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How to Search the Marketplace - Updated!
We've added some search features to the Marketplace, to help you zero in on what you are looking for. You can still search through ALL the listings, but if you know exactly what you are looking for, or simply want to... View more
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The following rules and warnings pertain to the Real Estate Marketplace threads on BiggerPockets.1 - Please heed extreme caution when considering any solicitations made here. While most of our posters are promoting... View more
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Lender Scams and Warning Signs: Beware & Protect Yourself!
Another recent thread on this forum caught my attention, and I thought it important to post this discussion . . . I'd like to get feedback from our members, including the investors, professionals, and lenders about... View more
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Pick my Brain ( biggest request i get on BP)
I dont do the can I pick your brain or have coffee.. if I did I would not have time in the day to do my things.However I have now a new passion and that is  this is a charity that i started with a few... View more
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Seeking Agents and Financing in Florida
Seeking Agents, Lenders, & Property Managers in Florida MarketMy partner and I are looking for short term & long term rentals in Florida. We are invested in other states and are based out of PA and CA. So we... View more
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Internship: Real Estate Research
Perfect for someone looking for experience without any risk and looking for a good resume builder.Looking for someone to research vacation rental properties.
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Need REI CPA in Texas
Looking for CPA specializing in Real Estate Investing located Texas.
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Go Virtual with only a Laptop & Phone!
Learn how you can expand your market Nationwide and go virtual right from your desk with just a laptop & phone. Spend a few minutes with me on this short video and you’ll see how to increase your bottom line... View more
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Seeking RE Agent and Financing in Northern CA & OR
In need of a REA and Finance. I am looking to purchase a property with land in Northern CA or in OR. I can discuss my parameters more via message . I have financing but am always looking for more financing options and... View more
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Are you looking for your next OFF MARKET deal?
If you're looking for off market deals in the Austin area or up in Killeen/ Bell county area I'd love to help. I can provide around 30-40 distressed properties per month in the hottest markets in Texas. Are you a... View more
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Invest in Western North Carolina
Full service Property Management and real estate firm in the Smokey Mountains! We offer an all in one experience for our investors. We will source deals for you, can represent you as an agent, and manage your next... View more
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Looking for Austin or Killeen properties?
If you're looking for off market deals in the Austin area or up in Killeen/ Bell county area I'd love to help. I can provide around 30-40 distressed properties per month in the hottest markets in Texas. Are you a... View more
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Free Landlord Resources: Screening, Listings, Webinars
Passing along some of the free landlord resources we’ve started offering at SparkRental: Rental income calculator (cash flow, ROI, cap rates, and mortgage interest)Instant online rental applicationTenant credit,... View more
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$99+ Professional Photography
Pro Photography $99+ Pro Standard DSLR PhotosSchedule + Pay OnlineReady in 24 Hours Find out more on Read homecoin reviews: See all for sale listings here:... View more
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Need Charlotte Wholesalers
Hey Guys, Does anyone know any good wholesalers In Charlotte, trying to get consistent deal flow.
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Off market 70% historic flip deal, San Antonio
Off market historic 70% flip deal available now. Wedged between Lavaca and King William. Selling at BCAD assessed value for the land alone (this is a single family full rehab).Numbers are175K purchase price150K rehab... View more
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Seeking wholesalers/Investors in Oahu, Hawaii
Aloha all, I am looking to connect with wholesalers in the Oahu market. I am primarily interested, but not limited to, residential real estate buy and holds and/or flips. If you are in the Oahu market, I would love to... View more
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Unsecured credit lines for real estate investing
With $150-250K in unsecured business credit lines and cards, you can: · Buy investment properties · Borrow the down payment to combine with a normal mortgage · Renovate properties · Expand your... View more
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Real Estate Investing in San Antonio, TX
**** Active Investors Buying Discounted Deals in San Antonio ****Take a moment to complete THIS SHORT FORM to receive free access to 10-15 new opportunities every week! My team and I are able to source the deals other... View more
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See How To Buy A House Listed With A Realtor For No Money Down!
Here's another real estate secret on buying a house that is listed with a realtor for no money down. Please like and subscribe for continued secrets! If you found this helpful come join our free Facebook group to get... View more
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Twin Semi Detached in Phila. 19144 (Off Market)
237 W Hansberry St Philadelphia PA 19144 Twin Semi Detached in Phila. 19144 (Off Market)To view our current inventory please click this link: Marlo for Lockbox instructionsThree... View more
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Wholesalers: List your property free to our 30,000 cash buyers!
Wholesalers, post your Florida Deal to our 30,000 cash buyers!! has over 30,000 unique visitors each month looking at our off-market deals. We started accepting outside wholesalers to advertise their... View more
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Non QM loans & Hard Money
• FIX-N-FLIP / Fix-N-HOLD - Maxing at 90% Purchase LTV / 100% Rehab Funded • 1-4 UNIT BRIDGE - 80% Max LTV Purchase / 75% Cash Out Refis • LONG-TERM RENTAL LOANS - 80% Max LTV... View more
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Looking for off-market deals in Phoenix area
Hi BP CommunityI'm looking for access to off-market deals in the Phoenix area...In general, I'm primarily looking for 2-4 unit multifamily properties in the Mesa/Tempe/Encanto Village/Camelback East Village/Northeast... View more
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Free Masterclass: What It Takes to Retire in 5 Years with Rentals
Want to reach FIRE (financial independence, early retirement) while you’re young? (Or young-ish, as the case may be? 😉 ) See exactly how one family did it in this free masterclass on what it takes to retire in 5... View more
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