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Why Do You Invest in South Carolina? (Testimonial Request for BP)
BiggerPockets! I work at BP and I'm working on building a landing page for the city of Greenville. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the city? What makes it so wonderful?
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Real Estate Agent in SC
We are looking for a vacation home we can STR in Charleston or Greenville within the next 3-6 mths. We're in NY and would like to work with an agent familiar with the short term rental market in these areas. Also, if... View more
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New investor looking to network in SC Upstate area.
Hi All! For me, 2020 has been the year that has forced me to get things moving. I have opened my own business and have decided to start investing into rental properties as a second business. The goal is to eventually... View more
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South Carolina
Hi, I have a friend who is looking to close his first deal in Colombia on a foreclosure in the 29203 area, near USC.  Can anyone offer advice about the pros/cons of that area?  Also, does anyone know any good lenders... View more
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Is getting RE license worth it/an advantage for flipping/HH?
Hi, I just graduated and I am looking to potentially buy a home this year or if not work with someone who is. I have a little bit of free time and I currently work a steady 9-5, but is there any real benefit behind... View more
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Young motivated graduate looking to shadow/connect in Upper S.Car
Hi, My name is Chris and I am recently college graduate looking to possibly learn underneath or network with anyone currently doing or willing to do deals in The Northern South Carolina area. Just willing to take the... View more
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Hilton Head STR Investment During Covid-19 Pandemic
I'm continuing to look for a STR in Hilton Head (Sea Pines) to be used currently as a STR and eventually as a second home during the winter months when I retire. For current investors and investors looking for STRs,... View more
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Small Town USA investing
HELLO BP,  I am just getting started with rental properties in South Carolina and want to know what you have found with mobile homes, detitled on sitting on a few acres of land. This seems to be a very common property... View more
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Solar Panel Use for Tax Advantages/Cash Flow on Rentals
Hey BP members, I was doing some research on tax advantages to switching solar in South Carolina for rental properties. From what I can see there is both a state tax credit (25% of the total system cost up to $35,000)... View more
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Upstate SC - Out of state investors
My wife and I are out of state investors currently living in Texas, but looking at purchasing rental properties using the BRRRR Strategy (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance,Repeat). I was born and raised in Powdersville... View more
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Purchasing Land in South Carolina
Hello BPers!I have a motivated seller interested in selling their(?) land in SC.  Potential seller has been paying taxes on land that belonged to a long deceased relative.  The issue is that the motivated seller is a... View more
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Building a multi-family investment property
Hi All, I have a small piece of land in Fort Mill SC, and am thinking about building a duplex or triplex on it. Can someone recommend where to get started, especially which builders can do this type of work?Thanks!
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Georgetown SC multi family property MNGMNT
new in the area and field looking for a multi family property management firm.
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Analyzing deal in Charleston
Hi,My names Colin. I've been analyzing deals in the Charleston area for few months now. It seems like many of the places I come across that are close to the 1% rule still have pretty thin margins based on how I am... View more
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Greenville Up and Coming areas
I would love to connect with realtors and real estate investors that have experience with certain neighborhoods or neighbor cities near Greenville, SC  I am looking to eventually add a satelling office for my day job... View more
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Richland County SC Property Taxes
I'm looking to purchase a duplex in Columbia, but I'm concerned about the property taxes. Are the properties taxes based solely on the sale price? Here are the numbers:Sale Price $435,0002019 Property Taxes... View more
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South Carolina market
My husband and I are looking for a change in scenery and want to relocate to a place that’s good for flipping houses. I was looking into smaller towns in South Carolina like Mullins, we wanted a warmer winter😁, but... View more
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Condo- Airbnb rentals for first timer?
I was just wandering if investing in a condo near a beach on the east coast is a good idea for my first investment? I was thinking of Airbnb renting it or something like that?? Also, how to I find property managers for... View more
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Flipping in the Upstate
Hello BP! I’m a newbie investor that is looking to start a flipping business in the Upstate SC. I’ve found several potential deals but have trouble with getting a contractor to come give me and estimate without having... View more
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Real Estate Investors/Recommendations - Upstate SC
Good morning! My husband and I recently returned to the Upstate after retiring from the US Air Force.  I recently opened a residential property management company focused on giving back time to busy real estate... View more
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Looking to invest in South Carolina
Hey everyone, I'm looking to invest in South Carolina , but I'm having a problem locating an agent to help me with creating an auto search. No particular area needed. I want to trigger a search when any "listed... View more
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Starting to invest in Columbia, SC
Hi all,My business partner and I have identified Columbia, SC as our next rental market. We are OOS investors.We'd like to begin purchasing SFH properties there at a pace of 1-2 every 3ish months. I'd love everyone's... View more
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Columbia, SC Apartment Cleaning Service
All,I recently purchased a triplex in Melrose Heights that could use a good deep clean before I list the vacant unit.  The tenant appeared to try her best to leave the apartment and appliances as filthy as possible and... View more
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Looking for help around Anderson, SC
Hey everyone, my family may be moving to the Anderson, SC area soon. However, we have never been and do not know the area well. If love to connect with someone to ensure we are bringing a family into a good fun safe... View more
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SC RE Attorney with Wholesale Experience
Hello, does anyone have any recommendations for a real estate attorney in South Carolina with experience in wholesale double closing?Thank you!
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