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Looking for Feedback on This Market Data
Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get some feedback from the community about this content. This is a really in depth market analysis. It happens to be of the Dallas metro area, but even if you're not interested in investing... View more
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What Will You Be Doing if the Market Crashes?
Obviously only the stock market is currently being effected with the coronavirus, but lets assume in the near future the real estate market starts to feel the impact or we experience another 2008. I'm curious to hear... View more
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Investment rule of thumb Calculations
Let’s make a list of rule of thumb calculation post. Also, Correct me if I’m wrong. 70% rule: ARVx70%-Repair cost= Purchase Price1% rule: 1% of Purchase = monthly rent est. 50% rule: 50% of rent goes toward expenses.... View more
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Best Place to Start Your Real Estate Journey?
I'm not tied to any place in particular, but I definitely want to start investing in real estate. My job is in Vermont, but there doesn't seem to be any good entry level deals here for me. Does anyone have any advice... View more
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Would like to pull out equity, what's the best approach?
Hello BP community and thank you for having me.I need some advise on my suggested next move. I Orginally owned 3 townhouses which was built out of pocket through 2 stages of construction with resulted in about 260k in... View more
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How to divide a parcel
Does anyone here (ideally someone in Dekalb County, Atlanta) have experience dividing parcels of land into separate addresses?  I'm trying to find out:What government official(s) I would need to talk to?What the costs... View more
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How to invest the equity from my current home?
I’ve been in my home for 6mo now and recently learned that I’m up ~100k in equity. I’d like to invest my equity into a rental property to maximize cash flow and build momentum in starting my own real estate portfolio.... View more
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Wichita, KS Investors
Hey Guys, Looking to invest in Wichita, KS. But according to census that town has been declining in population last couple of years. Also I believe job growth hasn't been at the rate of KC & OKC. But I heard Amazon... View more
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where to invest in Miami ?
Hi guys I m new in this community , I would like to know if someone invest in Miami and can recommend some area , thanks in advance
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Investing vs consuming... where to draw the line
I own a 2004 pickup truck with 175000 miles. I just took it to the shop to get a repair quote. It’s about $2000 for the main repair. There are a few other smaller things that need repair as well.I have the cash to buy... View more
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The Importance of strategy!
Hey Everyone,I wanted to do a post about one of the most important items in real estate, strategy! So many people overlook this one simple thing that can really be the key to success or failure.Having a strategy and... View more
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Palm Coast Florida Meet and Greet
Everyone from Palm Coast Florida who is interested in meeting up and talking about using our strengths to make all of us better are welcome.  I am proposing a meet and greet some where in Palm Coast.  Don't care if its... View more
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Keeping a good relationship with a contractor
So you I have picked a contractor to start work on your vacant unit. What are some ways to show that you are happy to have them doing work and you are thinking about them?One thing that I've tried is stocking my... View more
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Downpayment Assistances on a fourplex?
Hey guys! I am 23 looking to purchase a fourplex and house hack it for about 1-2 years in Los Angeles, Looking for Minimal tlc work needed. I am interested in using a fha loan w/ a downpayment assistance grant but... View more
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Peter Harris - Commercial Property Advisors
Hi BiggerPockets community,I have spent some time and been successful in the residential market (flipping homes) and wanting to diversify my real estate investment portfolio by venturing into rental apartments.  I know... View more
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How do real estate flippers find their deals?
I’m curious as to how most fix and flippers find their deals. I know that some flippers have wholesalers they network with or can even drive for dollars in a specific market they want to invest in. Are their any other... View more
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Leaving some serious $$ in my BRRRR, worth it?
I will try to make the post as short as possible. I am under contract on a side by side duplex ( two - 1 bed 1 baths). Purchase price is $300k. Before I continue, I would like to say, this is a VERY desirable beach... View more
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Investing in Norada Funding's notes
Has anyone in the BP community dealt with Norada funding? This is a sister company of Norada Real Estate. They're opening up some investment opportunities for 24 months. Rates are pretty high (12-15% with an additional... View more
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LLC Questions (California/Michigan)
Hello, I currently live and work in San Francisco, I am looking at developing property in Michigan and wanted to create an LLC based in that state (I have 1 minority owner who will be doing the day to day work in... View more
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Starting Out With House Flipping
1. How do I find a great mentor that will actually help me and not try to steal a deal?2. Do you find your team first or the deal first?3. I have no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to renovations, the costs of them,... View more
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Home warranty for rental property
I recently purchased a rental property in Atlanta area. Do I need a home warranty? Any good suggestions? It’s 18 year old single family and has a new roof, new water heater and new refrigerator. I recently spent $1500... View more
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Considering deal in NC - attorney needed
Hi everyone - Can anyone recommend an attorney to review a contract for a deal we are considering? We would be a cash lender for a development in the Wilmington, NC area. Also, if anyone has done a deal like this, I'd... View more
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Real Estate Professional Status
Hello BP - Im W-2 wage earner and a passive RE investor (20 units) and wanted to see if anyone out there was willing to share their story regarding the real estate professional status. Ideally Im looking to make my... View more
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F&F, B&H, BRRR, House Hack, SFR or 2-4 Units What is your desire?
Hello all that are interested in what I have to say... If you are not interested then move on... What I have to say comes from many years of hard core live and learn lessons. If you want to go down the dark path that I... View more
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Real Estate Attorney in Atlanta
I am looking for recommendations for good real estate attorneys in Atlanta, GA. Does anyone have a good recommendations for professionals who are used to working with a new real estate investor? I need help starting an... View more
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