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Yieldstreet deals defaulting?
I noticed there hasn't been much talk of Yieldstreet on here.  If you don't know it's a crowdfunding website for hedge fund like debt investments, such as private real estate notes, law firm financing, lawsuit... View more
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Has anyone invested in NuuRez or considering it?
Just found out about a new type of investing platform called NuuRez. Seems like AirBNB and REITs combined. Wondering if anyone has any opinions on it. Here are some resources:... View more
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Creative financing solutions for VA loan appraisal coming in low
I am using a VA loan and have had trouble with the appraisals being lower than what I offered and sellers didn't want to do a reduction in price. This is my second time in escrow and I have found an amazing owner... View more
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Diversy fund inquiry
Does anybody know anything about diversy fund. Is it legit? Have anybody invested in their program?
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SEC increases the Crown Funding maximum to $5 million
Has anyone seen the limits were raised for Crowdfunding? We have been raising money on StartEngine, Republic, and Wefunder now for two years for others in AI and high Tech. The SEC had limited new startups to $1.07... View more
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Investing in crowdsourced platforms
Hey everyone,How has your experience been investing through Fundrise? Interested in learning about passive supplement real estate investment avenues. Thanks in advance!Austin
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Paying for a company to build business credit or do it yourself
I'm looking for a company that will guide me in building my business credit. Does anyone have a recommendation for me? Or should I just build it on my own? Any advice would be helpful.
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I'm working with my Dad to syndicate our first project.
It's a 6-apartment retail office conversion.We have 200k+ to invest, need $420k to get commercial loan.Would love help with how to structure the deal, docs, how to approach investors.
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Anyone using PropStream recently?
Is there anyone who has used PropStream lately.  I'm considering using it for finding and evaluating leads.  All the reviews on BP I found were several years old.  A company can turn around itself in that time frame. ... View more
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Best COC return option for 1031 exchanges into DST / syndication?
Hi, I am considering 1031 reinvestment of proceeds from the sale of one of my multifamily properties into a passive DST / syndication investment. Problem is that everything I am finding so far is very conservative and... View more
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Private/Crowdfunding/Banks $ for ground up affordable housing?
We are building 31 "Affordable" Condos in Hawaii one block from the beach in Kihei. Feel Like it is a smart play in the upcoming post-pandemic years.  We are looking to raise 2-2.5M to complete the funding. Looking for... View more
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Cardone Capital...anyone looked into this?
Hey Folks...just curious if any of the accredited investors lurking on BP have looked into Cardone Capital.  I see he touts this particular arm of his company quite a bit lately, offering preferred returns during the... View more
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Fix and flip of a foreclosure
Looking to partner with someone on a rehab in Manchester Nh. Property needs a lot of work but in a great neighborhood.. good return on investment
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Lawyer to review paper work from Syndication
Hi all,I was presented an opportunity to invest in a crowdfunded residential real estate deal as a limited partner (LP). I'm looking for a lawyer to review the paper work. I'm not even sure what type of lawyer i'm... View more
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Returns on Active vs Passive Real Estate Investing
As a seasoned real estate investor in single family buy-and-hold properties, I'm wondering if there's a more passive way to invest in real estate with similar returns.Here's my current strategy: buy an out-of-state... View more
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Raising capital for rentals
Hello, BP, I was curious if I bought a cash flowing rental, sold “shares” of that rental and paid their ownership of cash flow etc. (30k on a 300k house = 10% of appreciation and cash flow) could I raise 300k and put... View more
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Has anyone invested with or borrowed from PeerStreet?
Just wondering if anyone has invested with or borrowed through PeerStreet and what your experience was?
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Crowdfunding in today's world?
Crowdfunding is an interesting concept and does allow a broad spectrum of investors. While every company that has these types of offers will make you sign 100's of pages highlighting the fact that you may end up losing... View more
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Debt Financing on Stable MF Assets
I am looking to refinance and draw some Cash out to by more MF real estate. I am looking for Debt financing on Stable assets that I plan to hold for another 5 to 10 years. Please share if you have done something... View more
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Patch of land rate of defaults and return of overdue funds
I have loaned ( alot) of money to rehabbers and people flipping houses in NY and NJ.A while back I decided to try to invest a very small amount with Patch of Land ( $5000). I was tempted to invest in additional loans... View more
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Real Estate Investor Business Plan
Hey BP, I was wondering if anyone had any possible business plan templates they have used to get hard money loans or private money?  I'm in the midst of writing a business plan to pitch to a few private money investors... View more
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Real Estate Investment Groups
Do you guys no of any legit real estate investment groups where you can invest in real estate not like a REIT but something where money is pooled and your money grows with appreciation?
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Has anyone used Groundfloor for hard money or investing?
I just discovered Groundfloor, which is a crowdfunding platform for people who want hard money for deals. Obviously you can participate as a lender or as a borrower. I'm considering using it both ways: to fund my first... View more
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LendingOne- Anyone work with them before?
Has anyone dealt with this company for a rehab loan? They seem very new to the funding business.
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SOS need to purchase 2 million dollar ranch/wedding venue
Looking for creative ideas to buy back a third generation ranch to original family settled in the 1800’s. Over 1 million dollars for 40 acre ranch with wedding venue. Anything helps any questions, advice or tips are... View more
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