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What properties did you buy in 2020?
With just a few weeks left in the year, it's likely that I'll end 2020 having made no purchases. I only began looking in earnest in late October, so I don't feel too bad about it, but I'd love to hear about what YOU... View more
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Small Claims Experience?
Has anyone in the NWA area had the unfortunate experience of taking a tenant to small claims (Fayetteville specifically)? Unfortunately, we had tenants terminate their lease early and not pay the last months rent or... View more
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Northwest Arkansas Investor Feeds (blogs, youtube channels, etc)
I'd like to hear more about what investors in Northwest Arkansas are doing. I'd particularly like to see ride-alongs and deal diaries, but I'll take any stories from investors if they are talking about Northwest... View more
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Best Way to Leverage A HELOC
I have access to a HELOC of about $100k. Do I pay all cash or put 20-30% down? What is the best way to use it? I will have the payment of the HELOC and the mortgage if its not paid in cash. Any areas I should be... View more
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Popular areas for SFH investors in NWA
Are you wondering which areas of Northwest Arkansas you should invest in? Me too!To help answer this question, I wanted to know the areas where other investors are buying. I thought others might appreciate seeing what... View more
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Springdale vs Fayetteville Arkansas for buy and hold single famil
Hi everybody!  I have been wanting to buy a single family home in Fayetteville, AR for a number of years.  I'm finally ready and looking at houses, but the market is so hot!  What i can afford is either awful or goes... View more
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Fayetteville, NC Flippers
Hey everyone!My name is Josh and I am an active Realtor in Fayetteville, NC. I am also in the process of starting a business for flipping houses, and am looking for anyone in the area who has the experience and is... View more
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Fayetteville NC property manager?
We are in the market for a property manager in Fayetteville NC - anyone has someone to recommend? We'd love to speak to them. Thank you!
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Looking for a handyman
Hi, I'm looking for a good handyman and AC GUY in Fayetteville, NC who is reliable and on time. Any referrals will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Real estate investor from Phoenix
Hello! I'm looking to move to the Fayetteville, AR area from Phoenix. I would like to purchase some multi-families and saw several duplexes in the Rogers area that would seem to have good ROI's, at least way better... View more
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Looking for an agent in Fayetteville NC
HeyMy team is looking for an additional ambitious, goto agent, that will help us buy more investment properties in the Fayetteville NC area.Please pm me if you are interested. 
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Recommendations for Fayetteville GC's and Wholesalers
Can anyone recommend some good wholesalers and general contractors in the Fayetteville, NC area?Thanks,Dan
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recommendations for subfloor work in Springdale, AR?
Hi Everybody!I have about 3 x 7 foot of subfloor work that needs to be done at a rental in Springdale, AR.  Any recommendation as to who to contact?thanksDiane Stinebaugh
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Buy & hold CONDO Fayetteville NC
what are your thoughts on buy and hold in Fayetteville NC for Condos? 
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Fayetteville Locations - Which Areas To Stay Away From?
Hi BPers. I'm considering purchasing Multi families in Fayetteville AR. I'm new to this location and would appreciate some feedback from local investors. Which areas are better then others, which ones to stay away... View more
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I'm Traveling to Fayetteville NC, anyone want to meet up?
Hey BP,Matt Faircloth here.  (Podcast 88 and 203, also a regular author and video producer on the blogs http://csaeboardready.com/renewsblog/author/ma...)I am headed to Fayetteville this week to look at some real... View more
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Where Can I Find Wholesalers? - Fayettville NC
I am wondering if there is a way for me to find wholsalers in Fayettveville NC. I tried posting on craiglist, and found a few, but I was wondering where else I may find some more if anyone had some ideas.
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BRRRR ("fix and rent") in Fayetteville area
I'm curious if BRRRR ("fix & rent") works in the Fayetteville metro area. Essentially, the ability to have your purchase price + rehab costs <70% of the ARV, so after you rehab you can find tenants & then... View more
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I have a family looking to purchase in Cave Springs, Bentonville
Hello fellow Arkansas BP members. This family has financing in place. Looking for 4br, 2ba, roughly 2500 sq feet or more. They are really wanting Cave Springs for the school district. Let me know what you have. Thanks... View more
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Seeing if an area is worth wholesaling in Fayetteville NC....
I am originally from Fay. NC so I am very familiar with the area and where to find great deals! I haven't ventured out to getting contracts there yet because I don't know if it is an area that investors would be... View more
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question about LLC
what are some of the pros and cons of holding a buy and hold investment property in an LLC. Should I look into it?
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why so many Foreclosures?
Hi everybody!  I am full of questions.  Why so many foreclosures in our hot market?  I noticed some house are under contract in a matter of days and others are going into foreclosures.  Could a foreclosure be a good... View more
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would people rent a house in West Fork, AR?
I am wondering how West Fork would be for a buy and hold house.
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hard money needed
Originally purchased this property as a flip . Purchase price 37k, repairs and upgrades 20K and interest and closing cost 8k. For a total of 65k. My ARV is 102k. The property is a sfr, 3 bed 1.5 bath in an easy to market.
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