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Why Do You Invest in Utah + Odgen, SLC & Provo?
BiggerPockets! I'm working on building a landing page for the state of Utah and cities of Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the state and/or cities? What... View more
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Site Prep/Land Stabilization: Ballpark figure
Hey BP! I'm looking for a ballpark number in regards to the prep costs on a new build. The property I'm interested in is on the side of a mountain (literally). I've got some ideas as to how to design the house so I can... View more
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Month Over Month Utah Market Statistics for December
Look at that, new month, new quarter, new year! Stay tuned over the next couple of days as I share our month over month, quarter over quarter and year over year market stats for Utah. To get us started, let's look at... View more
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making primary home 1st rental property
Hey, I have been reading local posts and am really impressed with the wisdom imparted for free to strangers. Here's my situation i would love input please. my family live in West Bountiful in a twin home. We bought it... View more
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Utah County Investors
Who are some of the top Utah County Investors that I should be following on a daily basis?
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Purchasing Land owned by the state
Does anyone know how to contact the state of Utah in order to make an offer on land?
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Land in Saratoga Springs, Utah
I'm currently trying to help my boss find some land that he can purchase to develop in the areas in the description. We're trying to find a deal off of the MLS and are currently searching for owners phone numbers in... View more
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Property Manager or Self manage?
I am interested to here if you Self Manage or have a property Manager manage your properties & Why you decided to do either or? Me personal I have a property manager run it mine. I don't have the time from my... View more
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The way too early 2020 review post
I wanted to jump in here and give an update on how 2020 has gone for my business and what I think the short-term outlook will look like in Utah. Since it has been awhile since I've posted anything, let me recap what we... View more
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Year over Year Median Home Price for Wasatch Front for November
Here are the month over month housing performance stats for November. Our market is SO healthy. I'm on track to have 6 more closings by end of the year. The lack of inventory is canceling out the holiday slowdown we... View more
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Where to get non-standard closet doors?
I need to replace the closet doors at a rental. However, the doors are not the standard size....i.e. nothing at Lowes will fit the space. Where would you go to acquire custom sized closet doors? 
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Recommendations for Real Estate Agent that Invests themselves
I am a First time homebuyer moving to Logan, Utah this summer. I am interested in finding a property that I can house hack. I have never visited the area so am in need of references for Real Estate Agents that know the... View more
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Wind storm insurance claims - am I missing something?
So we bought our current live-in-rehab house prior to the big windstorm that swept through the SL Valley, tearing off roofs, ripping down trees, and everything in between. Ever since then, we've been contacted by... View more
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What do exp. investors look for in a rookie willing to partner.
Hey UT BP users!I’m curious what experienced investors in the area look for in a partner. Also, how willing those experienced investors are to partner with a rookie/new investor. For example, what does the ideal... View more
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Wholesaling properties in Utah
For those of you who wholesale properties in Utah, do you do so by assigning contracts, using trusts or disposable LLC?
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Utah County Rental Market
We are looking at investing in our first "buy and hold" rental property in Utah County. Our thoughts are a 3-4 bedroom single family home. Originally we were primarily looking at Lehi, Springville or Mapleton, but I am... View more
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Rate and Term refi with spouse as lender
So looks like I just got a property from a wholesaler in South Utah County, Utah (He's sending me the paper work to sign now). I'll be paying cash for the property with a line of credit I have on a investment property... View more
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Home Inspectors who Specialize in Older Homes
I just had an offer accepted on an old (vintage ~1910-ish) house in Salt Lake county and am looking for an inspector who's familiar with the things to look out for. Should most competent inspectors be familiar with old... View more
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Anyone Have Rentals in Vernal?
Does anyone out there have any rental properties in Vernal, UT? I'd be interested in knowing if they are relatively easy to rent.I know the Vernal market is volatile and reliant on the success of local oil operations.... View more
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What should my first investment property be: Salt Lake City, Utah
I'm hoping to buy a second property in Salt Lake City, Ut. I'd like to step away from my hourly job and be around my family more. 2 years ago I got my real estate license and purchased the home I'm living in now. I... View more
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Utah connection: just over a year out
Hey Utah BP members! Nice to meet you all. I’ve had this account for awhile. I’ve just been keeping current while I finish PA school. Now I’m hoping to add more to this forum. Been analyzing deals and trying to find my... View more
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Does it Still Make Sense to Invest in Utah?
Do folks who are familiar with the area think the Utah housing market is still worth investing in or has the juice been squeezed? I'm Looking in particular around the Lehi/Bluffdale area. New development townhomes... View more
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Year over Year Median Home Price for Wasatch Front
Here are the year over year updates we've seen in median home price in the four counties along the Wasatch front; Salt Lake, Utah, Weber and Davis counties. These are comparing median home price last October (2019)... View more
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Accessory dwelling units
Hello everyone! Just wondering if any of u  bought a accessory dwelling units from modal? It start at 90k and they will put one that’s fully functioning in ur backyard. The return seems very mediocre. anyone has... View more
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Home Hacking in Utah
What is up Utah BP RE family? I am just getting started out of college here in Utah and have a job working for a home developer. My wife and I decided a home hack is probably our best option for where we are at in... View more
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