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Jefferson City, MO: Anyone interested in forming a REI?
Hoping to reach out to other BP members that live or do real estate in/around Jefferson City, MO. I am trying to gauge the interest in forming a REI in the area. Currently, the nearest REI is in Columbia and... View more
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Where to invest $100k in St. Louis
Hi BP,I will be flying to St. Louis next week in hopes to find my first out of state rental. I have narrowed down a few places to invest based on my budget, rental potential, appreciation, and vacancy. My strategy is... View more
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College Rentals, Missouri
We are a young couple looking to begin building our portfolio with student rentals in great markets in Missouri. We believe in our model, so I’m not necessarily interested in student rental horror stories, but would... View more
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Want to find a Tax Strategist
I am looking for a good quality tax strategist that will engage in a quality discussion about real-estate investing and proper tax strategies.
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Investing in Lee's Summit
Good Morning! So I'm a total newbie here. I'm looking to get started in investing and would like to start close to home here in Lee's Summit, MO. I'm having trouble finding anything with above a 10% ROI, unless I move... View more
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St. Louis, MO
Hey BP Fans, I decided to start a thread in here to see who's lurking around here in Saint Louis, MO or the surrounding areas? I'm looking to increase my network!
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Missouri eviction process
Anyone here familiar with the eviction process in Missouri?What are the steps?Thanks
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Kansas City, MO - Neighborhood Input
Greetings BP Folks, I'm looking to invest in the Kansas City, MO area.  This will be an out of state investment for me and I wanted to get more information on several neighborhoods.  I've been checking online (trulia,... View more
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got hit by a car
i go hit by a car a few months a go and will becoming on around 25k should i buy a small house cash or us it as a down payment? stl area
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Kansas City, MO Contractor
Hi All,I am looking at purchasing a home in Independence, MO which will need some work done.  My Agent has a working relationship with Steve at SRB construction.  Has anyone here know and or worked with him before? ... View more
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St. Louis Missouri Investing
Hello family, If your investing in the Missouri can you help me with identifying the better places to invest and the returns you are getting in those markets? Thanks in advance.
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Legalities around real estate agent assistant
I would like to ask a real estate agent for the opportunity to be their unlicensed real estate agent's assistant to gain access to the MLS. The main motivation to use the MLS for comps while wholesaling.Is it legal to... View more
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Public Trustee Foreclosure Auctions in Kansas City / Missouri
New investor to the market. I would like to understand how the foreclosure auctions work in Kansas City / Missouri. The number of days of the month? Either only or physical location? etc
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St. Louis Metro Area
Hello All,Due to the pandemic, I am currently working remotely from my hometown.  I would love to use this opportunity to learn more about the rehab process. If anyone is rehabbing in the St. Louis area, I would love... View more
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Looking for commercial lender for LLC in KC, MO
Hello all! I currently have 3 SFH properties that are held within a series LLC (each one in its own series) in the suburbs of the KC, MO area. We have been working with a local commercial bank for these 3 homes that... View more
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Landscaper/Yard Care Springfield MO
Hey, can anyone recommend someone for basic lawn and yard care in Springfield, Missouri?  The lawn's looking a little shaggy...
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Attorney Recommendations STL - Thank you!
Hi Everyone, I am looking for a good lawyer to go over some landlording basics with. I am finally jumping in the pool and will be self-managing a 4plex while living in it starting in June. I got the majority of my... View more
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Looking for Property Manager in KC
Hey all! I’m looking for a great property manager in the KC area! They must responsive, punctual, clearly lay it fees, communicate with me if something goes wrong with collecting rent and their solutions, laying out... View more
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Water Submetering Vs. RUBS in Missouri - PSC & DNR Regulation
Need some advice from fellow Missouri investors.We own a mobile home park in central Missouri. The park is situated with submetered water which we bill back to each resident along with a sewer charge. We source our... View more
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St. Louis WOMEN Connection
Hi! My name is Diana and I own a small rehab business. I want to connect with other STL women who do what I do! My dream is to have an all-woman contractor team!
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Do I have a pending neighbor lawsuit in Missouri?
Hi guys, I bought the house I live in back in May 2019, so I've been here for 9 months now. We are on 3 acres at the top of a steep hill; like mountain goat terrain. Today our neighbor at the bottom of the hill called... View more
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St louis Housing market
I have been looking to expand my portfolio around my area and it just isnt working so i have started looking into other areas.  My company has just started working in St louis so i have started looking around that area... View more
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Hello, Investors:Does anyone have a DAMAGE ADDENDUM they'd be willing to share with charges for each repair? I'd like to compare my list to ensure it's market appropriate. Thanks!
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Creative Financing for Entrepreneurs with no W2
Hey BP problem solvers!A friend of mine wants to sell her current residence and find a new location.  She runs her own business and doesn't file a typical W2 because she works for herself.  Big banks wont consider her... View more
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LLC registered agent recommendations in MO
Hey BP (specific to MO), Im looking for a solid recommendation for an LLC agent to be my main POC with the state.Looking for someone that has a good availability, is thorough, and that might be able to provide agent... View more
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