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Thoughts about the MEREDA Conference in Maine
Hello Investors, I am new to Maine and I heard that next week the Maine Real Estate and development association is holding its annual conference. Usually it is a big event with the opportunity to connect with local... View more
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Have you worked with a Maine PM?
I am planning to move out of my SFH in the Back Bay area of Portland, ME and would like to rent it out in early summer 2021. Anyone have a great property manager they have worked with and recommend? Please give some... View more
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Maine Sales Agent Course
Good afternoon.  Looking for a recommendation for a Sales Agent Course in Maine...can anyone vouch for the Real Estate Learning Group?  Or can anyone suggest an alternative?  Are they all similar in their offerings and... View more
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Refinancing an owner-occupied duplex to residential in Maine
I am currently in the final stages of a live-in rehab on a duplex that I am planning to BRRR. This will continue to be my primary residence and is currently under a commercial loan. I am looking to refinance to a 15... View more
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Looking for an appraiser in Maine before 26th
I have a hard money loan and the third party appraisal company cant appraises until November needs to close on the 26th. If you know anyone in Maine that can do this please let me know would help out lots 
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Flood Insurance in Augusta Maine
Hi All - looking to hear some feedback / recommendations for a flood insurance policy within Kennebec County Maine. Really appreciate any advice in advance.  Outline of my situation: Flood insurance premiums are rising... View more
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Calling all Mainers ! (mainahs)
Howdy all. Just saying hi to any Maine investors on here. I currently have investments in lewiston ME, and my personal residence in Gray. Who here invests in ME and where?
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LF Lender & Agent Recommendations in Bath, ME
Looking for lender and agent recommendations in Bath, ME with knowledge of investing. Thanks in advance! 
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Mount Desert Island, ME
My Wife and I are interested in exploring the potential rental market/Air BnB demand for MDI, ME. The property that we currently have our eye's set on is in the town of West Tremont/Bernard and is hugging the Bass... View more
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Best Way to Find Off-Market Four-Unit for Sale in Portland?
Hi BP, My husband and I are both in our 20s and work remotely in the tech sector. We have been renting on the peninsula for the past 6 years, and recently we decided to look into buying and owner-occupying a... View more
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Heating system options for multi-family
Need to replace an old oil boiler in my 4-unit multi/primary residence. Currently has an ancient oil boiler which is at least 50 years old, held together by duct tape and unmentionables. Barely got us through last... View more
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Back on Market. Fannie Mae Offer
This about a Fannie Mae property that was listed for $58,900, then was listed on The reserve was met at $48,000. The property was auctioned off for $52,000. Then it was listed 'Back on Market' for... View more
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Wholesalers in Maine
Hi everyone I just started getting into the wholesaling business and wondering how the market is in Maine? Also is there anybody that I can connect and network with willing to learn the ropes? 
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Maine and the 1% Rule
Current property investors in Maine, do you find that the 1% rule is a good indicator for our area considering the cost to heat and remove snow that is incurred during the winter months? I've started casually browsing... View more
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Zoom Meeting for Maine investors?
Is anyone interested in a Zoom meeting for investors in Maine?  I'm in the midcoast area but looking to invest in Bangor or Midcoast area.
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Real Estate Investing in Maine
I noticed that posts about investing in Maine are all over the forums, and I thought I would start a forum to give everyone who is interested in Maine a place to go for information and comments.
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Boilerplate Self Storage Lease Agreement
Does anyone know where I can find a boilerplate self-storage lease agreement in the state of Maine? Any help would be appreciated!
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Reputable Contractors and Tradespeople in Mid-Coast
Hi, I am looking for resonably priced yet dependable and professional contractors in the MidCoast area. Willing to go do work in Rockland, Owl's Head and Vinalhaven.Please let me know you have any names/contact... View more
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Heating Systems in Maine
Hi All, I thank everyone in advance for their feedback. I own a three family in Portland, Maine. Just as a forward, I have read through the other forums on this topic (specific to Maine) and would still appreciate... View more
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Cant access my equity for cash out refi
Any contacts for loan officer who actually understands BRRR? i cant access my cash equity on cash out refi. My bld appraised at 613k i owe 153k on 1st.  I want to decide how i spend funds not be micro managed by lender... View more
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Asbestos Siding / Insurance
Would it be difficult or expensive to buy a home insurance policy on a home with Asbestos Siding in Northern Maine?
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Registered agent in Maine?
Had anybody used as your agent for an LLC? I would be open to any referrals you may have.
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UMaine Orono off campus housing
I have a question for the Mainers familiar with the Bangor to Old Town area. I've got a single family project underway in Orono that will be student housing for the next few years. We are on track to have it completed... View more
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Lead Abatement Contractors - Maine
We have a building that has a lead abatement order placed on it. We are looking at the Portland ME Lead safe Grant/loan which covers Cumberland county. But I'm unsure if it is worth the restrictions and the time it... View more
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Gardiner maine property management companies?
Found a great deal in gardiner, little far from me for self management, anyone know any reliable property management companies in the area?thanks
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