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Syndication Investing During a Recession
Investing in real estate during a recession makes many people feel like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. For others, it’s an exciting opportunity. In my 30 years of real estate investing, I’ve seen... View more
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This post has to start with a disclaimer. No one can guarantee returns, and there's a risk associated with any investment. Having said this, it will give those who are curious a rough ballpark of the kinds of returns... View more
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Beginner getting into a 10 unit out of state.
I am a brand new investor looking to buy my first property and came across a 10 unit out of state that has a really good looking P&L. There are minimal repairs needed and the property seems to be in really good... View more
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Large custom duplex near Georgetown tx
Family member wants to sell her home and in Georgetown TX, find a small piece of land and build a custom / large (2200 SQ ft each side) duplex to live next to another family member - any area recommendations /... View more
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How do I BRRRR a all cash deal?
It would be a dream come true to be able to BRRRR my first deal. I have a cash deal with a duplex in process 50k purchase 20k rehab. With in 20 mile I have purchased 2 other duplex's for 175k and 195k both Bank... View more
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Ocala, Florida
Hello - First time poster. I own several SFH rentals in Citrus County with an my investor partner but we are looking to branch out into multi-family properties in the Ocala area. Ideally we are looking for between... View more
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1031 exchange, investment exchange, or....any ideas?
Hello everyone! We just went under contract for a property for $425k. I'm trying to decide if I should just use my cash for a downpayment or 1031 one of my properties for the downpayment. The one I'm thinking about... View more
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Multi Family in Milwaukee
HiI'm owner of a company with many investors who are looking for rental properties.We are investing in Milwaukie- we buy duplexes, SFH's and looking for the next level.Multi family.I'm not sure Milwaukie has the right... View more
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Multifamily Cashflow Question
Hello All!  I was wondering if you could help answer this question...or guide me to a forum that can help I cannot find it on your website. I am planning on buying a Multifamily 2 unit house as an... View more
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Property Management in Cincinnati - Year 21
All - I am investor from Columbus OH and I looked at few MF properties in CIN and planning to buy them. But I need a reliable PM for manage the MF. I read the old posts and did not see good info for PM in CIN. This is... View more
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Real estate/Securities Attornet in NC?
Does anyone have any recommendations regarding real estate and/or securities attorneys that they can refer (LOCATED IN NORTH CAROLINA)? We are moving into the Multifamily space and are building our team. Would love to... View more
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Land Value After It's Shovel-Ready?
I've seen some pretty healthy asking prices for land where all entitlements were obtained & approved.Also, I do understand that there's a cost paid to the geotech, architect & city prior to approvals.But... Is... View more
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Steps I am using to buy a 1000 unit Apartment Complex
A while back, there was a post I read The 6 Human Needs Apply To Business that I have been thinking about. Here is the image that I am borrowing from the OP.To set this up, I am a big Tony Robbins fan so these points... View more
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Investors in Raleigh, NC
Hello BP,I've started traveling to Raleigh recently for work. I can see why this was rated as one of the best city capitals to live in and why many from up north are interested in relocating to this city and others who... View more
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Best cities to invest in (Multifamily)
What city or cities would you want to invest in (Multifamily Real Estate) in 2021 and why? 
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Looking for advice on a multi family deal
Should I get something in writing with the seller before I have a contractor walk the property with me? That seems like an obvious yes. So should I get a lawyer or just a self written statement with my and sellers... View more
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What is a multifamily syndication?
Syndication is a big word for a simple process that is not easy. Feel better? Okay, let me break this down “parade rest” (to its simplest form). To put this simply, the process as it applies to apartment syndication is... View more
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Looking for a commercial Lender
My client needs a commercial lender for a 5-plex in Fresno California. Our usual guy switched companies and can no longer accommodate. All recommendations welcome.
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Making the jump from residential to commercial multi family?
New investor here looking for advice on moving to commercial multi family for our next property. We started out with a 4 unit last year in HCOL that has been going extrmerly well. I was hoping to try and go 8+ units... View more
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What does a headache multi family property look like?
I use PropStream to pull lists of multi family properties which I reach out to via handwritten letter, phone calls, and texts. I want to niche down on the properties I target as my plan is to personalize and build... View more
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Best agent type for multi-family properties of various sizes?
Seems like a silly question, but can a Commercial Real Estate Agent represent the buyer in a Residential MFH (2-4 unit)? And how about vice-versa, can a Residential Real Estate Agent represent the buyer in a Commercial... View more
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Multi family Commercial Thumbrules/Guidelines
What are some thumb rules or guidelines while investing( For eg : $500,000 to $1,000,000) in commercial multi family apartment units ?
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New construction multifamily deal
Hi BP,Just wanted to share a deal I’m doing in regards to new construction multifamily in South Phoenix20 units, 2 bed 2 bath 800 sq ftStainless steel appliancesStackable front loader washer/dryerBottom stories get... View more
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Real estate partnership
what up people hopefully all is well im searching for real estate commercial based professionals to speak with and connect with regarding real estate and potentially building a partnership if anyone would like to reach... View more
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Direct Mail Question
Hey everyone, I am in the middle of a direct mail campaign. I am taking all of my advice from a great Joe Fairless article. I am set to send out the 3rd round this month. My question is instead of sending out the same... View more
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