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MLS Listing vs County Records
Hey guys, I'm a noobie investor looking to get started here in South Florida with house hacking and after looking at numerous SFH properties in areas that I want to buy, I am noticing that there are discrepancies... View more
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Tampa Real Estate Mastermind
Looking for a RE Mastermind group that meets monthly in the Tampa area.  Looking for less of the teacher/student type group (although I'm not opposed to learning) and more of the group think/talk type of group.  Any... View more
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Summer Rental Demand
Hi all,Long time reader, first time poster. I’m a Northerner, looking for a vacation home/rental property in Florida. I plan to occupy it from Jan-March and then rent it out the rest of the year. If I could at least... View more
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Jacksonville MArket Zipcodes
Hello, Can somebody active on the Jacksonville market Explain to me what's going on with zip codes 32206, 32208, 32209? Nobody wants to touch these houses, not even for Free!!!.I see Jacksonville is growing... View more
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Recommendations in Sanford
Hello - I am looking for any recommendations for realtors, wholesalers, and contractors in the Sanford/Seminole County area. Thanks!
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New investor introduction
Hi,I am a new investor looking to explore in the Tampa Bay area. I am interested in properties around 100k-200k that I can renovate and rent out. I would like to reach out to the BP community and network with realtors... View more
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Miami Tri/Quadplex new investor
Hello all!I am hoping to start a house hack with an FHA loan within the next 3 months within an hour of Miami Gardens (that's where I work). Hoping to keep the purchase price between 3-500k. I am looking for advice and... View more
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LF FHA Multi-Family in Florida - Any suggestions on area?
Hello everyone,I'm currently making the move to go to Florida from New York and want to purchase my first home with an FHA 203K loan, I'm looking particularly for multi-family homes for long-term/short-term rentals in... View more
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Close to beach properties
Hi guys,1) What do you think, is a 2 floor building better structurally to survive during a hurricane or a one floor building?I feel like it would be a one floor building, right?2) Would you buy a property within 10-20... View more
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Contractor for ceiling cracks
I live in the Town n Country area and I have a crack in my ceiling and wondering if any one has had to deal with this before! Any one have a good contractor that could help?
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Wholesaling in Flagler and Volusia counties
We are new to REI and are based in Palm Coast, FL. We have access to many deals in Flagler and East Volusia counties. We can easily get to Jacksonville and St. Augustine. We want to help you find deals here. Looking... View more
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Multifamily insurance company
I am purchasing a multifamily property in Tallahassee. Can anyone recommend an insurance company that covers that area?
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Looking for a commercial real estate inspector
Can anyone recommend a commercial real estate inspector in the Tallahassee area? I'm in the process of purchasing a townhouse complex and need an inspection done. Thanks.
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Property Management company recommendation in Orlando?
I currently have properties in Orlando that I have managed myself for many years but I no longer live near Orlando and realized it is best for me to hire a Property Manager. Someone that works for one of the HOA's... View more
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Title Search Company (Looking for recommendation)
Hi all, I'm interested in a property that is being foreclosed and I'd like to do a title search on it but I'm not sure where to look up this information. I already searched the county clerk's website and nothing showed... View more
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Looking for a local bank in Tallahassee .
I'm looking for a bank that works in the Tallahassee market. I'm planning to buy a property in that market and I want to start a relationship with a bank in that area.
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BRRRR/BRRRRnB Orlando-Sarasota-Tampa Networking
Hello Everyone, I am looking to connect with investors, wholesalers, hard-money lenders, realtors and contractors in Florida. I am looking into Orlando, Sarasota and the Tampa areas, but I am open to others as well. I... View more
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Is there a management company that manages HOAs?
I have a question to ask the forums! So I bought a duplex January 2020 in a C neighborhood. I got it for 137K and rehabbed it to make it livable. It’s not worth about 170k. It’s a concrete block home that’s a 2/1. The... View more
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Short-Term Rentals or Long-Term Rentals
Hi. What are your thoughts on what will perform better going forward, short-term rentals or long-term rentals?  This is a topic that comes up very frequently in conversations with clients, investors, and friends here... View more
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Moving to Orlando - Searching for Investor Meetup
Hello! I am moving to Orlando at the end of this school year. I have been a real estate agent in Chattanooga, TN and have been flipping houses there this year with the intention to BRRRR some. I have a wonderful... View more
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Cash-out Refinance - Policy Changed During COVID-19?
Today I am looking to do 30-year conventional cash-out refinance on my 6th property after rehab. My broker told me that they updated policy lately on rental property -- 70% LTV (was 75%) -- Can't do any loan if owner... View more
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What neighborhoods worth looking at in Orlando?
I'm looking for an investment property in Orlando. I'd be a remote owner and not familiar with the various neighborhoods. Can anyone guide me to neighborhoods with the best dollar value for rent vs purchase price so... View more
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Florida Banks that Cash Out Refi in Less Than 6 Months
Hello BP Forum!  I'm a newbie investor (have three investment properties).  I purchased a new construction in Palm Bay, FL for $220k but other similar homes from this same builder have been appraising in the $240-250k... View more
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Anyone have knowledge, Sanibel STR?
Hey all, Just reaching out to see if any of you all invest in the Sanibel Island area. There are many condos that rent weekly here and seem to have strong occupancy figures, but was hoping to get some idea from... View more
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Florida Undeveloped Acreage Question(s)
I’m talking to someone about purchasing undeveloped acreage in Florida. What do I need to research before the talks move to another level?
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