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Evict for Owner Occupy during Covid?
We need to do a no fault eviction (our first) in order to owner occupy to satisfy the FHA requirements for our turnkey duplex, and while I have some corporate law background, I don't know what landmines are waiting for... View more
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Closing Costs for Oakland Property
Hi BP,Currently speculating the closing costs on my first property in Oakland CA as they seem a bit high and want to make sure I am not being jipped lol. Below is the break down I got, all feedback is welcome!Credit... View more
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Charlotte NC Septic Inspection
Good evening BP members!Hope everyone is safe at this time. We recently placed a property under contract in Charlotte, NC (Indian Trail area east Charlotte) which has a septic system. Was wondering if any investors in... View more
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About to pull all contingencies, hesitant bc of covid-19
Hello BP fam, we are supposed to pull our contingencies tonight/tomorrow for a quad in Long Beach CA. Given the state of the country under Coronavirus, I am really nervous about what the economy is going to do. This... View more
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Acting as agent and Principal
Hello all, I am purchasing a property as the Principal, in my name. I am also acting as the buyer agent. Per Wisconsin code REEB 24.05  - It states...  A licensee acting as an agent in a real estate or business... View more
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Contracted to buy. Bad idea?
I reached an accepted offer to purchase a 2 unit. I'm trying to decide if it's a horrible idea to go through with it given the current state of everything, or if its just fine. I'm supposed to in less than a month,... View more
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