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Best Cap Rates in RI?
Does anyone have insight into which RI towns have the best cash flow for rentals? Looking to purchase some residential rental properties and trying to compare cap rates across RI. Thank you for any insight!
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Convert commercial into residential in Pawtucket?
Looking at a building in Pawtucket that is currently commercial first floor with 2 one bedroom units on the second floor. The commercial space is vacant, and I don't have a ton of faith in small businesses as long as... View more
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Small Multifamily in RI
Hello fellow Rhode Islanders, I am looking to begin my real estate investing career and am excited to do so. I am in search of small multifamily (2-4 units) in Rhode Island but have been really struggling to find any... View more
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Investing in Providence/Pawtucket RI
Hi Everyone,  Has anyone ever invested in Providence RI or Pawtucket RI? How is the market out there? If so what are the best areas/neighborhoods to look into? Would you say there is a good cash on cash return? I am... View more
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Newbie investor in RI
Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been working and living in Providence for the past 4-5 years and I also went to school in Providence many years ago. I've recently taken a strong interest in investing... View more
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Basement rehab permit in Providence
Hey guys, I am under contract for a Triplex in Providence (built in 1930). The basement was previously finished (without permit) and has evidence of mold so we are gutting out the dry walls.  Does the city just not... View more
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Providence realtors / this old house
Hi all, I'm a newbie looking to invest in a multi-family in the Providence area. Any recommendations for real estate agents with good neighborhood knowledge? Also, I'm a little scared of all the 1800s houses, has... View more
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New Investor - Next Steps?
Hello everyone, New RI investor here. The purpose of this post is to ask for guidance on next steps you might recommend for a new investor in the area, as well as to introduce myself to the community. I've read and... View more
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Advice for taking the realtor exam
Hello, I am a new member here. I would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, recommendations on helping me prepare to take the Rhode Island Realtors exam. I completed the course right before they shut everything down... View more
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Rhode Island Multi Family Investing
Hi everyone, I can tell from reading the forums that there are several talented and knowledgable resources for investors in the Providence RI and surrounding areas. I have been out of investing for a few years to focus... View more
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House hacking in Rhode Island
Hello BP. I'm likely going to be moving to the Providence/Warwick region in and around the holiday season later this year. I'm looking to house hack and am looking to start talking to realtors, property managers, and... View more
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New Investor - Warwick, RI
Hello BP Team! I am a brand new BP member looking to potentially invest in the Providence/Warwick, RI area. I currently live in the Bay Area, but my family lives in Rhode Island and will be my "boots on the ground".... View more
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Airbnb in Rhode Island
I working on purchasing a place Rhode Island at the shore and would like to connect with anyone who has experience with Airbnb in Rhode Island. I am hoping to find a month renter over the off season and start my STR... View more
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Looking for a Hard Money Lender ( Rhode Island)
I am looking for recommendations for a Local hard money lender in Rhode Island to connect with to fund future BRRRR projects. If possible, I would like to find a hard money lender who will fund the deal along with the... View more
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Small Real Estate Friendly Banks in RI
I'm looking to establish a relationship with a small community bank/banker in RI who is Real Estate Investor Friendly. Does anyone have any people/banks they would suggest? 
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West Warwick Rhode Island Investing
I bought a oversized duplex in West Warwick last year. It is townhouse style and very nice. 3 bedrooms each unit 1.5 bathrooms. Oversized driveway for parking and a detached 2 car garage. Inside each unit you... View more
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Rhode Island Tax and Loan Incentives
Has anyone used or know of any local projects taking advantage of tax credits or low-interest loans? cc @Anthony Thompson @Frank Patalano @Brandon Ingegneri  
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Legal Basement in-law in Providence
Will having a legal basement in-law cost more for taxes and homeowners ins.??? We don’t plan on renting it out, we want it for extra living space...The house is in Providence...
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New to Providence, RI
Dear All, My son will come to study at RISD this fall. I am looking for renting a house first then buy a house for investment later. I want to find a safe place to live, preferable East side of Providence like Wayland... View more
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Owner Occupied Qualifications in Providence RI
Hello all, I am interested in purchasing a multi-unit (likely 2-4) apartment in Providence RI. I am wondering if anyone can direct me to the specifications for qualifying piece of real estate as owner occupied.... View more
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Providence/Pawtucket Property Managers
I'm under contract to buy a small apartment building in Pawtucket.  This purchase is a lot of firsts for me - first multi-family and first out of state purchase.I'm looking for a property management company and curious... View more
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Cleaning Tips to help keep you safe from COVID-19
Hello everyone my name is Kendrick Salazar I am a owner of a commercial/residential cleaning company in Rhode Island. I just wanted to spread some information to help others and help prevent the spread of this disease... View more
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Figuring out Providence ARV.
Looking to buy a 6 plus unit in Providence but I am having trouble finding comps to assess ARV there doesn't seem to too many sold multifamilies (at least not on MLS) and the ones that are there seem to be all over the... View more
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Rhode Island roofing contractor
Need a referral for someone in RI / South County / Narragansett to find source of leak and repair. Have already gone through some bad apples and so looking for a strong recommendation who is reliable and honest.
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Rhode island investor friendly insurance company
Hello! Seeking some insight/ a connection to a comprehensive and fairly priced insurance agent that services Providence, RI TIA Nick & Leticia
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