I'm in the Tampa area as well. Would love to connect with you all 

March 11 at the Canopy in downtown St. Pete. Starts at 5:30 and it is strictly a REIXổ số vuông hôm nay networking meet up so no speakers or deal pitches.

I'm curious how the meet-up went on March 11th.  Will you guys be meeting on a regular basis?  When I'm down there, would love to join in.

I would be interested in a meetup as well.  

I am a Realtor, also in Tampa and new to REIXổ số vuông hôm nay looking for a meetup of like-minded people to learn the ropes

Xổ số vuông hôm nay Did you guys happen to find a Mastermind here in Tampa? 

Nothing came to fruition to my knowledge. Though, I am always interested in learning, networking and talking were you able to link up with anyone or start a consistent meetup?

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I'd be interested. Just moved here 3 weeks ago from NYC

Alan Davidson. There used to be a private Exchange Club in Clearwater with guys that wrote books about R.E. Investing. Just as there used to be an Inventor's Group. There is the Suncoast Real Estate Investors Association. I know the President of the Mayor's Development Council. The Council used to meet once a month and divide up all the File Minon properties that were going to be developed. My friend used to be a waiter at the meetings. The big guys bought up all the big ranches outside of Tampa, 20 years ago where they are building out in places like Trinity and Manatee. They know where all the new highways and roads are going to be built and you have to be lucky and have ten years or more to know where to buy for the future. When you drive into downtown on 60, have you seen the vacant block that was leveled and the other block of four story apartments finishing construction around 32nd. I always thought that Hooker's Point would be the place to buy up, before they extended the Causeway highway. Except for the Flood Zone, that would be a place to buy lots and just sit tight for the millenials who want a cheaper place near downtown JOB's. You have to just do your due dilligence or have connections. 

Let me know if anything starts to gain some traction. Would like to get something rolling once a month. 

Hi Guys, there is the Tampa REIA group and the Tampa Bay REIA group, but if anyone starts another group I would be interested too. Thank you.

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Xổ số vuông hôm nayI’m in Tampa bay and would be glad to meet up!

Also throwing my hat in the ring.  Would be good to join.

, Do you know where and when the REIAXổ số vuông hôm nay meets are?

Xổ số vuông hôm nay   here is the address for: 

Tampa REIA: DoubleTree Suites Tampa Bay located at 3050 N Rocky Point Dr W, Tampa, FL. There is a meeting tonight too.

The Tampa Bay REIA:  is at the Godfrey Hotel at 7700 W Courtney Campbell Cswy.

 You can look them both up online and see their meetup information.

.  Thanks for the info :-)