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How to Introduce Yourself to the BiggerPockets Community
Here are some guidelines to help you with your introduction post here in the BiggerPockets New Member Introductions forum. Please follow the following approach to introducing yourself: 1. Please try and... View more
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Ok, You've Signed Up for . . . Now What?
New members constantly ask me how to get started here on the site, so we put together a post that hopefully, spells it out: How to Get Started on
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real estate startup concept - own your room in 5 years
real estate startup concept - own your room in 5 years for the same price as rent. Business plan available see  I was working on this before covid. I have a real estate attorney that has created a... View more
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Newbie from Naperville, Illinois
Hi Everyone, My name is Isaac Lane and I'm from the western suburbs of Chicago. I'm a mechanical engineer that is striving for financial independence and see real estate investing as a great avenue for it! Over the... View more
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Newbie from San Diego, looking to invest in Las Vegas/Yuma, AZ
Hey, how's it going! I'm excited to be here at Bigger Pockets. I've always been interested in real estate but I've really ramped up the research the past few weeks. I read "The Book on Rental Property Investing" by... View more
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New Investor from Seguin, TX
Hi, My name is Chris and I live in Seguin, Texas where I am currently a Metal Technician for a collision repair facility. I am brand new to real estate investing and Joined BP to learn as much as I can about the... View more
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New member, building beach rental in Holden Beach, NC
Just wanted to say Hi and I look forward to learning and growing with you all. Recently Relocated from Columbus, Oh to Raleigh, NC. We are in the middle of building a beach rental in Holden beach, NC. Hoping to... View more
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All Cash Purchase Opportunity
Hello! Inaugural post of a time lurker and podcast fan. I’m living in the DC area and looking at the possibility of investing in either Jacksonville, FL or Tampa, FL since I’m in the military and there is a good chance... View more
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Looking to grow my network in Atlanta GA and Calgary CA
Hello friends, I am building my team to flip in Atlanta and put it all back into multi family! I currently invest in Calgary CA, and interested in Mexico for the future. Please feel free to add me to your network of... View more
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How to invest in real estate in Bay Area with 800k in 2021?
Hi,We are a couple with 1 kid and double income in the Bay area. We have 1 million+ cash and feel comfortable to use 800k to invest in the real estate. We own a house in an ok city in the Bay Area that was bought a... View more
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Greetings from Belleville, IL
Hello, the name is Tim and i'm Midwest native. I have always had an interest in real estate and thought that meant i'd have to get a license to begin. In researching to buy my first house I stumbled upon BP and some... View more
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Zoom/Meet Ups Oregon
Hey BP readers!! I have been in real estate for a few years now. The company I am with is family owned. We were partnered with VRM, we used to work with them a lot on foreclosure homes. We would have to contract trash... View more
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Scaling Up from Multifamily
Hi Everyone :-), I hope everyone is staying safe and well. Happy new year! I'm a newbie investor interested in multifamily. I always hear about how easy it is to 'scale up' in multifamily. I would love to know how any... View more
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New from Sioux Falls, SD
Greetings BP! My name is Justin Griffith and I'm new to REI but look to hit the ground running. I live in Sioux Falls, SD with my wife and three kids. I currently sell into the construction industry but I have had a... View more
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Portland, Oregon Investors
Hello, BiggerPockets community. I am highly motivated and ready to start investing in Oregon and Southern Washington. I am searching for established investors or other beginners. Please feel free to comment on this... View more
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Florida architecture fees!
Hello to all I am getting into the Florida market. In the Tampa area. I was hoping to get some feedback as to what architects/ Engineers fees should be. I appreciate any help or feedback. Thank you in advance.
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How I became a Real estate Pro!
Joking, more like a newbie lol, Hi yall!                    My name is Jane and i have been a member since July last year but never introduced myself. I was lucky enough to find BP through a google search and i have... View more
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New Member Looking To Connect, Learn and Grow
Hi Everyone,New to the bigger pockets community looking to connect with, help and learn from the other members. I've invested in 4 deals one of my initial investments was lost due to not checking back taxes and another... View more
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New member introduction: How can I finance my first deal?
Hello everyone.I'm new to real estate and the BiggerPockets community, yet I've done my homework and want to purchase a small multifamily and house hack it as my first investment. I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and... View more
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Reaching Out to Arkansas Investors
Hello Everyone,My name is Cameron Johnson, I am a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR (woo pig). When the quarantine started in early 2020, I decided I wanted to learn more about RE... View more
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Newbie coming to San Antonio, TX! Army RN; former hitchhiker
Hi there, fellow Bigger Pocketeers!I'm Jeff J, an Army nurse in my mid-20s. My pursuit of financial independence exposed me to dozens of FI sites and real estate kept coming up there and from my brother, who's also in... View more
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Where to Invest Cash from Refi???
Hi there!I am new to the BP forum and this is my first ever post. That said, I've been listening to the podcast daily for about 6 months :) My wife and I bought a home in San Diego about six months ago. The market here... View more
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Financing to participate in Auctions
Hello BP Community.  I am breaking into real estate investing this year as a licensed and insured electrician by trade. My goal is to flip in the first quarter and 1031 the proceeds into a cashflow property. My... View more
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How best to invest our downpayment for a home? No longer buying
What is the best way to put our funds back into the market, slowly over a period of 3 months? A year? Not trying to time the market but probably not the best idea to put it all back in tomorrow. Thoughts? Thanks in... View more
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Newbie On the Forums
My name is Danny Smith. I started working in property management with my dad when I was 17, and did not have the slightest clue what was going on or what I was doing. I realized two things, that I loved selling people... View more
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