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1% Rule Multifamilies Phoenix
Hi guys, Looking into fixer upper multi-families 4:2, to owner occupy BRRR Hack in Phoenix AZ. Currently learning how to evaluate deals with comps & ARV and I know by listening to the pod casts that the 1% rule is... View more
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Buying a multi family lot
Hello everyone, I see not many new multifamily places popping up here in Phoenix.. I've been thinking of buying a lot that is zoned MF and building a basic duplex.  This would be a long term play and the idea is that... View more
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Looking to invest in class A/B in Phoenix, where should I look?
Hi,Like the title, I'm looking to get into the Phoenix area, specifically class A/B neighborhoods. Any tips on which area I should start looking at?Thanks!
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Hi there - looking to get started!
Hi everyone - my name is Loran! I’m in my mid twenties looking to enter the arena. I’ve been doing the research and saving for the last several years. I have some connections in Houston, as that is where I’m... View more
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Professional (REI) Organizations in AZ
Greetings All,As an introverted Engineer, I've set some stretch goals in 2021. One of my goals in 2021 is to join and network at a local professional REI organization near the Phoenix, AZ area. Hoping to help add... View more
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Condos near Saint Joseph Hospital
My daughter will be working in Saint Joseph Hospital, Phoenix for at least 2 years starting in June 2021. I was looking at apartment rents around that area and they are really high. I am not aware of the surrounding... View more
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How to determine rental price/neighborhood growth trajectory?
Hello! What's the best way to determine rental price for single family homes on the market? Similarly, what's the best way to determine whether the neighborhood you're considering is poised for growth'?  (new... View more
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Phoenix Real Estate - Fairly Priced? Or Over Priced?
Phoenix real estate values have increased by a 114% - more than doubling - over the last 10 years according to data from Zillow. That's the third highest-growth rate of any metro in the US, propelling the average price... View more
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Investor-friendly General Contractors
Hello Everyone, Husband and I have been investing our time in building a strong team. I'm looking for recommendations for investor-friendly, reliable, excellent general contractors. Someone who would be available to... View more
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Looking To Connect With Arizona Real Estate Professionals
I am a real estate entrepreneur originally from Sioux Falls, SD. Moved to Tempe, AZ September 2019. My company wholesales real estate, owns a property management company and we just completed our first apartment... View more
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Should I buy now or wait?
Hey everyone, I've recently started my journey for purchasing a property about a month ago and have been fine-tuning what I'm looking for during this time but, I am hearing mixed opinions on whether I should buy now in... View more
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Newbie here! I would like to introduce myself to the forum
Hi BP family, My name is Maya and I’m located in the Phoenix, AZ area. I’m new to the real estate world but I’m interested in dipping my toes into the wholesale arena first. Any tips for the Phoenix? I’m sure things... View more
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Hi Everyone! Getting Started in Real Estate Investing...
Hi guys, I am new to BP and real estate and looking to get started in 2021. I am looking to invest in long term rental properties and am looking around the Scottsdale area. Prices are very high right now and I am not... View more
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Hello everyone I’m Jarvis also known as “The Gator”’in this Real Estate market. I have been doing Real Estate resale for two years now. It’s finally time to put my hard earned money to work to create passive income for... View more
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Renting a guest house/adu in Phoenix long term
I've been researching the rules on guest houses, in-laws etc when it comes to building these.  Looking at the ordinance for guest houses from the City if Phoenix, (below) #2 seems to say you can't advertise them for... View more
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Bubble Looming? Metro Phoenix Home Prices Near 2006 Record“Could June be the month metro Phoenix home prices rebound to the... View more
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Newer to BP - Owner of STR Management Companuy
Hi BP, I am fairly new to the real estate industry in general but for the past year I have ran a STR management company that operates here in the greater Phoenix area and Sioux Falls, SD.My partners and I formed the... View more
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Real estate market in Arizona (Phoenix and surrounding areas)
Hey guys,I will be looking to relocate to Arizona. I will be working in the Casa Grande area and more than likely living out there too. How is the real estate market there for investors? I am looking to buy and hold... View more
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building funds to buy rental home
Hello all, I recently discovered real estate investing and so all of this is very novel to me. Since I have discovered this world I have become determined to buy homes and rent them out. However, most homes in the... View more
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Looking for Advice - Sell, Rent, or Airbnb in Phoenix, AZ
Looking for some advice. I live in a 3bed/2bath in the Biltmore area of Phoenix, AZ w/pool. Owe 347k on the loan, 30 year, 2.875% fixed rate, which right now is a decent position. Family and I are needing to move... View more
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Looking for Phoenix area Wholesalers
Good afternoon, Looking to find several Phoenix area wholesalers.  Trying to get my pipeline of leads coming in. So if you are a wholesaler and want to connect. Please reach out to me.   Thanks. 
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Wholesalers in Phoenix
What are people using for finding single-family home wholesale deals in the Phoenix metro area? I'm finding it difficult to rely on just one source and want to understand a better way to find wholesale deals.
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Looking to invest in Phoenix
I’m an investor in Southern California looking to do a 1031 out of a property I own here in order to purchase a multi-family deal in the Phoenix area. I’ve visited before, but am definitely new to Arizona and need some... View more
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Best Wholesale / Supply Companies for Renovations
Hey All Currently trying to get into renovating some older homes and was wondering if anyone can recommend any good warehouse wholesale supply companies that they use for their renovations?  I remember listening to a... View more
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Looking For Good Handyman in Phoenix Area
Hello everyone!  Looking for a good handyman for a close friend of mine with a multi family property. They have about 14-units in the greater Phoenix Area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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