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Looking for Feedback on This Market Data
Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get some feedback from the community about this content. This is a really in depth market analysis. It happens to be of the Dallas metro area, but even if you're not interested in investing... View more
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Payoff mortgages or buy additional rentals?
I’ve been struggling with what my next move should be. My goal is to get out of my 9-5 ASAP, and have my real estate investments replace about $4k of my income. I’m leery of being highly leveraged, but also dreading... View more
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Buying First Property
I finally have my LLC formed and ready to move forward in the process to buying my first rental property. When I close on this property should I put it directly under my LLC or put the property in a land trust owned by... View more
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Looking for Information on LLCs
Hi BP community!Where is a good resource to find information about LLCs? What books/video/people should I look into. I'm considering creating an LLC with a family member and have lots of questions. I would really like... View more
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Working on license how can I add value to investors?
As I am working on my license and plan to enter the real estate industry and I wanted to take the time to ask investors on this site about what they want from an agent! How can I provide value and be your go to guy... View more
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Deals in Huntsville Alabama
Hey Everyone, Just looking to learn more about the area, and best places to invest.  Give me a shout please!
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Is a Water Softener a Good Purchase for a Future Rental
Is buying a water softener a good purchase for a future rental? We’re currently living in the home in Salt Lake City Utah and thinking about getting a water softener. Would I be able to increase rent for having soft... View more
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Finding Vacant properties owners
Hello bigger pocket members I’ve been driving for dollars and have a giant list of vacant properties but I’m having no luck at all finding the owners of these properties can anybody give me any suggestions..
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Would you rather have 10k a month in passive income or $1,000,000
I read a post on linkedIn from @Travis Watt, a fellow BP member, that posed the question, "Would you rather have 10k a month in passive income or $1,000,000?  I thought it was a great question and I think it merits a... View more
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How to create syndicated capital raise broker agreement
We are looking to raise both debt and equity for 50-100 million dollar projects in asia.  The debt is a fixed rate, lets say 10% and the equity has a fixed rate and a promote.    We are looking to create an all... View more
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Heloc on first rental
I am considering using a HELOC to put a 30% downpayment on my first rental property. Is this a bad idea ? I have about 100k just sitting there. I come from the Dave Ramsey school of thought. Taking out a loan to then... View more
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Writing a letter to the owner of a property Template
Hello & thanks for the help,I've identified a potential investment property but due to lack of public phone records or online presence of the home owner my last option is to write them a letter.Pulling title and... View more
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Favorite place to find property
Where is your favorite place to find investment properties?
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Detroit flip prospects
Hello to all.. first post but longtime reader. I'm in the middle of a renovation and would like some advice. House was listed three months but I haven't received any "solid" offers. Long story short, the property was... View more
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Advise from current investors
I’m asking all current investors to give me your opinion what you would do in my situation. I am a 19 year old studying to get my real estate license. I’m mainly getting my license for the education, but may want to... View more
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BP 2021 Conference - who's going?
Hi everyone, Who else is planning to go to the annual Bigger Pockets conference this October in New Orleans? The hotel looks amazing and there is a big roster of speakers. -Frank
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REIA In The Jersey City Area
Happy New Year All, I am looking to get involved in a REIA that has a lot of members operating in the Jersey City NJ area. Does anybody have any suggestions?
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House Hacking in Phoenix, Arizona
Hey Bigger Pockets Community! I first heard about Bigger Pockets from my close college friend who is a huge fan of this platform. He put me onto their podcasts and I found house hacking to be so interesting! I plan to... View more
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NET WORTH/EQUITY pros: 1) Ability to leverage assets with current low interest. 2) tax free money which could become very valuable with the new administration.  CASH FLOW pros: 1) money without debt for real... View more
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Clouding title best option?
Hello,I am a wholesaler and recently have went under contract with a seller for a vacant lot. I know this website focus highly on homes but I this one is highly concerning. As I was promoting the lot for a potential... View more
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Is wholesaling the best way to get into real estate?
Hey everyone, My boyfriend and I live in Columbus, OH. We just graduated high school this past summer and we've been working really hard to get into real estate investing but since we don't have hardly any capital,... View more
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How much earnest money to put down on a REO/foreclosure?
I put in a offer on a foreclosure here in GA and the LA responded after 3 days saying that they wanted highest and best. My first offer was 5k above asking but I only offered 1k of earnest money. I didn't realize that... View more
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STR Property Manager
Hey Everyone! I am planning on buying my first vacation rental property this Spring and I am really hoping to work as a STR property manager to gain experience and make an income while my business is growing. Does... View more
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Do Title companies do double closings???
Can someone direct me to a title company that will do a double closing?  North Title says its illegal and Title Smart that they can do two closings if they are roughly ten days apart.  My associates are doing these... View more
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Columbus Area Market
Hello everyone, I am wondering if there were any investors in the Columbus area that could tell me which areas to avoid? I am looking to invest long distance and so far have been relying heavily on internet research... View more
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