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Orange & Dutchess County, NY GC Referral
Hey BP community, can anybody recommend an investor friendly GC who has done some work in Middletown, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Wappinger Falls, Beacon area?
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Need windows installed in Dayton
Hello BP I need a efficient, affordable timely window installer in Dayton. The guy we were using isn’t available until February and we need to get this property sold.
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General contract recommendation in Big Bear?
Anyone know a general contractor for building a cabin in Big Bear? Thinking prefab but just in the research phase and trying to figure out if the numbers even work. Thank you!
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Seeking Builders for Residential New Construction in NoVa
Hello BP fam! Does anyone have any recommendations for reputable builders/contractors for new construction in Northern Virginia. Specifically Henrico County, VA. Feel free to reply or message me directly if so. Thanks... View more
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Reverse Permitting Process?
Hello all,I am trying to become familiar with the process of reverse permitting work on a single family residence. I have no experience in what that looks like and would love for you to walk me through the process.... View more
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Buying Property in Detroit
I am looking to form a team of trustworthy contractors in Detroit. I live out of state and plan to fly in periodically to check on my properties/ projects. Where is a good place to search to find good contractors in... View more
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Contractors needed! For the greater triad area North Carolina
If anyone could send me referrals for some stellar contractors in the greater triad area in North Carolina, It would be much appreciated!Thanks!
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Looking for contractors for Rehab in Baltimore, MD
Hello, My partners and I are trying to invest in Baltimore, MD area soon so I wanted to gather some core players to get ready for BRRRR Method. I already have an Agent and Property Manager in place. I just need some... View more
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Houston area Contractors for Investors
Have searched the forums to little avail--seems no one has a great answer yet.  Apologies if I have just missed something. I refuse to believe Houston has no quality contractors available! In the past we have used... View more
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Contractors needed in Jonesboro
Does anyone have any contacts on general contractors in the Jonesboro, ar area?
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Utah County General Contractors
Hello does anybody have a good reliable General Contractor that works in the Utah County area here in Utah? I don’t have a current project going at the moment but will be in the next few months and need to get someone... View more
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Need someone who designs commercial spaces.
Anyone near the New Bern, NC area that specializes in interior commercial design. I have someone in need of a blueprint for a new restaurant.
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General contractor for BRRR's in Nashville area
Hello,I recently started investing in the Nashville area. I started out with 2 buy and hold rentals but I would like to try my hand at the BRRRR strategy. I am looking for a general contractor that can help me price... View more
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Handyman/ contractors in Cincinnati
Any good handyman /contractors in Cincinnati?
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St. Louis Contractors for Out-of-State BRRRR Investors
Hi BP,Wanted to reach out to folks with rehab and/or BRRRR experience in the St. Louis market. My partner and I are looking to BRRRR a SFH. We're out-of-state investors with no contacts in the market so we're hoping to... View more
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Contractors in Hewitt, NJ or Warwik, NY
Hello,I am looking to buy a property in Greenwood Lakes, NY or Highland Lakes, NJ. My plan is to buy a house that needs repairs so that I can either flip it, or keep it as a rental property.Does anyone know a good... View more
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Window and Door Installer Needed in Portland, OR
Hi all. I'm in Portland, OR. Looking for contractors experienced in window and door installation for direct hire. (not looking for remodeling or replacement window companies) Any recommendations would be greatly... View more
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Licensed plumber and electrician needed
I need a licensed plumber and electrician in Niagara Falls ASAP.
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Seeking engineer - Gloucester County, New Jersey
The house I’m about to close on is TILTED! Does anyone know someone who inspects/remedies tilted house??
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What is required for a tradesman to file a lien?
Long story short, my wife and I have a condo where a terrible plumbing company botched a water heater replacement, caused a lot of subsequent damage, failed the city inspection, then demanded payment in full. We never... View more
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Contractor in Chicago
Anyone recommend a good contractor in Chicago? Preferably one that has worked with out-of-state investors. Thank you in advance!
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Kansas City Concrete Person Needed
Have a small pathway in KCMO that needs to be done, does anyone have recommendations?
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How do i find a good contractor in Charlotte?
I’m about to buy a property that needs A LOT of work but this will be my first rental property of many so I’m trying to build my team of 4 but I’ve asked several realtors in the area and either no one wants to share... View more
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Memphis Home Inspectors
Hi I’m looking for recommendations on a good home inspector in Memphis. Thanks
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Looking for contractor - Bradenton FL
I need a shower remodel / tub replacement and possible exterior painting and siding repair in a duplex in 34203 Bradenton FL. Any leads/ recommendations?Thank you!
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