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First-Time Home Buyer Advice?
Yet another chance to be featured in the next issue of BiggerPockets Wealth Magazine! Investors and homeowners, let us know: What do you wish you would have known when you bought your first property? By responding... View more
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Our Newest Book! Plus, What's YOUR Best Real Estate Deal Ever?
Profit like the Pros is available now! With twenty-five real-world stories from seasoned investors across the country, this book uncovers the secrets behind unbelievable real estate deals, from sourcing and funding... View more
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Hello from the new BiggerPockets CTO
Hello, BiggerPockets communityAllow me to introduce myself. I’m the new chief technology officer for BiggerPockets. I’m proud to join an organization that helps countless people achieve financial freedom through real... View more
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What's one quality you look for in a real estate agent?
Here's your chance to be featured in the next issue of BiggerPockets Wealth Magazine! Investors: What's one quality you look for in a real estate agent? By responding here, you're allowing us to print your name and... View more
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Seeking testimonials from BiggerPockets agent directory users
I am looking for written testimonials about using our real estate agent directory.  If you have successfully worked with a real estate agent that you found through this resource, would you DM me? Thanks!
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BPInsights: Help us shape the future of property analysis reports
Hey hey hey, BiggerPocketeers, We have been thinking about how to improve upon Rent Estimator reports. We have created a static sample property analysis report and would greatly appreciate your feedback. Here's what... View more
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Feedback: What data will help you invest wisely?
Hey hey hey, BiggerPocketeers! BiggerPockets is exploring opportunities in providing data as part of the Pro and Premium memberships. Help us build the right tools by telling us about what information would be most... View more
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A Hero's Home - Giving Back
Fellow BP’ers,Five of us long-time active BP’ers, @Jay Hinrichs , @Chris Clothier, attorney @Tom Gimer  , and CPA @Brandon Hall  and I have come together to change the life of someone that has sacrificed so much to... View more
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Why We Moderate the Forums and How We Edit Posts (when we do edit them)
I wanted to share a little bit about our moderation policies, in case there is some confusion. The BiggerPockets Forum was established so people can have a platform to communicate with one another about real estate... View more
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Found a Bug or Site Problem? Let us Know! Here's How
Earlier today we fixed a problem that we were notified about last night. The problem, though, is that that issue had been happening for almost a week! If You Find a Problem with the Site, Let Us Know! Don't assume... View more
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Felt Weird Listening to Ed Mylett Episode
To start, I’m not someone that can take their thoughts and feelings and convey them in a helpful way. Literally last week my wife asked how I felt about something and I said I got the same good feeling I got another... View more
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The Ultimate Beginners Guide
How do I get gain access to the Ultimate Beginners Guide?
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How did BiggerPockets get started?
I love startup founders stories. Perhaps because I’m a tech founder myself and real estate investor. So—- What’s the story behind BiggerPockets? I’d love to hear about the early days, how they started, did they... View more
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New forum layout anyway to jump directly to last post?
Is there anyway to jump to last post in the new forum lay-out? Also, It would be nice if we could see who posted last like in the old layout and really, nice if you could see both the op and the last poster or possibly... View more
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What type of emails do YOU want to receive from BiggerPockets?
If you have an idea or feedback on the emails you receive from BiggerPockets? Let us know by replying to this post. For example, do you want to learn more about our features? Want more videos? Want to hear from us... View more
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1st rental property
I'm looking for my 1st rental property in or around Carol springs FL.
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BiggerPockets Wealth magazine
Has anyone received their copy of the new BP Wealth magazine? I'm in Virginia and I haven't received it yet.  My oldest son is in Seattle and he hasn't received it either.
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Help! Need to unsubscribe!
Help! Due to Covid I’m not in a good financial state and can’t afford the pro membership. I signed up for it this time last year and hardly used it. I email the them this but they charged me for another whole year... View more
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Where can I find some good paid online mentorship programs
Where can I find some good online paid mentorship programs that help you step by step make money in real estate?
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Looking for BP support
Anyone know how to get to BP podcast 006. I can't get below 115. I've sent this msg 2 times to BP support to no avail.
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Am I the only one who hates the new layout?
So maybe it's just me, but I can't express just how much I dislike the new layout of BP.  There is so much wasted space around the edges where there is no content at all, and the ads are Costco sized and right in the... View more
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How do I navigate bigger pockets to Find Local Investors
I need to find real estate investors that are located in the Houston area, more specifically: Friendswood, Pearland, Alvin, Webster or League City. I am going to be purchasing my first deal soon and need to find all of... View more
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Forum signature not displaying
Hi, it's been awhile since I've been here, having signed up over a decade ago :O I can't seem to get my signature to show. I'm just looking to display my very basic information; name, title, website.  I have gone... View more
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Tell us how to improve BiggerPockets content!
Love the BiggerPockets Podcast? Watch Real Estate Ride Along every week on our YouTube channel? Wish our blog covered the BRRRR strategy more often? (Wait, is that possible?)We want to hear what YOU think about... View more
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Info about Short Term Rentals
Hi I'm interested in connecting with people who are involved with short term rentals.
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