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Vermont REIA
Hey, I'm reaching out in hopes of finding some fellow Vermonters who are part of this wonderful world of BP. I've been waiting anxiously to get involved in the Champlain Valley REIA, but the last two meetings have... View more
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Realtor needed for a Southern Vermont Vacation Home
Hi BPs,  would anyone recommend a realtor that's experienced with vacation home for STR? we're financially ready (down payment and pre-approved) just need a good realtor who can help us with understand the local market... View more
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Vermont Multi Family Rental Markets
Hello Everyone,I have been traveling up to Vermont for a few years now and thinking of investing in a cash flowing multi family town. Does anyone have suggestions? Visited Burlington a few weeks back and loved... View more
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Good Eviction Attorney for Caledonia County?
Hi Everyone- I'm a frequent contributor on the BP site but rarely start a thread.  I'm looking for a good eviction attorney please for Caledonia country (St Jay / Lyndonville area).  Any recommendations?Thanks in... View more
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REI Networking near Castleton/Rutland VT?
Moving back to Central Vermont from Texas. Interested in networking with other RE investors and BP folks in the region.  -Nick
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Seeking Vermont Multifamily investing advice!
I am thinking of investing in a multifamily 10+ units in Vermont. Looking to network with other investors with experience in that market. How are landlord tenant laws (How long and how much does it take to evict a bad... View more
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In search of a Vermont Hard Loan/Mortgage/Private Lenders
Hello,With the current pandemic it's been a struggle finding the right lending. Last year I bought a mixed use property 5 units on the main access road to Mt Snow Ski Resort. I am looking for about 30,000 - $40,000 in... View more
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Vermont Real Estate Education Question
Hello,I'm a writer for an online education company, creating the course for the Vermont Real Estate 2018-2020 Renewal Cycle -- Mandatory Course. In their outline, they mention:"Topics can include items such as general... View more
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Barre and Burlington Vermont Buy and Hold Investors
Looking to connect (and partner) with savvy Buy and Hold investors in the Burlington & Barre area who share unique passion in passive investing!  What are some of your best projects, past or present? Show... View more
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Vermont Buy and Hold Investors
Looking to connect (and partner) with savvy Multifamily investors in the VT or nearby areas who share unique passion in Multifamily investing!  What are some of your best projects, past or present? Show yourselves :) 
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Vermont Multifamily Analysis Help
I did a back of the envelope analysis for this 3 unit plus general store building and got the following numbers which seem pretty promising.  What other information should I find out or confirm before making an... View more
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Seeking advice: vacation rental in Souther Vermont
Preamble:Howdy! I currently own a rental property in Boston which I house hacked and am actively trying to acquire another to do the same. However, the market in my area is very hot, and I haven't been able to find/win... View more
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Vacation rental properties in VT
Greetings from Philly! My husband and I are looking to buy a vacation rental property near a ski resort in VT and banking on STRs in summers, falls, and winters (as well as taking the occasional family trip there... View more
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Recommendation for Constructors in VT, chittenden county
Hi BPers, anybody have a good constructor to recommend in chittenden county? I found a property I like a lot and it needs some work. I have not done any remodel before, just little DIY project at home. I'm interested... View more
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Question about screening for cash flow in older rental units
It's been a long cold winter and winter sure can be hard on structures. When you folks are initially evaluating investment properties, what numbers do you plug in for capex and repairs on older (pre 1900) homes. I know... View more
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Brand New to RE, Networking Opportunities?
Hi, I'm brand new to real estate and I'm trying to find any networking groups or events in the area. I'm in Barre now, but looking to do an owner occupied multi-family in the Rutland area. Travelling a little bit to... View more
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Real estate agent in Burlington area
I am looking at purchasing an investment property in Burlington/Shelburne area. Can anyone recommend an agent with good knowledge of the rental market, etc?
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Closing Cost Comparing
Hi everyone, Currently in the process of trying to buy my first home. I am just curios if anyone has some idea of what bank, CU or mortgage company has the lowest closing cost fees. Currently looking at one that will... View more
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Burlington, VT area investors
Hi Vermontsters, my wife and I are taking a trip up to Burlington this weekend and I was curious if there are any active BP members in the Burlington, Colchester, Winooski area and what the landscape is there. I... View more
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Developing Rental Property in Southern Vermont
My family owns a good-sized parcel of land in southern Vermont and I am exploring whether to build one or more structures for vacation rentals.  Anyone have any experience in or thoughts about this type of enterprise?... View more
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Vermont Tenant Friendly or not?
Hi all, I'm an investor over here in NH and I'm looking for larger multis, under 30 units right now. I have a 8 unit under contract and that's about all I can find that's big enough and still cash flows decently with a... View more
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Looking for an Agent in Vermont.
Hi Everyone, my company is looking for an agent near Rutland, Vermont. We will be needing assistance to list a property for sale.Thank you.
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New Guy Looking To Get Startes
Hi everyone, I've been doing research for the last year or so here, books, blogs etc etc. I feel as though I'm finally ready to take a stab at it but would like to meet up with someone local to answer some market... View more
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Meet Up for Vermont Investors
Hi All,I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I wanted to let you all know we are doing a meet up in South Burlington VT on Thursday May 11th at 6:15. The location will be at 1161 Williston Road. That... View more
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Newbie from Ascutney, Vermont
Hi everyone,I am a new member here at BP, but have been scrolling over your forums and listening to some of the podcasts for quite a while now.  A little information about me -  I have a full time job in IT Support,... View more
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