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Section 8 Investment in Detroit Michigan
Hi there (new to BP here),  Anyone do section 8 rentals in Detroit, MI? If so, does anyone use PM to manage the properties?  Soon, I'll have some capital to invest in RE. Been really interested in investing in... View more
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Property Manager for the George area
Hello BP family, I'm looking for a good reliable property manager who manage property in the Union City GA, area. I'm a out of towner investor and this would be my first investment in the GA area. I would like your... View more
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Out of state rental - using property mngt for new construction
Hi everyone, just wanted to get your thoughts. Recently got my first rental under contract. It is a new construction and was wondering if you would still use a rental property management company or use applications to... View more
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Do you need a license to own a PM company?
I'm researching the property management industry as an assignment. From what I understand, in most states property managers need to have a real estate broker license to operate. Does this restriction apply to the... View more
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Rental property - home warranties
Going to put my house up for rent in 12 months. Any suggestions on home warranties as well as tips on maintenance/repair strategies?
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Airbnb/Short term Rental Cleaners
Hello everyone. I’ve recently acquired a duplex. I have decided I want to Airbnb it instead of renting. I feel comfortable doing all the managing but I am stumped on where to find reliable cleaning services after each... View more
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Looking for a good property manager in Durant OK
I'm looking for a good property manager in Durant, OK.  I live in Houston and I'm thinking of investing there, please let me know who you would recommend. Thank you all!
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New to Wilmington, DE
I'm a new rental property owner in Wilmington, DE. Anyone have any good or bad experience with rentals in Wilmington?
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Need recommendation for property manager in Ocala FL area please?
Any recommendations truly appreciated.
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Property Manager's in Macomb, Il
Any property managers in Macomb Illinois? I have MHP that I am need management for.
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Who do you recommend to manage your properties in Central FL
Looking for referrals on a property management team central FL. Primarily Orlando and Tampa. How many rentals do you have under management w/ them and at what rate?Thanks!
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Zillow Rental Manager
Does anyone recommend Zillow Rental Manager? Today 1/12/21, I will be closing on my first rental property. I just discovered Zillow rental manager. I was wondering if anyone uses it or recommends it. Also, if anyone... View more
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Learning to Manage Property
I am weeks away from closing on my first duplex. I would like to work with a property manager to learn how to properly manage my duplex. I have no property managing experience so how do I create value for a them, so... View more
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Property Management for Single Family Rentals
I’m looking forward a good Property Management company fir a few Single Family homes in the Nashville Tn area. Does anyone have any recommendations? Currently paying 10% , any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Property Manager for Augusta, GA
Looking for referrals for investor friendly property manager for Augusta/North Augusta, GA, SC.
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Orlando Property Management
Have a property in Sorrento Florida under contract. Looking for recommendations for property managers. Thanks!
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Orlando Property Management
Have a property in Sorrento Florida under contract. Looking for recommendations for property managers. Thanks!
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Property Manager in Memphis?
I’m looking to connect with property managers in the Memphis area. We are anticipating our first real estate investment on the outskirts of downtown Memphis.
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Property Management - Elmira, NY
Hi,I am looking to get suggestions on great Property Management companies in Elmira, NY.I have a duplex and will need help to manage from out of state.
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Alternatives to Quickbooks for financial records?
Hey y'all,I've been running a small (non-R.E.) business for many years, so I'm no stranger to what it takes to manage a small business's finances. I'm also no stranger to Quickbooks, because that's what I've used for... View more
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weighing property management
I am about to close on my second house. This means my first house will become my first official rental. I am a little underwhelmed with my knowledge of what I want out of a property manager. I know I definitely want a... View more
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What’s your opinion of
I’m new to the rental business. I’m using to accept applications and rent. I’ve had a few tenants and potential tenants complain about the difficulty to signup, and sign the lease. Have you guys had any... View more
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Referral Needed for National Property Management Service
Hi, I am new to real estate investment and I plan to remote invest in properties across the USA.What are the best value added national property managers you would recommend?
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Property Management Company Startup
Hello!I was wanting to know (if possible) what steps I can take to start a property management company without any prior experience.
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Paying tenant to do maintenance?
Does anyone pay a tenant to handle small maintenance issues? What is an arrangement that works well?
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