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Should I get a normal renter or Airbnb?
Greetings everyone!My long-term renter of 12 years is moving Jan 31st. Recently I've been hearing a lot of about transitioning certain rental properties to short-term rentals (i.e. airbnb)I was wondering if anyone has... View more
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Minneapolis Area Small Bank / Credit Union
Greetings BP Community! I am currently looking for a small bank or credit union in the Northwest Minneapolis area (Coon Rapids, Champlin, Plymouth Area) to open a business account with. I would ideally want one that... View more
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Best Neighborhoods to Buy Rental Property/Wholesale In
Hey everyone! I am hoping to house hack my first rental property in the Minneapolis / St Paul area and wanted assistance with the best neighborhoods for that.In addition, I'd love to know which areas are the best for... View more
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Property tax rate in Hennepin county
Hello! I'm looking to buy a house in the Maple Grove, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park area, all of which fall under the Hennepin county. I was wondering what's the current property tax rate in Hennepin county? I talked to my... View more
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CPR Question On Dates Rented
Hello,  I am filling out my certificate of paid rent form, my tenant paid several months upfront but has only been in the property since 11/29/2020. The form asks Rented from MM/DD/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY. Are they asking... View more
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Help decide between New Hope vs. Maple Grove *new construction*
Hi, I'm looking at buying a new construction property at around 400k in the greater Minneapolis area. There are currently two new construction single family properties that I'm interested in. One in New Hope and... View more
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Tying to sell and my house is on the neighbors property - MN
I purchased this property in 2011 from a bank as a foreclosure. It is in the country and has a couple acres. I lived in it for a couple of years and then rented it for the last 5. This year I decided to sell, so I... View more
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Minneapolis St. Paul vacancy & cap rates on the rise
Did anyone else see this article in the Strib today?  http://m.startribune.com/twin... For those who don’t subscribe, I will give you the highlights..... They expect vacancy in Mpls/st paul to go from current 3.5%... View more
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MN Property Manager Requirements
Hi, what would be the requirements if I wanted to have my father (non-owner) manage a property (SFR) for me in MN? Real estate license, background check, other? I went through the tenant/landlord handbook a little... View more
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Looking for Eminent Domain advice
Hi,I was wondering if I could get some advice on Eminent Domain.I bought my house in Inver Grove in 1998 along 70th street.  Dakota county sent notice about possible eminent domain to my family and 3 others. They had... View more
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New Minnesota Investor
Hi all, wanted to introduce myself. I am Tony, brand new into Real Estate Investing. I have long been an institutional investor in the stock market so I understand risk/benefit and utilizing capital. We are ready to... View more
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Oil Tank Removal cost
Hello BP community. I’m dealing with removing an underground oil tank from my property in Newton NJ. I hired a company to do the removal/remediation MARKSMEN ENTERPRISES, LLC. The initial estimate they gave me was 8K,... View more
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Looking for Home Insurance Recommendations Minnesota
Hi everyone, my name is Rex and I am about to close on my first rental property in a week. I was wondering if anyone had insurance company suggestions for my home. Since I am new to this I don't know what to look for... View more
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Painter Contact, St Paul Area
if anyone needs a painter, Alex has done a great job for me. http://www.buzzfile.com/busine...
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Snow Removal Advice Needed in St. Paul, MN
I'm looking for a snow removal company for my duplex in St. Paul, MN. I live out of state.This is my first time needing to hire this out, so please forgive my naive questions. How do you go about finding a company?... View more
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Deal Review in Duluth MN
Hi Bigger Pockets, i'm new to the platform. But have been following and consuming content from the youtube channel for a while. I'm interested in buying a property up in the Duluth area. Really not sure of the market... View more
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1% or 2% rule in Minnesota?
I'm just getting started in real estate investing, with the intent of renting out either single family homes, multi-family or townhomes. I know that one cannot go strictly by the 1% or 2% rule, and that more detailed... View more
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Out of State Vacation Rental in Minnesota
We are considering buying a vacation rental on the lake (focusing on Grand Marais but anywhere down to Duluth) that will become our primary residence in the next 10 years when we retire. We don't own any rentals let... View more
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Twin Cities FHA 203k
Any lenders out there doing FHA 203k in the twin cities area at the moment? I heard rumors lenders weren't offering this product right now, true? I understand the down sides and am not dead set on using it, but... View more
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Twin Cities Handyman Recommendation?
Any referrals for a Handyman that will service South Minneapolis?Currently doing any repair/maintenance work myself but with a few upcoming trips, figure it is about time to have a name to call should anything arise... View more
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First Post - Looking for Guidance
Hey guys,For the last few months I have had this burning passion to get into real estate. I have bought a few books and listen to podcasts every day. I have always dreamed of owning real estate but for some reason was... View more
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Starting Home Renovation Business On The Side
My business partner and I plan to start a small home renovation business on the side. The reason the idea came up was the fact that we are both interested in real estate investing and believe building handyman skills... View more
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In need of contractors
Currently renovating a SFR in Minneapolis and looking for investor-friendly contractors to work with. Electrician, carpenter/framer, drywaller. Any recommendations out there? Also where is the best place to find... View more
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Mn september eviction update
Anybody looking to get some details on new MN eviction law for MN. Here is a link to information on new guideline from MN National Association of Realtors.  Eviction Guide
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Market for multi family and duplex rentals in St. Paul
Hey msp, I was curious if anyone has knowledge they could share about multifamily and/or duplex rentals in St. Paul. I have access to a great house in Highland Park (4 bed, 3 bath) and wanted to know if there was a... View more
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