STR Strategies Under Travel Restrictions
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STR Management Turnkey vs Evolve vs Vacasa?
I'm purchasing a vacation condo in Park City and looking for experience and recommendations with STR Management companies and options to manage it and make sure it's well taken care of for me and my guests. I live 10... View more
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Why would a PM Push Rental Insurance ?
Our family found a nice place to get together. We live cross-country, are parents w/adult kids in medical fields. We are very COVID safe (N95’s, outdoor eating, distancing). I found the PM trying to convince me in... View more
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What area has the hottest market right now?
I’m a fairly new investor in the STL area. Our inventory is low and the market is super hot...I wanted to see who knows where the hottest markets are in the country...? Ready...Set...Go!!!
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How to secure financing
I am looking for help/feedback on what my odds of approval are and if it goes south what other options I may have. I am in the process of financing a property for 130k in a good area in mb it can be rented for $1300 a... View more
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Self-check-in. If you don't allow this, what stops you?
This is a quite quiet forum!  Guests are more concerning about healthy safety during this time. Research shows that Airbnb listings allowing self-check-in are actually getting higher review score as you can see... View more
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Covid 19 Turnover cleaning/issues for short-term rental
I have a single family vacation rental home that has reservations in place for the summer starting in June.  Historically, it has been a g rental, and hopefully i don't get cancellations for reservations I already... View more
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