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Need a Contract in Scottsdale for Rehab Estimate ASAP
Hello ALl, I am bidding on a house that has multiple offers and I need a contractor to give me ballpark estimate on the costs to remove walls and upgrade the kitchen/bathroom. It's a boxy 1960s style house and I... View more
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Scottsdale/Arcadia Meetup Networking
Helllllloooo BP! :)  My wife and I have recently relocated from the beautiful home of BP HQ, Denver. I'd love to take a quick gauge to see who may be interested in doing local meet-up of lenders, agents, etc. in the... View more
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Den to Room conversion - Scottsdale
WE are doing a den to Room conversion in North Scottsdale, In this regard do we need permit from City of Scottsdale  ? If so or if you have worked with permits, please provide more details on cost & time line.
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Vocational rental experience in Scottsdale
Anyone has vocational rental properties in Scottsdale? What's your experience?There is a property in northern scottsdale I'm interested in. Purchase price 600k, currently doing STR netting 50-55k. However, the property... View more
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Seeking Scottsdale based RE firm to hang my license
HelloI am seeking a Real Estate firm to hang my license in or around the Scottsdale area that is Broker-Managed by real estate investors.  Please send me recommendations asap. 
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When is the next Scottsdale Meet Up?
When is the next Meetup in to close to Scottsdale, AZ?Looking forward to it.Thanks!
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