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My Grand Forks Real Estate Wholesale Deals
Hello,  Here is another wholesale deal I did recently that I wanted to share.  This one was more complex as the seller was particular about how they wanted to sell the property.  The seller called me about wanting to... View more
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My Grand Forks Real Estate Wholesale Deals
Hello,I want to update on one of my recent wholesale deals. This one was a pretty simple wholesale deal. This property was a duplex up top, with a possibility for a fourplex as the basement units were framed but in... View more
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Who's Investing In Williston ND?
Hello everyone! I wanted to find out who is currently investing in the Williston ND area? I am currently up here working in the oil industry and want to make the most of my time while I'm out here. I'd love to connect... View more
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Wilmington, North Carolina Investors
Hi there, I am looking to connect with fellow active Wilmington, NC (New Hanover County) investors. Show yourselves and let's connect! Cheers.
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North Dakota Financial Professionals *Real Estate Specialty*
I currently have 2 rental properties and am hoping to scale in the central North Dakota region over the next 5+ years.  Does anyone have any CPA/CFP/Legal recommendations who specialize or are knowledgeable about real... View more
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North Dakota Fargo/Moorhead
This is probably a long shot, but are there any members near the Fargo/Moorhead area? I would love to find a experienced investor around this area that I could shadow and learn from.
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Real estate wholesaling
Am locking for real estate wholesale forums or meet ups in Minot.
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Minot Area
Hello all,Just trying to start a discussion with some BP members who live in the Minot,ND area. 
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Local REIA group in Williston, ND
Is there a real estate investment group in Williston, North Dakota?
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Grand Forks, North Dakota Investors
I'm new to the Bigger Pockets community. I'm a CPA, and I am looking for Grand Forks, North Dakota area investors to connect with and build relationships with. 
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North Dakota Private Equity Group?
I am looking for a private equity group to fund a deal I have on the go in Minot North Dakota. looking for up to 3 million USD.
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