HUD, VA, and Tax Sales
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Best states the offer OTC tax deeds?
Does anyone know of or have a list of states/counties that offer OTC tax deeds? Not a huge fan of auctions!
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Tax deed auction in CA
I’m in CA and looking at buying at my first tax auction. It’s coming up next month. I have my list and am trimming it down and gathering info as I do that. I think my next step is to check some of these properties for... View more
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Looking for Real Estate Savvy CPA around San Antonio
Happy Friday BP community!My portfolio has outgrown my tax-filing, comfort level in 2020 and I am looking for a tax professional to hire. Since we are all on BP, I obviously am looking for someone who can maximize my... View more
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Tax Overage Sales Question
Hello does any one know of a Real Estate Attorney in GA that works with tax sales overage businesses. Most folks are depositing claimant checks in their bank accounts using a POA, I spoke to one Assistant Manager... View more
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How to buy a tax deed at the Fulton County Tax Sale, Atlanta, GA
I thought I would share my experience of how to buy tax deeds on the steps of the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a long post because it is actually a complicated process. Please note that these... View more
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Va loan experts - Need advice
Newbie here. Need help with getting started in investment properties using VA loans. My wife and I currently have one rental property in Fort Worth. It was was a primary residence we converted to a rental when we... View more
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Tax Liens in Georgia
Hello BP! If I have acquired a property via quit claim deed from an owner whose delinquent taxes were sold at county auction (after the auction but before the 12 month redemption period expires) is it possible to apply... View more
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Tax Lien Certificate Sale Success Rate
I've been reading up on tax lien sales and just curious -- how competitive is the bidding for tax lien certificates? Is it pretty tough to get at a good deal on them, or are there plenty to go around?
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Tax deed sale lien litigation
In Washington state, tax sales provide the buyer a deed, not a tax lien, and nearly all other liens are wiped clean at the end of the auction. Liens that persist would include government liens, like IRS or anything... View more
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Tax Deed Sales in Florida
I have been interested in getting into tax deed sales for sometime now. I just sat down today to really soak up everything I could about them. I looked at the calendar and the subject county has approximately... View more
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How to file an ejectment on a vacant property in Alabama
I understand that it is difficult to prove that a vacant house or lot is "abandoned".  In theory, an ejectment would prove that the property was abandoned.  However, my attorney doesn't see how to file an ejectment on... View more
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How can I obtain money to purchase a rental property ?
Thank you in advance
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references for a tax attorney or CPA expertise in foreign sale
In USA on H-1B visa, want to invest in real estate. Source of income salaried professional in USA + sale proceeds from foreign business in India. What would be the tax implications for bringing in the money into USA on... View more
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How long does it take Hud to list a foreclosure?
Greetings All,I am currently looking a home where the deed was recently transferred to HUD (3/12/2020...that's right, the day before the world shut down), but the home hasn't been listed on the HUD homestore site yet? ... View more
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Tax sale title reports
I'm looking at tax sales in a few different counties and I see that a couple of the counties have pulled title reports and offer those for free with the property list.I know it's best practice to get a title report... View more
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Duplex FHA rollover ?
Hi BP family, I have a question about a FHA loan. I currently put in an offer that was accepted for a duplex. I am planning on house hacking and living in one half for the first year. My lender said that buying a... View more
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Tax Deed Foreclosure Auction question
Does the winning bid at a tax foreclosure auction pay BOTH the winning bid amount PLUS the tax lien amount or does the winning bid amount cover the tax lien? 
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$100 Down Hud o/occ utility issues-Kansas City
I'm helping my daughter and husband get into their first house. It's a $100 down Hud deal that is designed for first time home buyers. There is work needed on the exhaust from the furnace and water heater before gas... View more
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VA loans
hey BP people I've been trying to find the answer to this VA loan question and have not found a straight answer. Can a person own two homes with two VA loans and refinance one of the homes into a conventional loan... View more
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Tax Sale Eviction With Bought a lady is inside
I searched the data base and didn't find any post that was similar to my issue so here is my question, I need help. I am a new investor IN PA. I purchased a home from TAX sale and the property is occupied by the cousin... View more
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Buying 4 unit multifamily in MD with VA Loan.
I would like to get the conversation going about what all it takes to use my VA loan to purchase 4 units in MD DC or Virginia. Here are the loan limits for DC MD VA. 11 001 DISTRICT OF COL DC 47900 $ 930,300 726,525 $... View more
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Buying A Home From a Dead Gal
My partner in the process of buying another tax sale home and I know the woman who owns the house passed away. The house is vacant with no Liens. Is it possible to pay the back taxes and get the deed transferred in... View more
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Memphis Tax Sale Map
Hi everyone. Shelby County, mostly Memphis, has a tax sale coming up.  It's online at've done some data mining and created a more user-friendly map with more... View more
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Do you have to live in the home if you use a 203k loan?
I'm looking into using a 203k loan for my first investment property, but i do not wish to live in the home. I've read that you "have to plan to live in" the house you use the loan on, but do you actually have to? 
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2 VA Rentals - Restoration of Entitlement
I have two separate properties which I financed with VA loans and converted to rentals after living in them as primary residences. Between the two, I used up 100% of my entitlement. Eventually I'd like to do a... View more
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