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Expanding Network In Philly Area
Hi all, I am looking to revise our investing strategy to focus on commercial over residential, primarily retail, shopping centers, and mixed use. I am currently located in South Jersey outside Philly and plan to start... View more
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Owner-Operated Mixed Used/Commercial Financing Options
Hello, I have spent my career in hospitality (consulting for bars/restaurants/etc...) and am trying to see how I can combine that with Real Estate. An area I am exploring is the purchasing of either hotels, mixed-use... View more
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Has anyone invested with Lonestar Development Partners, austin TX
Has anyone out there actually invested any money with Lonestar Development partners in Austin, Texas? They have about 5-6 projects going on in the Austin area, and I'm curious if they are legit. I've tried calling 3... View more
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Monetize Farmland in gilroy California
I have a 5 acre residential / agriculture zoned land south of san Jose in Gilroy, California. What are the best ways to monetize it? My land is close to where Amazon recently acquired 66 acres of land. I am paying... View more
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Taking The CCIM Course (Certified Commercial Investment Member)
Background:  Capital Markets broker with Avison Young in Raleigh focusing transactions on office and retail.  Decided during the pandemic that I was going to use the opportunity to sharpen skills with education. My... View more
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Ways to pull cash out of commercial
Hi All,Are there any good ways to pull cash out of an already-financed piece of commercial property (in my case, I'm specifically referring to 5+ multifamily) without replacing the existing debt?On my family home, for... View more
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Self Storage- Market Cycle
Follow up to an individual who was trying to decide to invest or not in the Storage unit business through a Storage Syndication company.I'm going to go with you are in Philadelphia proper. Take all of the info above... View more
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Commercial flip needs funding
I'm somewhat new to BP but figured I would give this a shot. I'm heavily focused in CRE specifically industrial warehousing in north Florida. I've successfully bought, rehabbed and leased a 15k sqft warehouse for a... View more
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Renting out commercial space
Does anyone have expierence renting out commercial space on a daily, hourly, or weekly basis? I own a 1000 sq ft storefront and am considering renting it out for educational/wellness classes, a weekend flea market,... View more
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Can this Residential Commercial Strategy work?
Rents in my corner of the world have risen rapidly over the past 10 years or so.  I'm finding several smaller commercial, residential properties (5-10 units) that are very below market on the rents.  I apologize for my... View more
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Applying for variance in New Hampshire
Hey guys,     I'm currently working on a variance in Manchester, NH to turn a commercial property into mixed use to add to apartment units. I'm curious if anyone on here has any experience doing this? Just need some... View more
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Avg. time for commercial land to sell in dfw?
What is the average time for a commercial land to sell in the dfw area? I know there's a lot of variation but what is the average? This is for on market properties. Thanks for any help.
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How can I get started in Commercial Real Estate?
Hello everyone! I am here to discuss some of the obstacles I have been facing thus far. My interests are in commercial real estate (specifically industrial) and I have spoken to multiple brokers all over the country... View more
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SFH Investor Looking to Move to NNN
Hello, I've been investing in SFH for the past 10 years. I'm looking to diversify with a NNN. As a newbie to commercial real estate I was looking for some guidance. What type of cap rate would currently be considered... View more
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Company: NNN Invest (Passive Partner)
I noticed on this company's website that they offer Passive Partnering for those who are accredited, but do not have enough funds to completely own a NNN property. The company site explained that it will act as the... View more
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Does this type of loan exist?
Hello BP! I have the opportunity to purchase a mixed-use building in my local town for 80k. It has two rented apartments on second floor, rented out storage in basement and ground floor is a vacant salon. My plan would... View more
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Ideas for a 7000 sq. ft. basement. Downtown
Currently, I have 7,000 sq. ft. of unused and unrented basement space. It is in the heart of downtown of a smaller (14,000) city. I am brainstorming on what I could use it for. The building is zoned for commercial and... View more
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NNN Loan Requirements
I haven't seen much information regarding the borrower's requirements for NNN loans, specifically fast food retail on urban/suburban properties. So far for Dollar General properties, I've gathered that typical LTV is... View more
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Any Chain Retailer (Starbucks, Dunkin, etc.) Broker in NJ?
A friend of mine has 2 commercial properties in NJ. One is ready to go, and the other has been approved to re-zone. They want to try to get a national chain retailer in there as an anchor to maximize their asset... View more
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Self Storage- Gates, locks and chains
Just ordered our entrance gate yesterday. Will give you a run down on gate systems we use. We are in a blizzard so hey, got time. Over all our road ways are 25 foot wide. Use a 20 foot (drivable space) gate, the actual... View more
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Self Storage Day to day Constructing a new facility
Day in the life- Constructing a New Facility location 23 June 2020, 08:39 We are starting our 8th and final storage location. I will try to give an update as we go through construction. Although this will be... View more
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Construction Syndication -
On a ground up development deal - are construction costs split pro rata between the LP and GP?If LP put in 90% of the equity, do they contribute 90% of the construction costs?Is it the GPs responsibility to obtain the... View more
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Self Storage Facility - Central NJ
Currently looking at a Class B self storage facility in NJ. Has some office space that is rented out and has interior storage spaces but is not as nice as Class A REIT product (no concierge or staff). Any ideas where... View more
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Novice - Buying a Medical Condos Building one Unit at a time
I’m currently own & occupy 1 of 5 total units in a Medical Offices Condo Building. I have the opportunity to own the entire building over next 1-3 years. I have never dabbled in commercial real estate and worry... View more
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CoStar for New Commercial Land sales agent
I just started my commercial real estate career and I specialize in commercial land, would getting CoStar be a worthwhile investment? I have a lead that I would love to send out more information to and hopefully get... View more
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