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Risk too high for a first time buyer? 2-4 Unit in Brooklyn
I've been looking for deals in brooklyn(bushwick, bedstuy) and queens(ridgewood) to use an FHA loan and house hack to get started as a first property. I am feeling intimidated by the housing laws in NYC and the fact... View more
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Hudson Valley market
Hi allDoes anyone have experience of multifamily buy and hold in the hudson valley area. Say from Beacon/Newburgh up to Saugerties. Would welcome thoughts on capital appreciation, cashflow and prospects for growth in... View more
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Investing as a millennial in NY/big cities amidst COVID
Hi everyone, my name's Shulammite and I recently found the BP podcast through another real estate investing podcast! I've gotten really excited about REI after listening to so many success stories of regular people... View more
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Investing in Haverstraw NY
Hey Looking to start investing and wanted to know some information regarding Haverstraw NY.How's the area?What are rents?Any recommendation for a good rental Broker?What do numbers look like in the area?
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Recommended Tax guys in NYC
Hey thereI recently set up my LLC online through LegalZoom so for the first time, i will now have to file taxes for this LLC, wondering if you have any recommendations on tax people in NYC who are REI freindly, who... View more
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Wholesale Friendly Title Agency / RE Attorneys serving NYC
Hi BP Family!It's been a while but we've been busy. I have a hot wholesale contract for a condo in Manhattan. The owner wants to ink tomorrow and we've agreed upon an EMD. I'm looking for a reliable investor-friendly... View more
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Inherited tenant legal question
Hello all, I have a legal question for a property I’ve acquired with inherited tenants in Brooklyn. The property is a 2 family and both tenants have been in the property for over 10 years with no form of a written... View more
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Can Niagara Falls recover like Buffalo, NY?
Hi,I read these short articles regarding a redevelopment project in Niagara Falls, NY by Niagara Global Tourism... View more
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Bushwick Brooklyn Triplex
Hi All,I would like to share my first real estate negotiation story as it is a great case study on persistence. My wife and I are in contract to buy a triplex in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. We offered at our... View more
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Buffalo Property Manager
Hi all,My in-laws are selling their 4plex in Buffalo and moving south. I live in Columbus, oh and have an opportunity to buy it from them, but will need a property manager in the Buffalo area.  Does anyone have any... View more
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Port Jervis Remodel Advice
Hi Folks, I hope everyone is doing great today! I have a large single family property in Port Jervis, NY in escrow. I am looking for a general contractor able to oversee a full remodel on a 2600 SF single family... View more
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Rent collection strategies under the new NY Tenant Protection Act
I'm an investor trying to formulate new policies around the new statewide NY Tenant Protection Act of 2019 that was passed in June.  After speaking with countless lawyers, property managers, and RE investors all over... View more
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New REI Club- Binghamton NY
This post is a call to all my fellow investors in the Southern Tier of NY. I am creating a new REI club servicing Binghamton and the surrounding areas. Our first meeting is at the Vestal Library, 630pm on Thursday... View more
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Wholesaling Mobile Homes
Is any wholesaling or flipping mobile homes in the New York Tri-State area? I want to know what is your experience. What kind of contracts are you using?  Are you commuting to all of the parks? How many deals were you... View more
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Property Manager & Contractor Recommendations - Syracuse, NY
Hi All, My partner and I are analyzing a few potential BRRRR properties in Syracuse, NY and are looking for a Property Manager and Contractor. Have you guys worked with anyone in the area that you've had a good... View more
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Selling my Brooklyn Condo
I am looking to turn over my unit ASAP but I need to get a total rehab done as the tenants did not leave the place in top shape. I need new appliances, floors restored, paint, recessed lighting put in, and more. Please... View more
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East Hampton, NY, House For Realty Tv Show/
This is not going to be your ordinary ad. I am a hip hop music artist and producer. I recently got involved in doing real estate short sales due to the number of pre foreclosed homes in my local area.(Long Island Ny,... View more
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Do fair housing laws apply to a 203k construction coordinator?
Recently my construction coordinator, required by our bank and FHA, quit in the midst of a large project. He stated that the reason was the Black Lives Matter sign in our yard. No other explanation. He is in breach of... View more
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Wooden Floor resurfacing
Can anyone be able to give me an idea of how much does it cost (avg.) to resurface/rebuff a wooden floor. This would be in the New York area. It would be a small room, aprox. 30-40 square feet.  It seems to be just... View more
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From a lawyer: Mechanics Liens (New York State)
Hi BP community.I am a relatively new real estate investor, but I have been a full-time attorney (litigator) for almost a  decade.  I am about to start my first flip, and had done research into what to do if a... View more
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NYS Rent Relief Program
Looking for some information on the NYS Rent Relief Program if anyone in New York has gone through this. My wife and i owned a property where the tenant filed for the program stated above. We recently got an email with... View more
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Hudson Valley Ny First time Investor
Hi everyone - I am new to real estate investing, and am looking to purchase a property in the Hudson Valley area of NY ideally to be used as a short term rental primarily.  Any thoughts of exactly where to start here? ... View more
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Should I join REIA NYC?
Greetings all, newbie investor here and what everyone's thoughts were on an organization like REIA NYC? They have membership requirements ranging from $200 upwards to over $1k. I'm looking to get out there (eventually... View more
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Is an attorney required in New York State?
I buy and sell vacant land in Pennsylvania.  Many of the properties I purchase are less than $2k.  For this reason it often does not make sense for me to hire an attorney/title company and purchase title insurance. ... View more
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house hacking in NJ or Nassau County
Hello Bigger Pockets peeps!I am ready to throw down in a house..Have about 133k Saved in total.. thinking about throwing about 120k down which will include the closing costwill leave me with 13k in reserves and... View more
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