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Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening & Renting Your House
We just completed one of the more important guides for landlords and I thought it important that we make it visible here on the forums. These are both MUST-READS! Tenant Screening: The Ultimate Guide At over 5,000+... View more
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How To Evict a Tenant: The Ultimate Guide
Hey guys - We just put out another guide in a long line of epic content . . .How to Evict a Tenant: The Definitive Step by Step GuideThis is about as comprehensive as it gets.  If you are a landlord or are thinking... View more
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What’s the price and process for an aquatherm water heater?
My wife and I have a rental condo in Las Vegas where the water heater is integrated into the central forced air heating system. The water heater started leaking earlier this week and went through the wall and into the... View more
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First rental turned out to be negative cash flowed.
Hello, Can anyone please give this first-time landlady some advice on this issue? I bought a turnkey from Roofstock last summer. It is out of state and I have a PM to take care of it. It's supposed to cashflow about... View more
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Potential tenant that is in the process of divorce.
Hello all, I just bought a rental property in long island and came across a potential tenant that she said is going through a divorce and need an apartment. My rental is asking for $2600/mo. She is self employed and... View more
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How should we lease with the federal Moratorium?
Being fully bound from being able to do evictions for nearly any lease violation, I am concerned on the future of how this will play out. I'm looking for any loopholes or ideas with current leases or future leases that... View more
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When to pay yourself from property income?
Hi everyone! Some friends and I are soon investing in a rental property and we're hammering out all the details before our first purchase. As of right now, our plan is to buy a multi-family unit, re-invest all income... View more
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Evictions for owner occupied multi family during covid
I am in the process of buying a 4 Unit multi family property In the Long Beach, CA area. It would be owner occupied 5 % down conventional. The problem I'm running into is I would be buying the property with all 4 units... View more
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How much should we keep in reserves?
Is there a certain % (or rule of thumb) I should keep for reserve funds?  Wife and I just bought a duplex. We put 25% down. Our expenses on the property are $705 a month. We will be renting both sides for $900 each-... View more
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Las Vegas rental property
Hello everyone, I recently acquired a SFR in Las Vegas. I am using the BRRRR method. I have already purchased it. The property is currently being remodeled. I am looking for recommendations for property management... View more
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Military tenant being deployed
Hi all, I have a tenant being deployed a few months after their lease ends June. They would like to go month to month until they are deployed. My issue is it's a SFH rental and the lease ends in the summer when the... View more
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Water bill is very high and no visible leaks
So very long story shortened my water bill is extremely high this month. We average $35.00 a month and this month it was $151.20. The jerk landlord told us in a very nasty little note to check out water leaks which we... View more
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no land survey
Hello, I see many homes where I'm going to be buying (SFH's and Multi-FH's) where they are being sold as-is and without a survey. The lack of survey concerns me. I thought that a survey needs to be done on every... View more
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Rental unit without oven/stove??
My wife and I are building a semi-custom home with an attached 1 bedroom unit (house hacking). The builder is not allowing us to install an oven/stove. We would like to use it as a long-term rental. Are there tenants... View more
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Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions.
Is anyone familiar with the civil action case Alabama Association of Realtors vs. US Department of Human Health Services? Appears they make a good case that the CDC does not have the authority to enact an eviction... View more
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Renting to a violent felon?
Hey y'all,I know this post is going to seem so rookie to a lot of you but here we go I need your help... I had a potential tenant come by last week (alone) and fell in love with the property... It's not rented yet and... View more
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First time Rental property advice
Looking for some feedback and thoughts on a potential rental property opportunity.  My parents currently rent a house from some other family members that I could purchase and continue to rent to my parents. The... View more
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Buy and hold investor looking for some help.
Hi Guys hope all is well/ I am looking for some great agents in areas other then my own. I am an associate broker and home builder/flipper here on long island NY. Looking to invest in some buy and hold long term... View more
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Protection from being sued
What do you all do legally to protect yourself from being sued by your tenants.
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Do I have to honor previous owner's lease?
Just purchased a multi-unit in PA. The units are occupied. Do I have to honor the previous owner's leases/ rental agreements?
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Buying our first multi million, multi unit property in Chicago.
Hello all. Member of my family are cashing out on an industrial real estate investment that they held more than a decade. We will be under contract as of this week. In order to defer some of the capital gains, we are... View more
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Can't evict during pandemic? There may be a window for you!
Managing rental properties has certainly had it's challenges during COVID-19.  While evictions are still frozen in many areas of the country, income is down while ongoing maintenance costs continue.  To top it off,... View more
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investing with friends/ family
Hello everyone, I just recently bought my first rental property and it is currently doing well. My friends and family (brothers) heard about what I was doing and wanted to invest in real estate as well. Does anyone... View more
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Software for multi unit building
Hi, I am looking for software to manage 144 rooms that will have mainly 6 month to 12 month lets. We use quickbooks for accounting so the software is for tracking rooms in regards which tenant is where, service... View more
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Rehab is $14K House Has Been Underperforming. Advice?
Hello BP!I am am trying to look at things logically and think bigger picture, long term. But in the micro, at the current moment, I am really losing motivation on this asset that's honestly been through nothing but... View more
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