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Financing scenario/question template!
Financing scenario/question templateA lot of the posts in this forum amount to "how can I finance this?" with scant details that would allow for accurate answers. Please copy/paste this template when making a new... View more
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Can you have preapproval with multiple lenders at the same time?
Hello, I’m new to out of state investing. I’m seeking advice here if I can have preapproval with local lender and national lender at the same time. Will it impact my credit scores or the final approval amount? Do you... View more
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How to become an Mortgage loan officer
Ho can I become Mortgage loan officer? Can I do this as a part time job? Do i have to be associated to a company
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Maxed on on my 10 fannie / freddie, putting next in wifes name?
I have my full 10 fannie freddie properties in my name.  I put 1 in my wifes name a few years ago when she had full time income as a nurse.  So, we have a few years tax returns now showing that one rental as hers.  But... View more
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Feedback on Potential Cash Out Refi
Hello!I am in process of looking into a cash out refi of my primary. I am sharing the closing cost estimates for feedback on this offering? Is $12k in total closing costs high? The basic breakdown I see is $5,084 in... View more
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Looking for asset based lenders NY
Hi, I’m looking to see if anyone has any asset based lenders they recommend that would provide 30 year loans on investment properties that are rented. Properties would all be purchased at 70-80% of ARV. What... View more
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Spouse on deed but not loan still affect DTI/max loans?
Sorry if this has been clarified before, I couldn't find the answer in a search. My wife and I are trying to maximize the number of properties we can eventually get into by keeping DTI and max loans counted against... View more
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Transitioning From Owner Occupied Rental to Full Rental
Rookie Investor from MA looking to buy in May.What is the process for buying a house through FHA and moving out to rent the property full time?I know I’m required to live in it for 1 year etc. but when I move out does... View more
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Borrowing other people's money
I have a person trying to sell 10 homes, pretty much his whole portfolio. I would like to buy the homes unfortunately I dont have that type of money. How do I go about borrowing money to buy the homes and then getting... View more
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Lending Options for Commercial Construction Investment
I have the opportunity to build/buy a commercial mixed use property just outside of Boise, IDLooking for creative ways to finance construction through completionI’d rather not put full 25% down, Any suggestions?I will... View more
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Boise Suburb-Commercial Builing
Good Morning!!I have an opportunity to have first dibs on a brand new commercial mixed use building - 7500-10000 SqFt in an amazing location, just outside of Boise What I am really asking for is lending adviceIf there... View more
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Private lending- experience
Hi, Just trying to know experience on private lending . How much interest rate charging with or without points, what is risk, how to minimize/mitigate the risk. any negative experience, if yes, what was issue etc.How... View more
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Loan that doesn’t require current home equity as collateral?
I’m about to buy my first investment property (rental condo) using 180k drawn from a heloc against my current home. My plan has been to search for a conventional loan, over the next few months, at a 30yr fixed rate to... View more
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Getting a mortgage as an expat living abroad
Hi, I'm a US citizen currently living in London. I have a stable job working at a British company, but have not had any US income in the past 9 years. Looking to invest in the US real estate market again, and have... View more
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Commercial loan lending
What’s the best bank to obtain a commercial loan? Not owner occupied. No balloon.
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Looking for recommendations on a bank to refinance my 1sr BRRRR
I live in Cleveland Ohio. I am looking for recommendations on a bank to refinance my 1sr BRRRR. A local bank would be fantastic if not any state wide or nation wide bank would do. A bank with 3 month seasoning would be... View more
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Tennessee Financing (Jackson/Camden) for out-of-state investor
I'm interested in financing a property (most likely residential, possibly commercial) for use as a short-term rental property.  The property will be in Camden, TN, but it's a pretty small town..the nearest bigger city... View more
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Hard Money Loan New Investor
I am currently in search of my first BRRRR in Maryland. After running numbers at asking price, which include the estimate from my general contractor for Reno, I have a deal that works for me.My current hurdle is trying... View more
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Finding private lenders
Could anyone tell me how to find private lenders who lends to new real estate investors? I understand it may be hard I am ready to invest in my first property.
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Hard money lenders for buying out of state
Im at the point where Id like to begin investing in rental houses out of state, nearly half way across country in Georgia. Im seeking a hard money lender partner to facilitate the financial needs for that purpose. Does... View more
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home equity loan/HELOC on CA investment property, owned outright
BP! I own an investment/vacation property in California and am trying to get a home equity loan or HELOC for approx. 50% of its value to put toward another property purchase. I own it outright, have a great credit... View more
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Is it best practice to shop lenders?
Hi all. Is it best practice to shop lenders? Any tips/tricks or info around this would be super helpful.My situation:Credit score of 800-805 (depending on company). I want the lowest interest rate, and lowest down... View more
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Private lending question
Lending $60K on buy and hold - Prop value $300 - $325K. 10% interest only $500/month X 6 years.Investor will chip away at prinicpal with balloon at end for balance.Will do promissory note, mortgage, and hold 2nd pos... View more
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2 Different Loans within 2 Months
What's up BP??I am looking to buy my first absentee landlord rental property with a conventional loan by early June. I currently live in an apartment and my lease is up in August. My Fiancé and I have also been talking... View more
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Conventional 30 year loan or commercial
I have one rental I own outright that I bought 15 years ago (one door). I want to start buying more properties now. I’m being told to start an llc and use commercial loans because it’s better in the long term... View more
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