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How to Introduce Yourself to the BiggerPockets Community
Here are some guidelines to help you with your introduction post here in the BiggerPockets New Member Introductions forum. Please follow the following approach to introducing yourself: 1. Please try and... View more
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Ok, You've Signed Up for . . . Now What?
New members constantly ask me how to get started here on the site, so we put together a post that hopefully, spells it out: How to Get Started on
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New investor wanting to BRRRR
Hi, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Kalnitz. I'm a medical instrument technician currently working for Roche Diagnostics and living in the Fox Lake IL area. In addition to that I am a Real Estate... View more
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New member in Milwaukee
I recently joined BP after having been enjoying the benefits of great information and discussion across the site.  My background is in retail banking and I've since moved to a management role at a fintech firm but I'm... View more
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2021 Introduction - Huntsville, AL
Hello, my name is Dennis Norton. I am the owner of RCPM property management located in Huntsville, AL. I have been in the home services business for over 20 years. I have been married for 10 years to my wife Mary and... View more
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Good Markets for Multifamily
Hi BP!I am new to out of state investing and looking for suggestions for markets to purchase a duplex/triplex to begin my journey.From my research, Wisconsin and Indiana are great states to start looking into.Would... View more
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How I became a Real estate Pro!
Joking, more like a newbie lol, Hi yall!                    My name is Jane and i have been a member since July last year but never introduced myself. I was lucky enough to find BP through a google search and i have... View more
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Introducing myself to real estate
Hi my name is Maggie I’m a local wholeseller in Killeen, Texas area. I’m looking to connect with other real estate investors and learning more about the business as well as seeing how we can help each other. 
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New Member - BiggerPockets Community!
Hello BiggerPockets Community! I am new to the BiggerPockets community. A friend recommended the BP podcasts and I was interested right away. I'm looking to use the platform to learn as much as possible and to connect... View more
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Newbie - Looking for Real Life Experience
Hello BiggerPockets World,I am in the beginning stages of my Real Estate career, and by beginning stages, I mean NEW NEW. I am 2 unit's deep into my Real Estate studies. *Go ahead, ask me what TILA stands for.. because... View more
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Refinancing multiple properties
We are looking for a resource to refi 5 single family rental properties in Richmond VA. We are looking for reduced interest rates, not necessarily taking equity out.They do have plenty of equity though. Also, am self... View more
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Newbie coming to San Antonio, TX! Army RN; former hitchhiker
Hi there, fellow Bigger Pocketeers!I'm Jeff J, an Army nurse in my mid-20s. My pursuit of financial independence exposed me to dozens of FI sites and real estate kept coming up there and from my brother, who's also in... View more
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Becoming a Project Manager
Hello! I have been working in Los Angeles as a large scale event producer. I oversee everything from design and décor to fabrication and permitting. I'm talking multimillion dollar parties, where I convert dirt lots... View more
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Clock is ticking for Real Estate Agent & Multi in MA
Hi BP community, my dilemma is a 2 fold questions. My wife & I have a nice real estate agent who is a friend from high school but he has not delivered in bringing us houses from the MLS listing nor homes before... View more
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Newbie from New York - Hello everyone!
Hey BP community,My name is Pascal and I am based in New York City and I am listening time to time to the BP podcast. I have absolutely no background in real estate - I understand the concept but never really worked in... View more
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Introduction Network Learning
Hi, Bigger Pockets Community! I am new to real estate investing... I am currently a freshman in college and am excited to learn from all the experienced investors here! I live in the Indianapolis area, specifically... View more
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Newbie from Naperville, Illinois
Hi Everyone, My name is Isaac Lane and I'm from the western suburbs of Chicago. I'm a mechanical engineer that is striving for financial independence and see real estate investing as a great avenue for it! Over the... View more
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Reaching Out to Arkansas Investors
Hello Everyone,My name is Cameron Johnson, I am a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR (woo pig). When the quarantine started in early 2020, I decided I wanted to learn more about RE... View more
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Greetings Kings and Queens
Greetings, I'm Raff out of New Jersey. I'm a highly active wholesaler/ Investor in Cleveland, NJ and Lee County,Florida. I'd love to connect and build with like minded individuals like myself. I'm always learning as... View more
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New Investor SW Chicago Suburbs
New to the BP forums and looking to connect and learn with others. Bought my first SFH in Romeoville in July and looking for another in the Romeoville, Bolingbrook, Joliet area to build a portfolio. Anyone from the... View more
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Newcomer from Brooklyn/Connecticut
Hi BP crowd,I'm Doug Borchert, newcomer from Brooklyn, NY / New Fairfield, CT. I recently purchased my first buy-and-hold rental investment property on Candlewood Lake (in CT) this past October, and instantly got... View more
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US entity structure when investing from Canada suggestions
Hello BP Forums. I am a new investor and WILL get started investing in US real estate from Canada in February. I have almost everything lined up, a couple agents, a property management company, lender (just one so far,... View more
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Is This a Liability
My husband and I are new owners of a multi unit and my husband wants to put in a permanent BBQ for all of the tenets to use in the common grass area. Would that be a liability for us?
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Looking to grow my network in Atlanta GA and Calgary CA
Hello friends, I am building my team to flip in Atlanta and put it all back into multi family! I currently invest in Calgary CA, and interested in Mexico for the future. Please feel free to add me to your network of... View more
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Very new, want to learn
My name is Cindy, and I'm very new to real estate investing. I've just started working with a mentor who told me this site was a great resource to connect with others so I could grow, learn, and even help others in... View more
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