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Prescott, AZ Cap Rates
Hey all, I am looking for current cap rates for commercial buildings (not apartment buildings) in Prescott, AZ. Would anyone know where to find reliable information on that? Thanks
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Looking for roofing contractor Phoenix west valley.
My tenant notified me that the roof was leaking when it rained in mid December. I took a look at the roof around Christmas. The roof is asphalt composite shingles. There are holes in the shingles at the peak of the... View more
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Converting 2 to 3 Bed and 3 to 4 Bed in Phoenix Market
I am looking to start the process of buying my next primary residence in the Phoenix market, with the goal to be somewhere in the east valley (Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Ahwatukee, South Phoenix). Part of what... View more
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Seller financing on 6 unit apartment in PHX East Valley
Hey 👋  guys, I'm currently under contract on a 6-unit apartment building in the East Valley of the Phoenix MSA and the seller's are willing to carry the debt with 18% down at 6% interest only for 12 months. This is a... View more
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The best way to start in Phoenix?
I’m looking to start wholesaling in a next week where I currently live in Indiana. I plan on moving to Arizona though next month. Could I have some advice on starting life and wholesaling there?
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best cpa in Phoenix,AZ ?
looking for recommendations on who you use for a cpa in the phoenix area. 
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First Real Estate Jobs
I'm looking to get a new job as a mortgage loan officer. Is it worth it to take the license exam prior to applying for jobs or better to have them train me?
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Need financing to buy multifam
I have equity and no loan option that I can find. Does anybody know somebody loaning in AZ for a cashout refi with no personal income needs? I have $220k in equity and am not seeing a way to put it to use.  I thought I... View more
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I’m looking for a Book keeper and CPA recommendation
Hello! I am looking for a good bookkeeper and CPA (can be the same person, or different -open to suggestions!). I am about to close on my first real estate property and looking to purchase more in the future.  Does... View more
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Scam Notice Regarding Malcolm Pointon and Calm Investments
CALM INVESTMENTS, LLC and MALCOLM POINTON (or whatever alias he is using at this time) is a not to be trusted with your money. I gave a loan to Malcom and Calm investments over two years ago and have not received a... View more
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20 year old seeking advice
Hello my name is Diego Contreras and I recently passed my real estate exam and was hoping to learn about real estate investing! My parents lost their house in 2008 and my hope is one day to buy them a house. I would... View more
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First Time Home Buyer
Hey everyone! I'm a beginner in real estate trying to buy my first property in the Tempe/Mesa/Scottsdale area. I don't have the work history, credit history or cash to qualify for a mortgage yet. I should be able to... View more
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Anyone house hacking in Tucson?
I may be moving to Tucson from LA for a job in first quarter of 2021, and wondering if anyone can share their experience house hacking in the area. Is the small multifamily inventory mostly duplexes or would it be... View more
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Seller Financed 2nd Loans
Are there any Hard Money Lenders in Arizona, that will fund a loan for 75% of there money and allow me to have the Seller finance 25% in a 2nd loan? Zero down! Is this allowed in the State of Arizona? Has anyone done... View more
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Need a 1031 and CPA professional
Hi I sold a duplex and purchased two properties in Phoenix with a 1031 exchange. Long story short, my longtime tax preparer was not available to do my taxes for 2019 and I had to scramble and do them myself and get... View more
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Seeking likeminded RE investors in the Phoenix/Scottsdale to...
Seeking likeminded RE investors in the Phoenix/Scottsdale to network with. I’ve recently moved from Seattle to Scottsdale and would like to grow my professional network in the area. I’m interested in meeting lenders... View more
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Ideas for identifying General & Sub-Contractors for Rehabs?
Hello, we’re new to the Phoenix and Tucson area and have recently purchased several single-family and multi-family residence investment properties. We’re seeking to identify reputable General and Sub-Contractor... View more
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Contractors in the Phoenix Region
Hello all,I'm an out of state investor who is currently on the hunt for MFH's in the Phoenix region and was hoping to obtain some referrals for reliable and great general contractors. Any and all help would be greatly... View more
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What's Happening in Phoenix, Arizona, Multifamily Right Now
A BiggerPockets member asked me what's happening in MF in Metro Phoenix. One of the best ways to know the state of the market is to capture the most recent sales, in this case for the last 30 days.This can give you... View more
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Remote investing in Arizona
Hello,I currently have a fourplex property generating OK income in Bakersfield, CA. I am currently living in Southern California. I originally went with Bakersfield because it was quite close to me but have realized I... View more
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Free Arizona Lease Documents
I wanted to share a resource I use frequently for free leases and other landlord related documents in Arizona. The website is formerly   These are created by our local landlord friendly... View more
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Eastern Arizona College, Student rentals, Thatcher Arizona
I'm curious if anyone on here has done student rentals in the Thatcher, AZ area.  I'm doing a kiddie condo type loan with my son who is a student there and he will occupy and also rent to other students.  Just curious... View more
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What is going on in Tempe, AZ?
I have noticed in the past week some houses in Tempe, especially south of Tempe there has been a lot of houses asking for 100k more than zestimate. Can someone explain what's going on to me please?
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Phoenix Residential Income Property
I'm looking to acquire a residential income property in Phoenix, AZ, within the next 3 months. Does anyone have experience with this market  and have suggestions for specific zip codes to buy, property management... View more
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Newbie question re: Grayhawk vs. Desert Ridge
Hello! My husband and I are new to investing. Currently renting in the Grayhawk area. Our initial plan was to buy a SFH in this area for us and 2 young children, occupy for a few years, and convert to rental. We found... View more
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