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Navigating the market of Stillwater, Oklahoma
Dear fellow Okies and Pokes, I am a sophomore at Oklahoma State University and I major in Nutritional Sciences. I am a self-supporting student looking for ways to get more money into my pocket for financial stability.... View more
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Turnkey investors in OKC
Hello great BP cummunity!Would love to get your help regarding where turnkey investors are buying in OKC? What neigborhoods?Cheers, I really appreciate itShay
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Lawton OK Rental and BRRRR Market
Hey there! Out of state military family looking to invest back home (or at least one state over!)Lawton is an intriguing market to me because it has a military base, Goodyear factory, and a university.I'm specifically... View more
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OKC North Highland area
Can anyone tell me about the North Highland area in OKC? Is it safe? What level neighborhood would you categorize it as? I know this was previously a rough area, but it looks like a lot of rehabs are being... View more
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Oklahoma City
Just wandering if there is anyone is OKC that is willing to help? Looking for my first deal to flip a house. I have a lot of experience in the construction fields, I was a tile setter for 2 yrs and have exp. with... View more
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Looking to build a team in Enid, OK.
Good evening everyone.  I am an out of state investor looking to build a team in Enid, OK.  Does anyone have a property manager/agent/contractor out that way that you could recommend?   
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New investor @ Enid, OK. Any advice/insights for this area?
Relocated in the Enid, OK area 1 year ago. Now want to start investing in rental properties (single-family home). Any advice for this specific market would be helpful. 
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Selling Oklahoma Home for Cash
Hello, I am selling my Oklahoma rental property for cash to a family member. I would like to DIY this transaction (without a title company, attorney). What is the process to deed this property? Which deed type to use?... View more
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New to Wholesaling in Oklahoma
I am new to wholesaling, and investing in real estate in general. I've read through hundreds of blogs/forums, listened to hundreds of podcasts, talked with local investors, and now I feel that the next step is to dive... View more
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BP Podcast 307/ accountability group Oklahoma city
I have been investing in real estate for about 3-4 years. At this point i manage 7 rental properties and own 5 in Oklahoma city. I am very goal oriented person so i really enjoyed the BP podcast 307.  This is first... View more
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Resources in Duncan OK
Looking to network with other investors there and/or an agent.
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wholesalers oklahoma city:
there are wholesalers here guys?
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Oklahoma foreign investors "holding" limitations ?
Hey Everybody! We are a team of foreign investors looking to move into the market of Oklahoma City, building a buy and hold portfolio. Anybody familiar with the Oklahoma state law regarding the limitations for foreign... View more
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OKC Lender/Bank Recommendations
Does anyone have any recommendations on a local Oklahoma bank (or lender) that's good to work with for conventional investment property financing?  I've heard First Mortgage Company is good but am wondering who... View more
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Market advise with next investment in the Oklahoma City Mark
Seeing some good opportunities in the Oklahoma City market. My question is “ is Oklahoma City market a good area to invest in?
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Oklahoma city flips agent long-term
Hey friends, I am looking for an agent who has experience in flips in Oklahoma City and knows how to evaluate renovations. Is there anyone like this? I am looking for a long term agent.
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Lawton Rental Market
I live in OKC, but I'm considering investing in Lawton. However, I am not really familiar with the area. Any investors holding property in Lawton? How's the rental market there? Specifically, how is demand? Any trouble... View more
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Oklahoma City Balance Sheet/Portfolio Lender
I currently have a newly rehabbed property that I just placed a tenant in. I'm looking for a balance sheet lender in or around the Oklahoma City area to refinance with. By balance sheet or portfolio lender, I mean a... View more
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Another landlord disclosing what I said in reference about tenant
I’m in need of some advice from seasoned investors. I’m in Oklahoma and have two rentals. I gave a professional, honest, reference for a past tenant via turbo tenant. The landlord told the tenant what I said and... View more
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Norman/Moore area investor intro
I just wanted to introduce myself here in the Oklahoma forum where I've lurked for a long time. You've all been very helpful already! I'm a buy and hold BRRRR rental investor, learning the art of self-management for... View more
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Bill Back Water in Edmond Oklahoma?
I am analyzing a multi-family deal where the current owner is paying for all water. Is water bill back typical in Edmond?  Also.. The owner is paying for some of his tenants electricity even though they are separately... View more
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Pro Property Manager for MultiFamily in Edmond Oklahoma?
I have been analyzing a few multi-family deals in Edmond Oklahoma and Im looking for the best property managers in the area. Please let me know if you have anyone in mind. My background is in SFR and I self manage all... View more
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Who's Doing Wholesale in OKC Metro?
Anyone in the OKC metro area having success with wholesale? I am looking to jump into RE, and would love to pick your brain.
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Best Real Estate Employers for Newbies?
Hey Everyone, I was curious as to the best Real Estate groups to start building a career with or if it's better to start on your own. 
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Bookkeeping and Accounting in Oklahoma
Looking for a good bookkeeper & accountant in the OKC area. I am in the Stillwater, Guthrie, Edmond area. Let me know if you all have any good recommendations as I have to leverage this off my plate at this point.... View more
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