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Mastermind Group in DMV
I am looking to fast track my wholesaling business experience  by forming a Mastermind group, with all ranges of real estate professionals. I have been in the industry for about 60 days getting the business side of... View more
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What is the best city in Maryland to invest for Cash-flow?
Hello Maryland investors,I am curious to know the best markets in Maryland where one can invest with the lowest initial investment capital and get a great cash on cash return . I was thinking Cumberland, Hagerstown or... View more
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Baltimore BOTE Gut Check
Hi BP Universe, See an email I sent to my wife outlining a strategy for investing in Baltimore. Would appreciate any feedback on the info below!Goal is to invest in three properties in Baltimore in 2021 Target... View more
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Help - Voucher tenants in marital dispute
Ugh. This property is cursed. Married couple. Voucher is in husband's name. They had some kind of dispute. Husband went to jail for a few days and now wife has a restraining order against him or something so he isn't... View more
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Maryland Security deposit
Hi,I'm wondering what other Maryland landlords do with their tenant's security deposits. I know it has to placed in an bank account within the state of Maryland.  Do you open a savings account?Do you use an escrow... View more
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Optimistic Rookie in Salisbury, Md
Hi all, I'm Forrest and i'm an optimistic future investor based out of Salisbury, Md. Trying to really soak up as much information from books, podcasts, and this great forum while I start saving some capital. Does... View more
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Recommendation on a Contractors in Hagerstown, MD
Hello all,Rehabing a small apartment building we just purchased in Hagerstown MD.  Looking for recommendations on a GC, or subs.  Need framers, dry wall, and plumbers (have an electrician, but would also look into more... View more
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Frostburg Student Rentals
Good Morning! I have been looking into buying a possible rental in Frostburg, MD which is home to Frostburg State University. I graduated from there in 2017 and many students, including myself, lived in off campus... View more
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Balling on a Budget... Can you relate?
Like lots of newbies, I have decided to take on wholesaling. I really would like more capital for rentals and future projects, but I understand that wholesaling is not easy.  I would really like to make an impact and... View more
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Hagerstown Maryland
Hey Investors,I'm looking for a place to invest in Maryland, and Hagerstown might be attractive to me.  There's good job growth, population growth, falling house prices, low vacancy, and reasonable taxes.  Does anybody... View more
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Baltimore Buy and Hold during Covid
Hi all, my husband and I are landlords from Northern Virginia. We are looking to purchase a buy and hold rental in a good/decent neighborhood in Baltimore. Our price range is 100k-130k turnkey or cosmetic rehab 20k... View more
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Baltimore Neighborhood Recommendations?
Hello BP,  I am currently evaluating different neighborhoods in Baltimore to do a house hack -> hold. I came into this research thinking I knew the city but now I'm quickly discovering just how much there is to... View more
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Need a bank in / around Baltimore that does Owner / Build loans.
Any advice also helps. Thanks in advance.
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Tax professional MD, VA, DC
Hi All, Hope everybody had a great holiday weekend! I'm taking my first steps in real estate investing and looking for a tax professional who I can consult with.Thank you in advance!-Alon
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Recommended areas for first rental property in Maryland
Hello everyone! My name is Erick Guajardo, I'm planning to start my REI adventure soon focusing on buy&hold properties and would love to get some advice on where to invest. See I'm fairly new to Maryland and since... View more
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REI Meet-ups near the D.C./Baltimore area
Hey BP,  This is my first post, but I have been following BiggerPockets for a while now. I am in the process of moving to Maryland and am looking for some good REI meet-ups near or in-between the D.C. and Baltimore... View more
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Creating a NEW SOMD Meet-up!!
There are no active meet-ups in SOMD! (that I know of!!!) Let's start up our own! Figured we can do either Zoom or in-person depending on the majority opinion. Message me on BP if you're interested! 
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Looking for a Realtor in Pocomoke / Snow HIll MD
I am looking for a Realtor in Pocomoke / Snow Hill MD to work with.28 Total Properties, 17 houses, 10 Res Lots, 1 ChurchWhat we need:1. Need Valuations / Current condition / Pictures. 2. Agent to List them.Contact me... View more
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Brunswick MD area and potential
Hi Maryland BiggerPocket Members,Whats the word on the street on Brunswick MD? I'm looking at a pair of mixed use properties and I am wondering if there is any positive or negative buzz on the area. Based on its... View more
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New Investor - Area Just South of Baltimore
New potential investor here and I've been strongly considering adding real estate to my investment portfolio. My strategy would be buy and long-term hold, targeting cash flow as my top priority right now. My preference... View more
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Maryland meet ups???
Are there any local Southern Maryland meet ups? Would love to find my way into real estate and believe meeting possible connections is a great way to start.
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A Wholesaler's Toolbox
Hey BP Nation,So I have a few rentals under my belt using the traditional method (with either conventional or FHA financing) by finding deals on the MLS. However, I really want to learn the skills of deal... View more
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Hey BP Nation!I am constantly seeing success stories about people doing BRRRR's in the Midwest, down south, or elsewhere. It's fun to see others doing big things, but that makes me curious about what's going on in my... View more
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Frederick Maryland prohibits rent increases
Frederick Maryland's Board of Aldermen passed legislation back in July that prohibits landlords from increasing rents or charging late fees until 180 days after Maryland's coronavirus state of emergency is lifted. ... View more
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ISO Portfolio Lenders in MD
Hello BP Nation, So I hear everyone talk about using commercial (aka portfolio) lenders, but they do not always market like these big banks. Typically, commercial lenders come with more costs and higher rates. However,... View more
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