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Market Research: How do YOU find investment properties?
Hi BiggerPockets members!I'm a product manager here at BiggerPockets and am looking for your help by participating in our market research survey to understand how our community finds and buys investment properties to... View more
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is it possible for someone to sell another one's property?
I just showed a property and my client really likes it. But when I worked on the offer, I found that the seller's name the listing agent gave is not the same on the county record. Is there any risk to pursue this... View more
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Tight/Small Crawl Space
Hello i have a recently remodeled 1960 Pier and Beam foundation house under contract that I would like to make my first rental property. The inspector said the crawl space under the house is very tight (approximately a... View more
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Other than 1031 Exchange what are my options?
I own a condo in a highrise building in San Diego with about $400k in equity,  It used to be my primary residence but have had renters in it for about 3 1/2 years. So other than keeping it if I sell are there any other... View more
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1031 construction/ repair/ build exchange help
Hey BP's, We are in contact to sell condo #1 in NY, fully depreciated. We are entering into contract to buy condo #2, in FL. Closing dates will be on about the same day, conveniently. Using round numbers, sale price is... View more
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Should I sell my duplex and keep profit to invest? or move to LLC
Hello!I bought a 2 family in 2016 and lived in one of the units until last year when my husband and I bought a single family. I have been renting both units and I am trying to determine the best path forward for my... View more
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Norada Capital Management Promissory note investment
Greetings Pocketeers!Has anyone had experience with this company and investing in their promissory notes.  I am interested in investing in something a bit more passive as I am getting older and, while I love the real... View more
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Real Estate CPA in Seattle Area
Hello! I'm getting ready to purchase my first multi family property.  I would love some recommendations for CPA in the greater Seattle area that has experience in real estate.   Thanks! Kim
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Cash Flowing Cities with 200K Price Point
Hello! Any investors out there having good experience with cash flow (~4% cap rate and above) on single family, duplex, condos with a purchase price of ~200k in any particular city? I'm looking to invest out of state... View more
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Investment Property in Monterey CA
Hello all, I am brand new to BiggerPockets, and also new to Real Estate.  I'm currently living in Monterey, CA as a Military member and am potentially looking to buy my first home/multi-family home here.  The goal is... View more
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Investors - Lafayette, Indiana area
Hi BP, my wife and I are local investors in the Lafayette, IN and looking to connect with others in the area. I look forward to hearing from you!Ryan
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Which banks can finance Investment Properties under 100k?
Hello,I'm new to Real Estate investing and looking to invest out of my home state in California, for obvious reasons that it's gotten too expensive here for a new investor like myself with limited capital.  Can anyone... View more
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First Rental Property. Hold, Sell, or Refi?
Help! Please help evaluate my rental property. New to real estate investing, not sure if I should hold, sell, or refinance. Studied throughly and am stumped. Background: Purchased a small single family in 2009... View more
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Looking for Nashville Area Agents or Developers
I have a client relocating from Chicago to the Nashville area. They're open to Nashville, Franklin, Mursfreeboro, and even Chattanooga area. Ultimately what they are looking for is for a broker and developers because... View more
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Should you go big or go home or Start Small and work up?
Who do you know who moves big deals such as 25+ Units and does this by raising funds? This is something I have always been interested in but might have been guided in the wrong direction by so called Guru's. I would... View more
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Fort Smith Arkansas Investors
Hi, are there any bp investors currently investing in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area?Interest in what the cost of rent and the cash on cash returns are in the area.ThanksRon
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Clarification on Opportunity Zone Fund
Hi I have done some research but I still need come clarifications on the Opportunity Zone Fund.If I use OZF to buy a OZ property, do I also need to meet the requirement of substantial improvement in order to qualify... View more
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Memphis Real Estate Agent - Selling Turnkey Properties
Hello!I am considering selling my turnkey single family homes.  I would be up for selling them in a package or one at a time.  Can someone recommend a quality real estate agent who knows the Memphis market? Thanks!Jim
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Close to retirement and trying to set things up
Hello there, I am asking these questions on behalf of my father who is close to retirement as a GP in Europe. The house he lives in/has his practice at is paid off. He has made some rather large/costly mistakes with... View more
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Bend Oregon Cap Rates
Bend Oregon BPers!I'm curious what cap rates folks are selling their multi-family properties at? From what I'm seeing from active listings on the MLS, they are going for 4%ish, but that can't be true, right? Anyone... View more
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Trouble financing a second house hack
I am currently house hacking a 4bd 2.5ba house which is going great. I purchased it with a 3% down conventional loan in March of 2019. I am about to hit my 1 year owner occupancy and want to purchase another property... View more
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14 Unit Package Deal in San Antonio! What would you do with this?
Hi BP community!I am working a fully occupied 14 unit condo package deal in a great location in San Antonio. What do we think would be the best strategy to receive best return?Divide and sell individually? or keep them... View more
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Anyone have experience with Build To Rent (B2R)?
I am curious if any one has experience or opinions with Build To Rent? I searched the forum already, most recent posts are 4 years or older, so thought I would make another!  I recently came across the idea after... View more
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Need Help in the Military and want to buy houses!
Hello Biggerpockets community, so my question is how can I invest while I'm active duty? I bought my house out of state before I left and I left gave my parents power of attorney, I have a tenant there and everything... View more
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Scaling Up My Rental Property Business (Partnership Opportunity)
Aloha BiggerPockets community. I'm new to the site but I've read several of Brandon's books in the past. I'm working towards building a real estate business in Hawaii, focusing on Big Island where I currently reside.... View more
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