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The 7 Steps You Need to Get Started Investing In Real Estate
Hey folks - just wanted to share a video I put together for BiggerPockets. It's a 5 minute summary of the Ultimate Beginner's Guide- which if you haven't read yet - you can get here. Click HERE to watch the video on... View more
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J Scott's Starting Out FAQ
In another thread, Josh suggested creating FAQs of topics that are often discussed/asked by newer investors on the site. While this isn't inclusive of the awesome contributions by hundreds of other contributors here... View more
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VA loan for real estate use
So as someone who's just about to finishing serving a 4 years term in the military. I am currently wondering what are the exact benefits for the VA loan and if that would work allot better then a FHA loan ?
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Looking to buy rental property in Tucson, AZ or Stockton, CA
Hello everyone,  I'm new to investing and interested in the buy and hold strategy. I am currently looking for multifamily homes in the Stockton, CA near University of the Pacific or in Tucson, AZ near University of... View more
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LLC to double for Fix + Flips and Furniture Business
Hello all. Are there any conflicts if I run two business types under a single LLC? The primary function of the LLC would be for my fix and flip business. The second would be to fabricate and sell furniture. The LLC... View more
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Fix + Flip LLC Manager / Member Salary Structure
Hi all. I am forming a manager-managed LLC taxed as an S-Corp for fix and flips with myself as the manager. My family member and I will be investing together in the properties and they will share part of the profit. ... View more
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BRRR in Seattle Market
I live in the Seattle area and I am currently looking for my second investment property. I am hoping to network with local investors who have experience with the BRRR strategy. Where can I find information on local... View more
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Introduction and Outlook - Nashville to 30A
Hello everyone!Lots to say and lots to figure out still, but I've got to start somewhere.First: my wife and I are looking to get some more real estate deals and grow a portfolio of some strong, income generating... View more
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HELOC, refinance, or equity loan on paid off rental.
I currently own (through various circumstances) my only rental property outright. House has been a rental since 2016, 2/1 renting at 1100mo (which is on the low end). Based on similar houses its worth around 180k.So... View more
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Stuck on next step in financing BRRRR
Hey everybody,We bought my childhood home at an exceptionally great price and rented it out for about 14 months at a low rate while he worked around the country, but still considered this house our address etc. Our... View more
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Is paying cash for the 1st property/rehab only way 2 get started?
In David Greene's BRRRR book recommended by BP he suggests buying the first property and rehab cost with cash. Is this the only way to get started?
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203k Loan/Rehab Cost
I'm in Richmond, VA and started the pre-approval process. I want a multi family but was looking to get around 200,000. The duplexes that I see would require rehab for that price but I don't have cash for that. I've... View more
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Starting an Business Entity Advise
I am planning on starting my Real Estate Investment journey in the next 12 months and am setting the ground work. I am partnering with two business partners and am trying to figure out how to structure our business.... View more
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What's stopping you from buying your 1st investment property?
I built a rental portfolio of 127 units and soon to double in the next year.  I've experienced a little bit of everything: wholesaling, flips, single family rentals, multi family rentals, office, commercial,... View more
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Buying first home and looking for investment advice
Hello,Me and my brother are wanting to buy our first home together in Fort Worth, TX. We have saved up around $20k and have no big expenses or loans. We are interested in this being an investment instead of a forever... View more
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Property management company
Are there any good property managers in Raleigh North Carolina
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Buying from the city?
I found a house during one of my driving for dollars rides that has 2 documents attached to the door. The first one says "Not fit for human habitation" The second document says "Order to Demolish". This house is in a... View more
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Existing Tenants No Lease
Hi All,I have submitted an offer on a 2 family property that would be a house hack for me.There are existing tenants in one of the units.They pay cash and don’t have a lease (so I am told and have no reason to believe... View more
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Real Estate Investing in New York
Hello, I’m currently 17 doing as much research as possible to educate myself when it comes to real estate investing through various methods. How would I go about investing in real estate in New York? I’ve been told not... View more
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18 Years Old looking for some advice.
Hi, My name is Ronnie Stone. I am writing this post to ask for some advice. I have been reading all sorts of books about investing, personal/spiritual growth, business, and real estate since I was 16. I was having a... View more
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Buy to "live in", or to rent?
I've been saving up a good amount of cash in the last few years and I'm thinking of buying a property.I live over in LA where most houses are generally expensive. I'm tied to the area for business, so I'm not looking... View more
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ways to generate leads
I am a beginner in the real estate investing world however I am looking to take the first step into getting into my first investment property. I am located in south Texas and would like for some suggestions on how to... View more
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To many people in RealEstate ?
Everywhere I turn it seems like people are getting into RealEstate. With so many people joining the industry, should I be worried about jumping in also? Simply, is there enough opportunity left out there for the first... View more
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Philly License Requirements
Here's a question to all the Philly experts... Hey everyone, I'm looking to use the BRRRR strategy for property North of Temple University. I have experience as a property manager, I'm a licensed broker in NY, and... View more
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Out of state investing
Is it a bad idea to start off with buying a house out of state for a new investor if that's all I have enough money for ?or should I just wait till I have enough to invest in my state even if it takes me a few years to... View more
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