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SF condo, sell or rent for a loss?
Purchased a condo in a nice part of SF in 2017. overpaid, but at that point housing was appreciating quite a bit year over year and we were confident we’d be able to rent at cash flow positive rate if we ever moved. We... View more
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Investment in East Palo Alto
I have bought 2 SFR in East Palo Alto for around 800K and 900K and have rented both of them. They are both cash positive. This was during last 1 year. What do people think of East Palo Alto in terms of further... View more
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Sonoma county Airbnb property manager recommendation
Hello, Does anyone have a recommendation for a short term vacation rental property manager in the Sonoma County (Santa Rosa) area? I've checked out a few companies but most of them have pretty bad/scary reviews - maybe... View more
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CPA recommendations in Bay Area
Hi Everyone! I just started my journey as a real estate investor this year! Currently I have two rentals (single family) in Tucson, AZ and have been actively looking for deals / opportunities to expand my portfolio... View more
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Thoughts on this expensive now reduced property
There is a property that I am interested in in SF Cole Valley area. Here is a link to the property: This has 6 unit large apartments and 3 commercial properties on the ground floor. ... View more
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Tax advisor in San Francisco
I'm based in San Francisco and looking for tax advice in order to structure my investments with the best tax benefit. Any tax advisors you recommend who may be taking new clients? The tax advisor doesn't have to... View more
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Out of state investors - what market did you choose and why?
I've been talking to a few people about this recently, but I would love to poll a larger group.For those of you who have invested out of state - which market did you decide to invest in, and why did you choose that... View more
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Foundation Contractors Bay Area
Can anyone recommend a company that can assist in foundation or structural correction. I found a leak in my plumbing that has been causing damage under my duplex. The plumbing repair has been fixed but it has caused... View more
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Thoughts on investing in Tahoe as short-term rental, spring 2021?
Hi Friends,should I invest in a Lake Tahoe duplex as both short-term rental and vacation home? Risky for all sorts of environmental reasons of course, but wondering if you would go for it and why. Thinking about spring... View more
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Time to sell for max appreciation in Bay Area?
Hey all!First time post but I have been following BP for quite some time. I'm facing this dilemma of whether or not I should hold on to my million dollar, unrealistically tiny town house. Here's the... View more
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Non Occupied /Rental Properly Refinance Bank Recommendations
Hello BP, I have some Rental properties in Baltimore MD that I want to refinace or cash out, Have you worked with in MD, DC & VA area local bank or credit union that's flexible and investor friendly? Would love... View more
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Multifamily to TIC in sfo
Hi,Wanted to check on how difficult it is to convert multifamily units to TIC in sfo . Is this a good strategy ? want to get ur opinions on this .  Does anybody here have experience in doing it? 
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Does anyone Airbnb in Vallejo?
Does anyone do STR in Vallejo? I'm just curious about the profitability. Do you have airdna data you can share?
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Bay Area Rents collapsing
My tenant decided to move out from my rivermark condo in santa clara . I used to easily find tenants for $2700 ( 1 bed , 1 bath) . However its been 2 weeks and inspite of me lowering rents to $2350 I am not even... View more
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Multifamily in sfo - Rent Control
Have a question regarding rent control in San Francisco . A lot of 4-6 unit multifamily units I am looking right now have at least 2 units which are at very low rents . lets say i buy a 6 unit with 2 under rent control... View more
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Rental Property in East Oakland
I am looking at possibly getting a rental in the sketchiest parts of East Oakland. Just seeing if anyone else has experience renting in East Oakland. Did you property manage? How bad was it? Were you able to find good... View more
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Berkeley Multifamily - Discrepancy between County and City record
Hello,I am looking to buy a 3plex as an off-market deal from a friend of a friend in Berkeley.The property is zoned as R2. The Berkeley rent board lists 3 units at the property. The Berkeley GIS website lists 3... View more
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looking for a property manager
Hi Bay Area BP community,I'm looking for names of property manager.  Do you have one you'd recommend to your parents/best friend/children? Thanks,Ann
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Tenant not paying rent - signed COVID hardship - San Jose
Hello forum members, I'd want some advice. I've a rental in San Jose where the tenant/s has stopped paying rent. Here is a chronology of events: Original lease had 2 tenants (joint lease) August- One tenant A pays... View more
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To lease commercial space or leave vacant before sale
Hi there, My family owns a mixed use building in San Mateo that we're thinking of selling in the not too distant future. It has 5 residential units and 2 commercial spaces. We have no problems renting out the... View more
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Househacking in the Bay Area
Hi all, Long term BP member but infrequent poster. I currently rent in SF (SoMa) but starting to consider a MF purchase in Q1 using a FHA loan. The idea would be to move into one unit while renting the other(s). I... View more
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Location for a STR near the Bay Area
I used to live in the Bay Area (now based in Asia) and still own a home in Campbell. Im looking to spend a few months per year near the Bay Area to be close to family and friends but don't want to leave my home vacant... View more
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San Francisco: Harassment/ Threats by Tenant
My partner and I currently reside in San Francisco. While I work full-time, he manages the building in which we live. It is owned by his father who lives permanently in Prague.  We have one sub-tenant that has lived in... View more
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HELOC institution recommendations for investing
Hi everyone, Does anyone know of any institutions issuing HELOCs at this time that will allow the funds to be used for purchasing/rehabbing investment properties? I'm putting this in the San Francisco forum as my... View more
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Does this deal make sense for a SFH in Bayview?
Hi everyone, I'm planning to pull the trigger to become a first time landlord in San Francisco and had my eyes on a SFH in Bayview neighborhood. The 2B1Ba house currently have 2 section 8 tenants paying market rate at... View more
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