1031 Exchanges
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1031 Eligible? Being added as member of an LLC & selling property
Hello all,I'm in an unusual scenario and wanted to get some guidance from the BP community.My fiance is being added as a member of an LLC that owns a residential and a commercial property, both of which are in the... View more
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New to 1031 Exchange
I am currently selling a rental property(just signed the offer) that I have had for about 6 years and just realized that the capital gains will probably be pretty steep so I may want to do a 1031 exchange. I originally... View more
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How does a 1031 Exchange work?
Can someone please explain how a 1031 Exchange works?
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1031 exchange and intent
I'm trying to start and grow my real estate portfolio. Right now I'm digging into a foreclosure and looking at exit strategies. I want to get cash out of it to finance the purchase of other properties. I am looking at... View more
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Max out HELOC before sell then 1031?
Hi All, Will maxing out HELOC before selling exiting property cause 1031 to be denied by IRS? HUD-1 only shows the amount used to pay off 1st mortgage and 2nd mortgage (HELOC) but not the data of fund drawing from... View more
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Are “Last Minute” Exchanges Possible?
I saw this on a 1031 exchange company's website"At 1031 Exchange Place, many real estate investors contact our office just minutes before closing on their transaction and successfully convert a sale into a 1031... View more
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1031 problem solving for more income
More advice would be appreciated. 8 paidoff townhomes (100k per unit) aren't pulling the income necessary, hoa fees are eating the owner's lunch, he cant self manage anymore, nor can he afford property management. ... View more
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1031 for Partially Renovated Property
Hello, I purchased a distressed house with the intention of fixing it up.  I've received some good offers on it before it's finished and am planning on selling.  I purchased it in November of 2020.  If I sell in... View more
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1031 mixed use swap help
Sold a ranch (relinquished property) which was mixed-use (primary & business). We are trying to find information on how to identify if a replacement property will quality as a mixed use 1031. An example would be a... View more
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Sec 121b5 exclusion loophole
I'm surprised after reading this article: http://www.accountingweb.com/...Basically, if you have rental (or primary -> rental) and turn to primary, and then sell the property after live there for two years, the... View more
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1031 Exchange to Owner Occupied multi-family
I'm curious to know if it is possible to use a 1031 Exchange to go from a non-owner occupied multi-family to an owner occupied multi-family. Are there rules prohibiting that?
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Partial Funds of Cap Gains for Opportunity Zone
I just recently sold my shares of a privately held company and looking to purchase property in Opportunity Zone with my gains. My question is can a partial amount of my capital gains be considered tax deferred or do... View more
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1031 exchange refresher
Using Round numbers Selling condo without realtor for $444,000 bought it at $144,000, $44,000 improvements, no mortgage, lived in first 5 years, rental for last 29 years.1) In order to have zero tax liability on gains,... View more
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Form 1099-S for 1031 exchange
Hi All, got a bit of a last-minute issue here.I'm closing on a number of properties over the next three days. The proceeds are being swept together into a 1031 exchange. My question is about how to complete the Form... View more
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Using the 1031 exchange
Hey All - hoping someone can help answer a few few questions. I have not been able to find the answer. I may be selling my house in Norther VA and am hoping to use my profits in a new investment in a more affordable... View more
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Can you 1031 exchange and move into the ADU on the new property?
This is strange, but we have some funny rules about AirBnB and living on the property, etc. We sold a townhome. We are looking for our replacement property for a 1031 exchange. If we have 300K to roll into a new... View more
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Should I exchange or take the hit now?
Hi everyone, I have a complex decision I am trying to wrap my head around. I am selling two SFH set to settle in Jan and am trying to decide if 1031 exchange is the best option. My main goal is to have funds for a... View more
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Putting a 1031 exchange property into an LLC (3 years later)
Three years ago, my husband and I did a 1031 tax exchange for a rental property. The property is still a rental property and will continue to be, at least for the forseeable future, but I would like to put the property... View more
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Are 1031 Exchanges going away?
Just read our Midland IRA/1031 Newsletter & it referenced Biden Administration getting rid of the 1031 Exchange. The company provided a link to provide feedback to Congress regarding not eliminating the 1031. Visit... View more
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Level of quality for a large renovation in a long-term STR?
What level of quality should we aim for in a large renovation for a long-term STR (Tri-Plex)?We purchased a triplex in a growing mountain town (Stowe, VT), with 3, 2, and 1 bd units. The house itself needs major... View more
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1031 account company needed?
We are completing a 1031 exchange. First property in CA, 2nd in Houston, TX.  Some friends say they have completed 1031 exchanges on their own and all you need is 'keep a paper trail of transactions'.However, given... View more
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1031 C-Store to Air BnB
Hello! I have a convenience store for sale. I run an Air BnB out of my primary residence renting out 4/5 rooms. Therefore my primary residence is being used for a commercial venture. Would it be possible to use a 1031... View more
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1031 Exchange question
Hi,New here, and have a question. . . I own two condos (10+ years and used as vacation rentals) in FL with my ex-husband. We no longer want to be partners. One is currently for sale and under contract with closing... View more
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Post 1031 ownership change
For a 1031 exchanged replacement property - can you change ownership without any tax consequences? Current ownership: myself and my momCurrent Mortgage: myself I want to change the ownership to an LLC that only has... View more
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Who do you use as a 1031 Exchange Intermediary ?
Hello Fellow Investors, Who do you use for your qualified 1031 exchange intermediary ? I am searching for a qualified 1031 exchange intermediary for our personal investments as well as for my clients. I have found the... View more
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