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Va loan! Help please.
Hello! My grandpa is a veteran. He hasn't used his va loan. I am trying to find a creative way to use it for a flip or invest it. I am aware of the va rehab, and that he has to live in the property for at least a year.... View more
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Any advice about Tax Overage income?
I was introduced to the idea of finders fees for reuniting home owners of tax foreclosures with overage money by a webinar today. The program calls for you to pay over $1000 for a training program to learn how to do... View more
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What is "Shadow Inventory"?
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Teach me about Hard Money.
Hello Everyone, I am looking for some education on Hard Money. When I purchase a property with hard money, do I still have to wait for 6 months before I can refinance? Or is hard money considered the same as cash, so... View more
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Can you rent your house to yourself? Let me explain.....
So I am in a weird situation. I have been actively investing in Real Estate for the last 6 months, but have had the idea for 3 years or so. Over the course of that time and during my research and thinking phase, I was... View more
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Opportunity zones Iowa
Anybody currently doing any projects in Opportunity Zones in Quad Cities or Davenport Iowa?
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Coliving professionals gathering - are you out there?
This post is meant to bring all the people active in Coliving together on Biggerpockets to be exchanging knowledge and helping each other out. Scrolling through the forums there are multiple posts - a BP podcast... View more
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​Do solar panels worth the investment?
Do solar panels worth the investment?Since solar energy is a kind of free and clean energy.So we've been looking into ways to cut our electric bill and was thinking about getting some quotes for solar panels. Has... View more
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Who Uses Property Radar to Find Sellers/Leads?
Brand new investor here. A common aspect of real estate investing that I struggle to wrap my head around it is this: how do you get leads? I am in a high priced, hot market on the East Coast with huge players who buy... View more
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Ideal strategy for high W2 income earner
Hello,I have read about a lot of investment strategies and i think my best bet is investing for appreciation by BRRRR or Turnkey or buy and hold in places like bellevue-kirkland region (since there is a lot of tech job... View more
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500k cashflow per year with rentals in 2021?
Hello everyone, I am new around here and so far love this community! I have a few questions regarding cashflow and scaling your portfolio as quickly as possible to generate 500k a year in pure cashflow the quickest way... View more
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Bitcoin appreciating better than real estate,why not invest BTC?
Bitcoin juggernaut has begun its rampage yet again and has been appreciating ridiculously so why not invest in Bitcoin instead of real estate without all the hard work that goes into realestate investment? a classical... View more
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Finding homes that are paid off
Anyone know any online ways to find home that’s are paid off? I want to do a seller financing deal and want to find homes owned outright in California where I live. I know I have read about doing this and sending out... View more
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Rental property if Istop renting it out
If I stop renting out house permanently and have house empty, do I have to pay depreciation back right away to IRS since I claimed them for the last 10 years or do I pay nothing until I sell some day? 2nd issue: While... View more
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How to Structure a Deal with Capital Partner? OPM
All,  I am looking to expand my rental portfolio with capital partners. Since starting my REI journey I have been approached by family members who want to go in on rentals with me. I've got teams in place to get this... View more
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Have you ever owned a barbershop or salon?
Hi All, My partner and I are currently looking into a small, 500 square foot building on a large lot, with an additional lot attached.  It's  in a mostly residential area in Waco Texas. It was a barber shop  for a... View more
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Invest inside city or outside city
If one has 100 k for example. Is it better to buy one expensive house inside a city or two houses outside a city ? Assuming both yield 1% rent of purchase price.
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Real estate investment strategy
For a given location / city how do you evaluate what is a strategy that works ? For eg how do you know if you would be successful with house flipping vs BRRRR vs raw land etc etc in a given location. Trying to... View more
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House hacking or live n flip
Hey BP fam, I have a fairly simple question. I've gotten a bit confused on some terminology. I've been self educating for the past year, and now ready to attack my first house hack. If that's what you call what I'm... View more
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Ideas for Providing Value
I want to provide others with value for sharing their time and advice with me as I I'm working to network with others and develop my "core 4"Can you provide ideas that I can use to provide values to others in the REI... View more
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Using your 401k to invest in rental properties
Does anyone have experience using their 401k to invest in rental properties? I understand the basics of the process but was hoping for some more personal insight! Comment with the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m... View more
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Air bnb in New Jersey
Hey Bigger Pocket members, Has anyone tried air bnb over long term rental on a property in South Jersey? I've been wondering if this strategy would work in some of the south jersey suburban areas..i don't know anyone... View more
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Can I purchase or divide ground rights?
Hi all,Question out of left field. Can I buy/sell ground rights much like air rights? I don’t think I mean mineral rights either. I am not necessarily interested in the composition of the soil but rather owning the... View more
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Best places to house hack in the Bay Area
What are your experiences with trying to house hack in California’s Bay Area?
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Lowell, MA - Rental Market Outlook & Strategy
Hello lovely Massachusetts residents,I wanted to get some more information on the Lowell, MA rental market and surrounding areas. I have a friend going to UMass Lowell next spring that I may buy housing for. He could... View more
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