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Why Do You Invest in Idaho & Boise? (Testimonial Request!)
BiggerPockets! I'm working on building a landing page for Idaho and the city of Boise. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the state and/or city? What makes your state so wonderful for investors?
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Any good commercial lenders (or maybe portfolio) in Idaho?
Looking to finance a purchase- it will either be a flip or rental. Currently don't have any income and my tax returns don't offer anything that would help qualify. Having a hard time finding a lender that will lend... View more
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Idaho eviction delays and what 1 friend does to get them out ASAP
Last week a Boise newspaper said that some attorney is advising his tenants that are facing eviction to request a "trial by jury" because the court system is so backed up or closed down that hearing probably wont take... View more
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Introduction, Getting Started with a BRRR
Hello everyone, I am a new real estate investor from Malad. I wish to get started in the local market, as well as in Pocatello. I’m planning on BRRRing some cheap houses or duplexes to get my feet wet and begin to... View more
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Political Signs and Activism signs
We own and manage a small apartment building in Northern Idaho. What policies or rules can we enforce on tenants posting political signs or activism signs? We'd like to restrict them to posting one or two signs in... View more
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Connections in Northern Idaho
Hi BP!My wife and I have  recently settled into the Post Falls community and are looking for other like minded individuals to network with. Throwing my net out because most post on this forum revolve around the Boise... View more
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Boise, ID???
Looking for information about local real estate groups in the Treasure Valley. Thank you.
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Have you ever tackled a lift and replacement of foundation?
There seems to be a bunch of great small homes locally that need rehab, only the biggest project is the rock foundation that needs to be removed and replaced.  Any thoughts? 
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PM for MHP Needed!!! -Buhl Idaho
Hi there,My family owns a 49 space, 55+, MHP in Buhl, Idaho (approx. 1 hour outside Twin Falls). We've gone almost 20 years with a tenant managing collections/repairs yet she is no longer with us and is irreplaceable. ... View more
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Contractor Recommendations in Twin Falls, Idaho
Im a new investor and ive been looking at some fixer upper properties and I'm looking for some recommendations for a contractor to do some work on the properties such as floors, kitchen sinks and cabinets as well as... View more
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Real Estate Investors Club - Boise, ID
Does anyone know of real estate investors clubs/associations that meet in the Boise area?  I would love to start getting to know others in the area! 
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ISO of property mgmt. insight in Coeur d Alene, ID
Hi BP brethren! I own a rental 3 bd 2 ba sfh in Coeur d’ Alene, ID and will be needing property managers at the end of Sept. I am wondering if anyone has had positive experience with a management company or... View more
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Monthly Landlord Meetings SE Idaho
Would anyone is the SE Idaho area be interested in meeting once a month to discuss property management topics and refining your processes and management techniques? I have reached out to the Idaho Apartment Association... View more
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Contractor Coming to Northern Idaho
Hello BP community!  My family and I are moving out to the Post Falls area in about 6 months. I plan to start a business in the rehab and remodel field (will hopefully grow to other things). I would like to connect... View more
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Kootenai county wholesaling
Hey everyone I am a CDA local investor and looking for wholesale deals and contacts that I can connect with in Kootenai county and Spokane/Spokane Valley. Any discussion, advice, questions warranted! Just trying to... View more
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Looking to invest in MF syndication in the Treasure Valley
My business partner and I are looking invest in a multifamily syndication somewhere in the Treasure Valley.  We have money to invest immediately.We are only interested in multifamily syndication and only in the... View more
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Anyone heard that tenants can request a trial by jury ?
Before an eviction happens, a judge monday struck down Idaho law and said that instead of a judge ruling on an eviction a tenant being evicted can request a trial by jury.  This is almost always a stall tactic and may... View more
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Pocatello Idaho Handyman
I am searching for a great, reliable handyman in the Pocatello Idaho area who also charges a fair price. I had an awesome one but he moved out of state and I am in need of a great replacement. I appreciate any and all... View more
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Calling all Boise Idaho Rock Stars!
Hey BP family! I am an investor in the Chattanooga, TN area. My girlfriend, soon to be fiance, and I are moving to the Boise area later this year. We would love to continue our investing journey in our new town. Who... View more
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Idaho Falls/Blackfoot Vacancy
I know this can vary, but just curious on what kind of vacancy rates y'all are experiencing in Southeast Idaho? I have heard 2-5% from some people, which seems great. I am in the search for my first house hack and am... View more
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Question about typical foreclosures in Idaho
New to Boise, question I can't seem to find a clear answer online.....trying to gain a better understanding of how the current conditions will play out in the coming months/years. How likely is it in Idaho to have the... View more
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Press release for new Idaho eviction bill
Just fyi...this release was sent to most major Idaho newspapers. New Idaho Tenant/Landlord Eviction Bill becomes law July 1, 2020 Tenants and landlords in Idaho will have a new set of rules dealing with evictions... View more
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HB 461 signed into Idaho law!
I just got word the Governor Little has signed our bill today that simplifies and unifies landlord evictions.  basically it says that you don't have to wait for a moving company to come anymore, that you can do it... View more
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Newbie Question: Strategy for buying a second home?
Hello, I purchased my home during February 2018 for approximately $210,000 in Boise, Idaho. I had a market analysis completed by my realtor recently and I'm looking to purchase a second home that will better... View more
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One more hurdle- Having our landlord bill signed!
Our landlord eviction bill is sitting on the governor's desk.  He can sign it into law or veto it.  Probably be Monday.  I was told today that there were groups urging the governor to veto it and when we investigated... View more
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