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The 7 Steps You Need to Get Started Investing In Real Estate
Hey folks - just wanted to share a video I put together for BiggerPockets. It's a 5 minute summary of the Ultimate Beginner's Guide- which if you haven't read yet - you can get here. Click HERE to watch the video on... View more
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J Scott's Starting Out FAQ
In another thread, Josh suggested creating FAQs of topics that are often discussed/asked by newer investors on the site. While this isn't inclusive of the awesome contributions by hundreds of other contributors here... View more
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Finally saved up enough
Hello BP,I think I have some capital to work with, to either put 10-25% down on a home. Im also a loan officer working for a lender here in CA where I would get my financing through. The problem I am running into I... View more
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Financing first deal
Good Morning BP,I just got pre approved for financing my first rental at 70k. Originally the down payment required from lender was 5% but now they require 20% which take it from 3500 to 14k. If I put 14k my reserves... View more
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No W-2 Job, Is all I need a Cosignor For First Investment Deal
Hello BP, I live in Lafayette, LA and was currently laid off from my job and am now waiting tables. I am interested in a SFH that I would like to house hack. I have been analyzing this deal using every scenario... View more
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Contribute to Roth or put that towards real estate investing goal
Hello, I am 23 going on 24. I mention my age because I do feel that when discussing a Roth the earliest of your contributions are the most important. My question for you all is if I should continue maxing out my Roth... View more
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National vs Local Lending
My husband and I are 1st time investors looking to buy our first one to two rental properties this year. We do have down payment saved but for lower end properties, to start. We have several friends who have invested... View more
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Best Starter Markets in Salt Lake County, Utah
Hello all. I currently have approximately $1,300/month of income not invested in any market or real estate. I currently have $5,000 in capital that I am looking to invest in to real estate. My question is: what are the... View more
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Debt Free...what to do next
Recently found BiggerPockets.  First post.  I have not yet intentionally bought an investment property.   13 Years ago we moved from our house of 6 years into another home. We kept the first home as a rental and paid... View more
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OOS LLC Business Checking?
Hello BP, I live in California. I have two rentals in Indiana, and plan on continuing to buy and rent in Indiana. I recently created a Domestic LLC in Indiana. Now I need to create a Business Checking Account. Do... View more
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Where to start/can I start?
Hey all, new member here. I've been thinking about real estate for awhile now but it has never felt like the right time. Let me know if I'm just making excuses or if I have options given my details.28 years old.I... View more
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New Out of State Investor - markets analysis and off list deals
Hey everyone first time posting on here and I want to say it's been great to read all the forms and appreciate how this is such a great form to get information. I've been using my covid down time while working from... View more
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HELOC or Cash Out Refinance?
Hello BP'ers! I am looking for some advice on my first investment. I am a real estate agent/investor in the Northwest Arkansas area, and back in July, I bought a SFH with plans to rehab and then later move out... View more
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New Colorado investor with several questions
Hello BP,My partner and I are planning on buying and holding multifamily properties in Colorado. We are trying to figure out where to buy in Colorado. We are planning to buy multi-family units and are trying to find... View more
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Ready to take action but...
Good morning BP fam, Recently licensed Realtor in Winter Park, FL and jumped on with Keller Williams as a single agent so I'm on the lead hunting grind. With that in mind, I've not purchased real estate myself and am... View more
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First house that is affordable with tech jobs nearby
Want to find the best place in the US for my first house to house hack with tech jobs in the area. Approved for a loan of up to 300k at the moment. Thanks all. Currently living the SF Bay Area.
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How to formulate a deal with investors?
Hi,  So the following is all hypothetical: How does one start by making a deal with investors? I am a brand spanking new investor who have just closed on a triplex. I have heard of deals such as 8% return in simple... View more
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Creative ways to finance
Hello you beautiful, driven people. My wife and I are getting ready to take the plunge on our first investment property. Yay! We'll be implementing the house hacking strategy, but we have a small issue. We live in the... View more
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New to Real Estate (Just starting out)
Hello BP Community Very Belated Happy New Year I am seeking advice for first-time Real Estate investment, as I am starting out and my goal is to start building my portfolio and want to get my foot wet by doing my first... View more
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Best real estate apps? (rentals, flips, property management, etc)
What apps do you find most helpful for managing rentals, screening tenants, collecting rent, market analysis, or anything else you find useful?
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I'm thinking to start REI as licensed agent.
Hi, My name is Gilberto and after listening to podcasts and reading all about REI, I've decided to pursue this pathway.I live in the Fort Lauderdale area, FL and I'm still in the "saving money" stage.Since I lost my... View more
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Where to start? I’m a 28 year old with a family.
I’m a 28 year old with a growing family where house hacking wouldn’t be an option. I currently own a home, and have some equity in it. Im wondering how I would go about getting into a rental property at this point but... View more
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Build Vs Buy a Multifamily
Hello Friends, I'm currently in Carmel Indiana and planning to move to Richmond - VA in the middle of this year. Initially, I'm planning to rent and then buying a property. I'm interested in multi-family homes. But all... View more
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Refinance current rental to buy new property out of state?
Hi everyone. I currently live in Massachusetts and am considering purchasing a single family rental property in Tennessee. I've heard that financing can be a little more challenging out of state. I was wondering... View more
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Need advice-out of state investing in DFW through a wholesaler
Hi BPers, I am very interested in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for investing.  I have spent a lot of time in Frisco the last few years, and I explored DFW area while I was there for weeks at a time.  I can see there is... View more
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