AGENTS: Let's Talk CRMs - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Agents!What does your CRM have that you love? What does it do that drives you nuts?If you were designing a CRM from scratch, what features would you have and what is worthless?
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Agents, what's your #1 tip? (Plus, NEW BOOK!)
SOLD: Every Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Building a Profitable Business is available now! SOLD provides a much-needed look at how successful real estate agents build their business, close deals, and generate... View more
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Looking for Feedback on This Market Data
Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get some feedback from the community about this content. This is a really in depth market analysis. It happens to be of the Dallas metro area, but even if you're not interested in investing... View more
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How's your investment journey going?
Hello BiggerPocketeers! The BiggerPockets Team is interested in hearing about where you stand in your investment journey. Take this survey to help BiggerPockets identify the opportunities and challenges you face.
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Tax deed auction in CA
I’m in CA and looking at buying at my first tax auction. It’s coming up next month. I have my list and am trimming it down and gathering info as I do that. I think my next step is to check some of these properties for... View more
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Big Bear Lake, CA--Short Term Rental
Hey Everyone,I live in the Los Angeles area and I am looking in to STR Market of Big Bear and looks to have a lot of upside. Price of Homes Vs. Potential Profit. I am looking to invest in a 2/3 BD Cabin. Looking for... View more
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Redirecting funds away from 401k into RE investments
In the pursuit of financial freedom, I am considering redirecting my funds from my 401k into another vehicle that's liquid. This will give us immediate access to the money for purchasing/rehabbing properties. I'm not... View more
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Best way to increase rent by $300 per month & keep tenant?
I'm renting a SFR well below market. The tenants have been renting for almost a year, we have a month-to-month agreement. They are great tenants and I really hope to keep them but I need to increase the rent by $300... View more
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FIrst Investment Property! Woo Hoo
Investment Info: Single-family residence buy & hold investment in Lake Havasu City. Purchase price: $309,000 First Investment Property, Buy and Hold using as a STR property. Got well under market... View more
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Can We Get a Dark Mode in the App?
I did a little searching on mobile so forgive me if this has already been asked but can we get a dark mode in the app for those who peruse the app at night? My eyes thank you in advance!
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Property in middle of future development
So, 12 years ago I bought these 2 vacant lots . There had been whisperings of future developments for years, that hadn't come together. NOW, they're planning a 320 acre mixed-use development that's been announced and I... View more
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umbrella insurance in the llc name or owner of llc
I am trying to fiind out if I need to take umbrella insurance in the name of an llc or in the name of the owner. If I have 2 properties and 1 umbrella insurance , each of the properties are owned by a separate llc ,... View more
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What are your thoughts on ghost kitchens?
Anybody have any thoughts on ghost kitchens (or micro kitchens, virtual kitchens...etc)?I've been looking into opening a space with 6-8 ghost kitchens (300-400 sf kitchens built for takeout/delivery only). They were... View more
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Should I call all 8-12 unit owners?
I just learned about PropertyRadar ( which claims to allow you to "research residential and commercial properties using enhanced public records data."I'm looking to pick up two 8-12 unit... View more
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Insurance Costs for Multi-Family - How to predict costs
Hi all,How do you 'ballpark' evaluate your insurance costs on multifamily to determine if you are getting a decent market price? Is it simply looking at the ratio of insured value-to-annual premium? Is there any sq ft... View more
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Letter Writing Campaign
In your letter writing campaigns, how often are you sending out follow up letters?
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I'm looking for a CPA and would like to know what to look for
Outside of the obvious that they must understand rental property and LLC, I'm not sure if there is other criteria I should be validating. My situation is that I'm fairly new to rental properties, they're all in AZ... View more
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Are we in a bubble or is this market permanently changed
Prices keep rising... it's a sellers market... signs of a bubble are pervasive but.. is it a bubble or has the market changed permanently.... thoughts?
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US entity structure when investing from Canada suggestions
Hello BP Forums. I am a new investor and WILL get started investing in US real estate from Canada in February. I have almost everything lined up, a couple agents, a property management company, lender (just one so far,... View more
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Can I just forfeit a property?
I have a property in Detroit that I'm leaning towards walking away from but since my buyers backed out for tenant-related reasons I'm stuck. Can one just forfeit a property? No mortgage and in decent condition.
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