Tenant Screening
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How many applicants is too many?
Hi, I just put a unit for rent on the market. I have received about 60 applicants in less than a week. Is my rent too low or is that average?
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App for tenants to apply for housing.
I remember an app being talked about on one of the podcasts. The potential renters pay $40 (or so) to have a credit and background check run. Can anyone help me with the name?
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Help!!! Would you rent to friends or family?
Hello everyone I have an interesting situation that I need some help with. My best friends parents just had to move due to there home having major code violations and them finding mold. They would probably not be my... View more
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Newbie - First Ever Tenant Screening
I found my first tenant and everything seemed fine. I went over the requirements with her. Gross income three times rent, Credit score greater than 600, etc... All is good she says. During the showing she mentioned her... View more
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Help Needed: Screening Applicants without W-2 Jobs
I’m relatively new to land lording and need some opinions/advice from more experienced investors. How would you screen someone’s income in the following scenario:An applicant for one of my units said he is semi... View more
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Tailoring your space to Young Professionals
Hey folks,I'm shopping for my first property that will be a house hack so I will be an owner occupier with roommates. I know there are exceptions to fair housing when you live in a property since the tenant will be... View more
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How do you screen Section 8 tenants?
Hey folks,I'm starting to make my rental units available for Section 8 tenants.Based on the research I've done, it seems that a standard credit check might not always be appropriate; after all, many Section 8 tenants... View more
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Pasted together incomes from five people?
I was screening possible tenants in Nevada for a house, and I got a call from a group who all had very low income and loose-ties. A woman and her 2-month boyfriend, plus three other friends whom they didn't know super... View more
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Do Property managers find tenants for you?
Hi I’m brand new to real estate investing and I’m looking to purchase my first property. I don’t know anything about tenant laws Or how to go about finding good tenants or even where to advertise. I’m learning but for... View more
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Applicant has good credit, but terrible payment history - deny?
Had our very first tenant apply--good credit, 7x the income, nice guy, but I want to deny him -- can I?  He has a very poor history of on-time payments after seeing his credit report (like 60%)  -- but his score itself... View more
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Tenant credit/eviction/background checks
First time landlord here. Curious what each of you screen a potential tenant for:CreditEvictionBackgroundOther?Also interested in recommendations on which services to use for this, and whether you pass the cost along... View more
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Bad Tenants: How Do You Personally Deal With Them?
Is there anyone who would like to share any horror stories of dealing with bad tenants who seemed like trustworthy and upstanding citizens at first, but then eventually proceeded to avoid paying rent and/or causing... View more
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Screening Section 8 Applicants
I’m a 1st time landlord in Colorado, preparing to rent out my first home. I got an applicant asking if I accept Section 8. While I believe Section 8 is protected here, I have my own minimum qualifying standard that... View more
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Co-worker Wants To Rent
Howdy Ho!Happy Wednesday. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm hoping for some advice. I have been in nightmare project of constructing a top / bottom duplex. The top is finished and has been on market for about 3 weeks... View more
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What are the benefits of Tenants Insurance?
Hi there, We have a housing facility on the second floor of my house. We had tenants there. They vacated the house last week. So before accommodating new tenants, we are planning to take tenant's insurance coverage.... View more
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Zillow Tenant Application Screening
Hello everyone,Zillow charges $29 to a prospective tenant that fills out an application with the credit and background check. I'm just looking for a reality check. Do some landlords collect the application fee directly... View more
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Can't Screen Tenant . . .What to do?
Hi Everyone,My tenant's son just moved into the property with her. I have been unable to screen and process this new tenant. He is 19 years old. I have tried using Cozy to screen him, but the platform cannot verify his... View more
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Property management software
What websites/company does anyone recommend to screen tenants? Something that would check credit and background? Thanks
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My prospective tenant funnel
I am changing how I handle showings and screening of prospective tenants. This was the old way and how it turned out when I turned a unit earlier this year. Market on Facebook, Facebook marketplace, and craigslist. ... View more
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Section 8 Screening Checklist
We're a long term landlords (1999) but we've never done section 8 housing. Anyone in BP land willing to hand-hold through our first rodeo? I'm wondering if there's a screening checklist, certain credit score, etc. We... View more
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How to collect rent from student tenants?
Hi BP Community.I’m interested in investing in a multi-family property near a local university. As such, I expect to get student tenants.In most cases, students typically don’t pay the rent bill; their parents do. I... View more
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Screening tenants during covid
I just bought my first duplex (in St. Catherines, Ontario) and just completed renos. I was in contact with a property management company to take over from here so I can focus on my job and get back to analyzing more... View more
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Analyzing Landlord Apps - Cozy.co vs. Avail.co?
I’m reviewing these two online apps and would love to hear feedback from anyone who has used either or both.
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New renters during COVID
I’ve been hearing some rental nightmares about renters taking advantage of the current rent moratorium in some markets. If finding new renters during this time period, anything additional you would recommend asking... View more
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House hacking in Oakland
Hi all,Just bought a 2bedroom in Adam’s point and looking to house hack.My goal is to find a tenant to pay for their own room and a portion of the utilities.Any recommendations on how to best get started? -Was thinking... View more
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