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Fort Smith, AR commercial real estate attorney
Hi there!I'm about to get under contract on a 50+ unit complex in Ft Smith, AR (also tagging Fort Smith, Arkansas for keyword purposes, and not sure if it pulls from the title) and would like recommendations for a... View more
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Networking in Fort Smith, AR
Hi All! I'm coming to Fort Smith for a couple days next week for a property inspection. I'm also looking to network with local investors. Feel free to dm me so we can schedule something. (I'm actively searching for... View more
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Interested in flipping houses
Well i have no little money. All my money goes to bills. I want financial freedom. Just wanting to know how to get started flipping houses
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Fort Smith Arkansas REI Grooup
For anyone that is looking for a  real estate investors group in fort smith arkansas please look us up on or facebook the groups name is River Valley Navigators Real Estate InvestorsRight now we are a small... View more
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Property management company in ft smith
I have a property in ft smith & need to find a good property management company to service this rental. I am looking for recommendations and some standards for normal rates in ft smith; particularly% of rent as... View more
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RE accountant recommendations?
Wrong forum
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