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Scranton PA Investors
Are there any real estate investors that buy in Scranton PA? I have a deal available in that area. 
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Kingston vs. Wilks Barre
What do people think of Kingston vs. Wilks Barre? I understand that WB is a much larger city but would you consider Kingston a more attractive investment opportunity ? From what I’ve read /seen Kingston seems to... View more
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We got ourselvs a local forum in NEPA!
Hey everyone, Mindy was kind enough to create a local forum for the Wilkes Barre Scranton area.  This was it will be easier for us to post and see what on the local level people are hopefully working together to help... View more
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Wilkes Barre Property Manager
Hi BP,I recently acquired a duplex in Wilkes Barre Pa and I am in need of a property manager. I read a lot of reviews online and was not too thrilled. Does anyone have recommendations? Any help would be greatly... View more
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Property Manager Recommendations?
I have a cash flowing Tri-Plex in Plymouth, Pa and am looking for a Property Manager that could take over the day-to-day.  The units are fully rented with great tenants but when things break I do not have the time to... View more
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Title and Escrow company
Would anyone in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area be able to kindly recommend a title and escrow company to me that handles assignment contracts ?I have a contract that I would like for a title company to review Thanks !
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Wilkes barre seeking
Hi looking for local electrician carpenter and plumber in wilkes barre
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Looking for a quality contractor in the Scranton, Pa area
Can anyone recommend a contractor in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area? I need interior/exterior work done (flooring, painting, cabinet install, light plumbing/electrical, siding).  Contractor must be insured and accept... View more
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Lake Ariel, The Hideout
Hello All! I just bought a property in The Hideout that needs some TLC. Plan is to BRRR this property. I have heard about the Pocono Promise and I am looking for recommendations on Contractors in the Poconos Area who... View more
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Analyzing an inspection report to figure out repair costs.
Hi BP community, My name is Ben Meller. I have a multi family property under contract in Scranton PA and an inspection was done yesterday. I am relatively new to understanding the costs for the repairs and am not sure... View more
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HML-REFI Mortgage struggle
I purchased a duplex in an LLC because the hard money lender requires it. I am now struggling to get any refi mortgages past a 20 yr. Anyone else have this issue?
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Greater Scranton PA real estate meetup 8-14-19
Interested in our Scranton market area?  PM me for details of the meeting, 6:00 pm in Scranton.Those that have received my email blast already have the details... If you want to be included in future mailings, please... View more
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NEPA Investment Property Lenders
Hi NEPA'ers. Do you have any recommended lenders in the area that you use for investment properties? I'd like to call / visit the local branches, but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations before I started... View more
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[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal
View report*This link comes directly from our calculators, based on information input by the member who posted.
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I am trying to do a delayed financing- Why am I struggling?
I am trying to get my ducks in a row in the WB area. I planned on buying cash, putting my rehab on the closing disclosure and than financing into a long term mortgage without having to season and get all my cash back... View more
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My leases end soon, looking for advice
Fellow NEPA Investors,  I currently have a 3 - unit multi family in Dunmore, PA.  I have owned it since June 2018 and all of my leases are ending March 31st of this year.  My leases / tenants were inherited...some info... View more
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Real Estate Agent Referrals For WB
Hi All,I'm from down in Philadelphia and am interested in looking at a some properties that I have been eyeing in Wilkes-Barre. Am curious if anyone has real estate agents they could point me in the right direction... View more
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[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal
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Scranton Contractor Referrals
New Scranton multi-family investor here, about to start fixing up a condemned property. I’m seeking referrals for your best local, licensed, competent, reasonable: roofer, electrician, plumber, carpenter, drywaller,... View more
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Local Market Overviews
Let's get some posts going in our local forum here. I propose responders to give their view of a local market they are familiar with. Within our region there are countless small municipalities and neighborhoods, since... View more
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Contractor in the Poconos Pennsylvania
I am evaluating purchasing a vacation/investment property in the Poconos in East Stroudsburg PA.  A lot of the homes there are priced well but many need upgrading.   Since I live in Maryland, I will need a reliable... View more
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Wilkes-Barre Scranton HVAC Contractor Referral
Hello everyone,I'm wondering if you are aware of any reliable and reasonable HVAC companies / contractors that serves the Wilkes-Barre area? I'm looking to convert and separate a 4-plex's gas heat (current only one... View more
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NEPA - single family vs. multi-family
I'm a NEPA native, currently living as a "displaced Pennsylvanian" in New York. I've talked with a few of you investors in the area, and I'm looking for advice on single vs. multi-family investments in the area. My... View more
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