that helps entrepreneurs plan and prepare businesses for sale. Chris will be the first to ad...

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5 Strategies for Investing in Real Estate Mortgage Notes

For those who are already familiar with mortgage notes, let’s take a look at five different ways you can use them to make some cash.

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Top 5 Tips for a Smooth and Stress-Free Home Sale

Xổ số vuông hôm nayBuying or selling a house is one of the largest financial decisions you’ll make. Limit your stress by knowing what to expect.

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5 Essential Property Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your Rental in Tip-Top Shape

Rental property maintenance is not something to neglect unless your tenants complain. Instead, responsible landlords stay on top of these key tasks.

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Rental Arbitrage: The Secret to Making a Fortune on Airbnb Without Owning Property

Most people think that they need own property to be a real estate investor. Most people think they need thousands of dollars to start making money. This thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. Introducing Airbnb arbitrage, one of the best kept secrets of the real estate investing industry.

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8 Reasons the Best Landlords Always E-Sign Rental Agreements

Make the switch to electronic signatures and reap the many benefits—like a faster, smoother lease-signing process and easy access to signed documents (just to name a few).

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6 Tips for Listing Your Rental Property Online

No one drives around looking for rental signs on front lawns or scans the classifieds in the newspaper. Reach a massive audience by listing your rental online.

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Real Estate Investing Basics

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The No. 1 Way to Find a Partner for Your Real Estate Investments

As a real estate investor looking for an experienced partner, you can’t focus on what you need. Flip the script. What value do you have to offer them?

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Investor Spotlight: From Accidental House Hack to Financial Freedom Featuring Whitney Hutten

Whitney Hutten’s first deal could’ve gone sideways. But she saved it, pressed on, and transitioned into a full-time investor who now has 60 deals under her belt.

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How Much Do You Need To Save for Your First Investment Property?

There’s no cut and dry answer for how much money you will need to get started in real estate investing. It depends on a few factors.

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Investing for Equity vs. Cash Flow: Which Is More Important?

Like with most things in real estate, your primary focus depends on your situation and goals. But in this instance, one goal is better.

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Mortgages & Creative Financing

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4 Golden Rules of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing looks different for everyone. But being conservative with your investments can pay off in the long run

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Syndication 101: How to Present a Deal To Investors

Do you have a great real estate deal but not enough cash on hand? Present this information to potential investors to get their buy-in.

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How Much Debt Is Too Much When It Comes To Real Estate?

Xổ số vuông hôm nayThe more properties you own, the more debt you add to your life. How can you tell how much real estate debt is too much?

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A Well-Kept Secret for Buying Property With No Money Down (& Growing Your Portfolio Quickly!)

Coming up with the down payment to purchase property consistently and grow your real estate investment portfolio is a struggle. Enter lendable equity.

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