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Opportunity zones Iowa
Any investors currently doing residential real estate projects in Opportunity zones in Iowa?Currently looking in the Davenport Quad Cities area.
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Funding new construction on an Okoboji propery I own
I am buying a waterfront property that has a tear-down house on Lake Okoboji. The cost is $1M, and all the value is in the land – the property would be worth slightly more if the house didn’t exist. I’m planning to... View more
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SEC Attorney Recommendation in Iowa
Looking for an Experienced SEC attorney recommendation to set up a 506(b) in Iowa. We will be raising funds from other states other than Iowa as well. Targeting investments in the Multi-Residential space, 8 units and... View more
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Flipping South FL market with 20k savings
Hey everyone! First post and excited to learn and grow with the community! I live in the greater Ft. Lauderdale area of south Florida. Right now the market is booming. House prices are high. I have a steady income of... View more
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Analysis Paralysis ?
Hi All, I grew up in Iowa City and have a few rental properties in the area, Coralville, North Liberty, and Iowa City. Two four plexes and a few two bed one bath apartment units.  I found an off market 8 unit building... View more
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Foreclosures in Iowa City / Coralville area?
I recently purchased a duplex and am excited to start planning for a second deal. Currently in research mode... My goal is another multifamily. I'm also intrigued by the BRRRR method and plan to learn more about this... View more
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Houses in Cedar Falls
Hello, I am looking for a 4+ Bedroom in Cedar Falls that I could live in and rent out when I go to college. I would love to find a seller who is willing to let me "buy on contract" and have me pay them directly instead... View more
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College Student Problem!
Hello All! I am a 19 year old college student here in Iowa. I have been interested in getting into real estate investing ever since reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. Since then, I have started reading... View more
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Property Management in Cedar Rapids
Good morning all. Can anyone recommend a property management company in or near Cedar Rapids to manage my rental properties there? Thanks in advance.
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"Delayed" Financing in Iowa? (Not Cash out Refi)
Delayed financing allows a buyer the competitive advantage of an all cash offer, while then almost immediately refinancing into a conventional mortgage to return their cash.  Typically lenders call his a "cash out... View more
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OOS Investor focusing on Iowa Multi-family?
I'd be an OOS investor looking into investing in Iowa. It seems like a good, landlord friendly state with reasonable taxes. I also like the Series LLC opportunity. I'm hoping to connect with others who are trying and... View more
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local apploances store?
hey!I ordered a 4pack kitchen appliances from Home Depot.but they delayed the delivery twice (the new date is July 21st, but  they also could delay it again...)I want to cancel the order and buy from a different... View more
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LLC attorney referrals
Planning to start an LLC for my investment properties located in Iowa city. Plan is to start llc and then transfer from my personal name to llc. Any attorneys in Iowa (anywhere since it's all virtual now) that you'd... View more
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Insurance Brokers in Iowa
Any recommendations for insurance brokers in Iowa? It would be great if they are independant and can get quotes from multiple firms. 
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Wholesaling lease Options
Hey Bp folks, I know theres a lot of forums on here about wholesaling leaseoptions, and I've already read every post and comments. I get the overall picture of trying to wholesale a lease option. Im just not... View more
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Looking to build a team in Iowa (Iowa City / Coralville)
Hello! I'm new to the BP forums and am absorbing tons of great information here. I'd love to connect with others in my area and build a team here in IC/Coralville. I'm planning to start out with house hacking a single... View more
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New Wholesaler: Also Looking for Other Wholesalers
I am a new wholesaler around Iowa City and Cedar Rapids areas. I am constantly looking to continue to gain experience and knowledge in this industry. I currently do not know any other wholesalers around here. If anyone... View more
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Marketing Campaign .
Hey Bp folks. I haven't post anything in a minute. I just bought some things to kick off my marketing campaign. I was just wondering if what i Purchased is considered a "good" start. So I bought 100 bandit signs, 2 car... View more
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Des Moines, Iowa Roundtable
Hey folks,My name's Elijah, and I have a handful of rental units in the Des Moines area. I thought I'd light a beacon so to speak to see if any investors/ landlords (and those thinking of becoming so) would care  to... View more
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Iowa free court look up
I am a Minnesota landlord and have an applicant from Iowa. I am wondering if anyone knows of a free Iowa Court look up site like Minnesota has?
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Water Shut Off List: Does It Exist in Des Moines?
I'm a wholesaler here in DM and I tried to call the water company to get a list of properties that have their water shut off. I was told flat out they do not carry that information, but I'm skeptical and don't quite... View more
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Dubuque REI Group- Starting now!
I wanted to let you all know that I am starting up a Dubuque REI group. I've created a facebook page (search for Dubuque REI). My plan is to start monthly meet-ups to network, get to know other investors in the area,... View more
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Real Estate Broker's License required for Property Magenment?
I am kicking around the the idea of partnering with my brother on a buy and hold property in davenport.  The formal requirements for the property would be met and the property would likely be held by an llc.  Now,... View more
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ISO Cedar Rapids IA Handyman
Hello!I have a duplex in Cedar Rapids Iowa and I am wondering if anyone in the area has a recommendation for a handy man?Thank you in advance!
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In need of an Iowa real estate attorney who deals with Co-Op's
I am in need of a Iowa real estate attorney who has transactional experience with Cooperatives. Any references would be appreciated!!
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