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Collecting Rent During A Pandemic
Hello fellow investors! I have seen many landlords who have missed at least one month's rent in 2020. Some landlords have missed several months worth of rent. I know a few real estate investors who have "forgiven"... View more
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Late fees during Covid if tenant is not in distress
I have a tenant who has paid rent late a few times, and is now refusing to pay rent, stating the reason as a small repair that needs made (won't go into details, but I always keep on top of repairs).  I've forgiven... View more
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Cares Act - urgent help needed to apply
Today is Dec 29th , Can I still withdraw from from 401k, what forms do I need to fill? Fidelity holds my account. I was laid off in November, so I know I qualify (I checked on Fidelity website as well). I called them... View more
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Still doing Short term rentals during the Pandemic?
Hey BP Fam! Coming up on a year that I made my first multi family purchase. Currently house hacking but was thinking about investing in a short term rental property next in The Poconos or Catskills. I have been reading... View more
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CARES Act 401k Loans
Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anybody has made use of the the CARES Act to withdraw money penalty free from their retirement accounts? I understand that you still have to pay taxes on the amount but you can... View more
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COVID-19 Sticky Tenant Eviction Situation
I have an issue with an investment property in NC that I am in the process of purchasing (50% of market value, yay!). There are reasons why I am getting this property so cheap; the tenants are impossible to deal with.... View more
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COVID-19 - Tenants don't want an Appraiser to Enter
I am in the process of refinancing one of my rental properties and need an appraiser to enter. The tenants do not want the appraiser to enter due to COVID-19 concerns. There is a multi-generational family living in the... View more
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LLC Covid Scams to watch out for
Be on the lookout if you receive any letters from your State asking to renew your LLC or asking for a fee to receive an OSHA COVID certificate.. I give them credit letters looks very legit.. Unfortunately its public... View more
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FHA loan occupancy requirements during COVID and economic crisis
Hello, I am in kind of weird situation and would like some advice. We just closed on a 4-plex a couple of weeks ago, we purchased using an FHA loan with 3.5% down. The property was and still is fully occupied with... View more
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Climate of Airbnb's?
Hello, I'm dabbling with the idea of airbnb-ing a future investment property, however I was curious if anyone had any insight on where they anticipate the airbnb market going? With the pandemic showing little to no... View more
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Is the Real Estate market really not going to take a hit?
I have been watching the last 4 months in absolute awe. Unemployment is through the roof, businesses are going bankrupt, most people are staying home not spending money yet the stock market and Real Estate market are... View more
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Are there any NEGATIVE IMPACTS for COVID-19 Forebearance?
I have heard here and there, and although the finacnial institutions state that if COVID-19 Relief is sought, they will not report it to credit agencies there are lingering questions. My question is, are there other... View more
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Is it crazy to buy a primary right now?
My wife and I are new investors who only own a couple doors.We currently rent and had planned to buy a primary residence during this time. Covid obviously changed all that and the combination of an insane... View more
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Does Real Estate have to be personal?
I have always considered Real Estate a personal business. The traditional Realtor who builds relationships and gets their clients that way. The investors who network at meetings and become friends. The schedule can... View more
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Forecast on Seattle’s real estate market
Hello!My wife and I purchased a house up in north Seattle and are using our previous house as a rental. Thankfully, we were able to hit the ground running as the process of finding a tenant and getting situated at our... View more
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Hello BP Community. This is for those primarily in the lending sector. Between a CDIF mortgage company and a mainstream mortgage company, which will generate more business and which would you prefer to work for?
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Holding Pattern - Feels Weird. What's your plan?
TLDR: I went from aggressively investing constantly and deploying capital, to being in this weird COVID "wait and see" sellers market. I just started buying a year ago.Covid created this insane sellers market,... View more
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A contingencies question
So say I waive all contingencies on my offer EXCEPT home inspection, but then I have an issue with something I waived, for example: I waive the radon contingency, I do the radon inspection anyway and it comes out that... View more
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Increasing material costs
I have no doubt in my mind that I want to try my hand at real estate investing and just jump right in. However, due to the pandemic, and from my current experience of working at a building supply yard, I am made aware... View more
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Anybody Investing in Louisville ky?
I’m 22 years old, looking into buying my first investment property. I started looking at single families, but i’m also looking at duplexes and 4 apartments complex. I’m a little afraid just because i dont know how the... View more
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Finally an article supporting landlords and tenants not paying
I just saw this today... finally an article that discusses small(er) landlords and the affects of tenants that aren't paying rent due to COVID 19 and the moratorium.
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Are Construction Businesses Eligible for EIDL Assistance?
I'd like to write a reconsideration letter, and I want to know if my company is eligible for EIDL assistance. Is it possible for construction businesses or general contractors to be approved for an EIDL Loan?
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Looking for investor who holds rentals from Tampa to Cape Coral
I want to get away from high HOA in Orlando and buy from Tampa area down to Cape Coral. We live in Venice. Right now it looks like I could buy old over priced small units or a new duplex and get the same return on... View more
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Tampon found in clogged sewer line -
I have a property managed by a property management company and the tenant put in an order for the house plumbing to be backed up. The drain company came out and unclogged the line from the house to the street and found... View more
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How is COVID effecting those in the student housing market?
I know that there's a mix between campuses that are open, open/virtual, and/or fully virtual.What I'm curious about is how this is effecting those who have student housing, especially those who own SFH, and rent the... View more
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