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Tools to get started
Hi everybody I think I would rank myself as a medium small investor I've done a few flips and have if you renters and of actively pursuing the expansion of my portfolio. I was trying to think of ways that I could add... View more
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Breaking Into The Game
Scenario: I am a saver aspiring to invest. What should my intital investment goal be in I am currently netting 5k? Where should I put my money? Do I try Fundrise? Who should I talk to?Engagement:Can we see some... View more
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Where do I find contracts for my State? I'm in Seattle, WA
I'm just starting out and I'm having a hard time finding contracts for my area. I'm motivated to go but that's pretty much the only thing holding me back
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Orangeburg pipe!!!To invest or not??
Hello bigger Pockets forum. I am looking to invest in my first rental property. They have fallen out escrow twice due to a plumbing issue. In Spokane, Washington thereare pockets of Orangeburg in different... View more
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How to start on investing in real estate
Im 22 and I’m interested in investing in real estate but I have no clue where or how to start
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Why is Felipe leaving???
Why’s he being replaced??
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Detailed Deal analyzer
What deal analyzer do you use? I currently use one that does the job on small properties but I'm sure there are more detailed, robust software or excel sheets 
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First investment ideas
I am getting ready to make my first investment. I am finishing up a home remodel/addition on my primary residence, and will have close to 100k equity in the house when done (owe about 100k, worth about 200k). I'm... View more
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Credit card recommendations
Can anyone recommend a credit card they find useful (perhaps a good one with cash back and or other benefits) in using for the purpose of rehabbing homes to buy material, appliances,etc...?
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Looking for the right lender(s)
How do you determine what a good lender is?
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First time buyer/ investor
First time home buyer/investor in my early trying to avoid the analysis paralysis and looking to get started should I be talking to a lender or agent first
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How to get started with 10k?
Hey so I’m completely new to real estate. I haven’t done a single deal yet. I read a lot of the books offered on bigger pockets and watch a lot of webinars and podcast really just trying to learn. I’ve saved up 10k... View more
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This podcast inspired me to do a thing
So, I've been a lurker on BP for several months and following real estate sporadically for several years.  At one point I even got my license just for kicks and hung it "inactive". A few months ago, for the first time,... View more
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Bigger pockets podcast
I have been listening to the BP Podcast for awhile and just hit episode 27.I didn't want to miss info or base a decision on something that is now outdated.Should I keep listening numerically, start at the end and... View more
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Mastermind group for beginners?
Hey there! I'm looking for a mastermind group! Anyone know how I can go about finding one?
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Are the tools like calculators available on the iPad app?
Are the calculator tools in services available on the app for iPad?
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Which is your favorite BP podcast show and why?
Which is your favorite BP podcast show and why??
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What bank am I supposed to get a mortgage from?
If I'm investing out of state. Does that mean I go to a bank close to where I want to invest or in the town I live in?
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What Can be considered as a good first deal (buying)?
I’m working on getting my first property in months from now. I would like to get some tips from pros in what I should consider before signing the contract. Please help 💯
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Podcast Production Assistance
Hello,How do you go about producing your podcast once the video and audio are captured?I’d like to streamline this as much as possible to maximize time spent working on other aspects of the business.Thanks in... View more
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What does ‘buying on the MLS’ mean exactly?
I am a recent newbie to Bigger pockets and a total convert! I am so impressed with the real estate rookie podcast it is really such a great way to learn about real estate investing in such an inspiring and... View more
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PropStream for Newbies or only seasoned REI's?
Hello everyone, I'm in the beginning stages of becoming a Real Estate Investor and upon my many searches I was directed to PropStream a lot of other wholesaler's and other REI's speak highly of it. So I created a... View more
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real estate investing for a rookie immigrant
Any form of help would do like some key factors to know before entering into the RE as an immigrant.  any sort of document I must have beforehand?
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Podcast with Vinney Chopra
Hello!I am interviewing Vinney Chopra next week.What would you like to ask him?Thanks,Nick Aja
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New guy, ready to learn, ready to earn
Good evening ya'll, I'm a custom home builder outside Houston Tx. Just bought my second home, and had an incredible attitude change after listening to Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I am now extremely eager to learn!!! I'm... View more
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