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Looking for recommendations for local bank - non QM financing
Hello BP experts! Experienced investor new to investing in the Ocala and Palm Bay areas for investing and am looking for recommendations for local banks who can carry portfolio loans and support commercial... View more
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Novation Agreement and how to use it
Curious if anyone here is actively using novation agreements in their real estate investing business? I'm familiar with what the agreement is and in which situations to use it but have a few questions about its... View more
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Rental Market Palm Coast Florida
I'm considering building a duplex on a lot that my father purchased back in the 90s in Palm Coast Fl. My biggest concern is the rental market in Palm Coast. I currently have SFH, Duplexes and Small multi- families in... View more
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Rental and AirBnB markets in Florida
Hey BP!Looking for a second market for short term rentals or AirBnB’s in Florida. We’ll be visiting Jan 24-29 checking out a few areas: Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Delray and Palm Bay. Heading back in a few weeks... View more
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Short Term Rentals Markets in Orlando/Tampa/St Pete area
Hello,I am an out of state investor looking to get into some STR in the Central Florida area. I know the STR laws are quite diverse across the state. Does anyone have certain markets that are STR investor friendly,... View more
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Multifamily Rental Investors in Florida?
Hi All! I've been researching locations to start investing in and Florida has caught my eye. It seems that the rental demand in Florida has grown since many people have been flocking to this state for the sunshine and... View more
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Finding wholesalers long distance
Hi all,I'm from NY but am looking to get started on my real estate journey in Florida. Currently looking into a few locations such as west palm, Delray beach, and Kissimmee. I've heard that one of the best ways to find... View more
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Input please Broward Dade Condo market
Is anyone else noticing significant drops in the condo market in Fort Lauderdale and Miami?  The list prices seem to be dropping, I am also seeing the words "motivated seller" in a lot of condo listings.  I know a lot... View more
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Tampa Real Estate Mastermind
Looking for a RE Mastermind group that meets monthly in the Tampa area.  Looking for less of the teacher/student type group (although I'm not opposed to learning) and more of the group think/talk type of group.  Any... View more
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Multifamily insurance company
I am purchasing a multifamily property in Tallahassee. Can anyone recommend an insurance company that covers that area?
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New investor introduction
Hi,I am a new investor looking to explore in the Tampa Bay area. I am interested in properties around 100k-200k that I can renovate and rent out. I would like to reach out to the BP community and network with realtors... View more
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Short-Term Rentals or Long-Term Rentals
Hi. What are your thoughts on what will perform better going forward, short-term rentals or long-term rentals?  This is a topic that comes up very frequently in conversations with clients, investors, and friends here... View more
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Seller Financing types ?
Hello BP, Any suggestions about seller financing? I am trying to use that strategy next. any books, videos, podcasts.Regards, Issay
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Newb evaluating multi-family homes in South Florida
Hi!I am a newbie looking to pop his cherry and invest in his first property. My wife and I are looking in SE FL right now. Our realtor sent over some listings, and I am at a standstill trying to identify how to... View more
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South Florida, Miami, North Miami, Property Inspector
Hi Everyone - I am looking to buy a multifamily property in North Miami, Florida. I want to put in an offer with a 7-day Inspection contingency. Can anybody recommend a good property inspector in the area? How much... View more
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Panama City : 10% Down Funding
Does the 10% Down Funding still exist for the Panama City Condos? or has the new Fannie Mae Regulations stopped all of them?
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Any investors in the DeLand market?
Does anyone invest in the Deland market? How is the potential growth/market there?
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Inspection repairs for multifamily property in Tallahassee
I am purchasing a 24 unit property in Tallahassee. It is currently being inspected. I will probably need to get some repairs done before I can purchase it. Such as repairs to get it insured. Can anyone recommend a... View more
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Where to BRRRR in Florida
Hi fellow Florida investors! I'm purchasing an AirBnB rental in the Kissimmee area near Disney using a second home loan, but my real goal is to do BRRRR investing in Florida (I live in New Hampshire). I'm trying to... View more
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Turnover services for melbourne florida.
Does anyone know anyone who can help with the services below for turning over a unit. 1. small paint job 2. Flooring (installing LVP) 3. pressure washing 4.deep cleaning (grout etc) 5. Miscellaneous services... View more
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Wholesalers in Tallahassee, FL
Hello BP!  Any wholesalers in the Tallahassee, FL area?  Looking to be added to a few wholesaler lists.  Thanks in advance!
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Series LLC vs Land Trust
Hi, looking for insight on how to structure my current properties. I am currently doing a refinance and can change the name for one of my multifamily properties and wondering if I should do something besides a regular... View more
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Homeowners Insurance Florida
Anyone know what P&C companies are the best in Florida for homeowners insurance for owner occupied SFH? Or do you know a good broker for P&C?Thanks!
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Series LLC vs Land Trust
Hi, looking for insight on how to structure my current properties. I am currently doing a refinance and can change the name for one of my multifamily properties and wondering if I should do something besides a regular... View more
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Good wholesale companies in the Orlando area
Looking to buy another property in the Orlando fl area or surrounding areas. Are there any good reputable wholesale companies that are recommended?
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