Creative House Hacking Strategies!

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Xổ số vuông hôm nayBP hones in on the fact that house hacking is by far one of the best strategies for newbie investors. Craig Curelop, an  investor friendly agent loctaed in Denver, shares his story of how he first house hacked a dublex. His strategy involved renting one of the units and airbnbing the second. In the second unit, he essentially created the loft area as his bedroom and airbnb the main room. Does anyone else in the BP community have a creatve house hacking stragegy like Craig's?  Curious to hear some new methods and strategies! 

- Hey! My strategy was not as extreme as Craig's, but for my first house hack I added a 5th bedroom and rented out all the rooms (except for the one I slept in, of course). The second one I plan to rent one bedroom and block off the rest of the house, so I can airbnb. House hacking is awesome because there are so many strategies you can use -- just depends on the setup/layout of the house! Are you thinking of living behind a curtain like Craig did?! lol

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I'm going to be getting a duplex or tri-plex soon. I plan on renting out one side, living in the other and Air BNB the extra room in my living area. It will be selective Air BNB as I don't want someone there all the time.

My strategy was not as sacrificial as Craig's. I took the original route of purchasing a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath SFH. I lived in the smallest room and rented the other two out to cover the mortgage. In touch wth other house hacking stories heard on BP, I highly recommend every newbie investor to dive into this investment strategy when first starting out.