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Fresno multi unit cashflow
Hello,I'm currently invested in Bakersfield. Considering investing into Fresno as well if the money is right. I'm looking online at some 5-unit properties available, it appears that they should cash flow ok based on... View more
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Meetup group in the Central Valley
I was wondering if anybody would interested in joining a Bigger Pockets meetup group here in the Central Valley -  Specifically Fresno - I am surprised to see that there are very so few Bigger Pockets meetup groups... View more
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Looking for quality contractors in the Fresno area
Hello everybody I am looking for quality contractors in the Fresno area.  I own 2 duplexes and 1 single family home and I am tired of my family and I doing all the work.  Please let me know if you guys have any... View more
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Beginner wholesaler looking to network with other wholesalers
I began marketing a couple weeks back for motivated sellers. I've gotten a few calls but none of which were motivated. I was looking to meetup with any other wholesalers in town who is either new or experienced. I can... View more
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looking to partner with wholesalers in visalia fresno area
I wholesale myself and occasionally i come across properties that are in fresno or visalia area. And i'd like to send them your way for a 50/50 split. if anyone interested just shoot me a message. Happy Monday
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Fresno Wholesaler need
It's my understanding that there is a Wholesaler in Fresno that sells properties ask over the state. I have a need for properties.
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Investing in Fresno/Central CA
Hi, To all of the investors out there who invest in Fresno or Central CA in general, how is it working out? I am from Sacramento and have a couple of doors here, but want to explore investing in Fresno area or maybe... View more
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Where my Fresno players at?
This sub-forum is dead!!! Is Fresno the gold mine I have been seeking and nobody wants to share? Seriously though what is happening in Fresno? I am 3.5 hours away by car and am taking a hard look at Fresno for my next... View more
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Duplex in lemoore ca
I recently found a beautiful 1 acre flagpole lot in the city of lemoore that is zoned for a duplex. The builders are quoting between $125-$190sqft. Does anyone have any experiences good or bad building a duplex vs... View more
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Investor Meetup Over Coffee
I’m a new investor in Fresno (purchased two properties this year) and would love to meet some local investors and people in the area. Anyone else interested in meeting up in the new year?
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PM Recommendations in Fresno
Hey all I am looking for some PM you guys have had good luck with in the area around Fresno. I have a SFH that I need to rent asap, rent will be about 850-900 but my current PM for another property I have wants $125... View more
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SFR Vs. SMFR ( 1st Investment Property)
So BP i was wondering which would be better as a first investment property? Also which strategy would a Lender be more flexible on.. based on credit score..ect
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Fire damage property
Hello BP World .  Any recommendations on contractors in Fresno California.   Looking to rehab a fire damaged property.  Anything that would help? Would appreciate your contribution thanks..
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New investor to Fresno
I have been active in Sacramento but will be moving to Clovis or Visalia next summer to be closer to my inlaws and to get better access to the local RE market.   It appears to cash flow much better than Sacramento... View more
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Looking for an investor friendly Realtor
Hello, I have been OOS investor so far. I think I have something that will work for me in Fresno market and would love to talk to some one with the local expertise. Please let me know if you could recommend an agent... View more
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Airbnb or Corporate Housing in Visalia?
My family owns a property in Visalia, CA and I was wondering if those around could provide me a bit of help. The property is a very nice SFR in a B+ neighborhood. We're looking at renting the place out. I wanted to... View more
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Whats the best lender for HELOC from investment property?.
we do own few houses in fresno,CA area. we would like to pull the equity out through HELOC for other investment. Some of big banks do not offer HELOC for investment property. can you guys please suggest/refer the... View more
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Experience with lenders in Fresno, CA
Hello,    Does anyone have a recommendation for a lender or credit union/bank in Fresno area? I am looking to purchase a 4-plex and want to make sure I am working with an investor friendly lender/bank.I have heard of... View more
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High-Speed Rail Fresno to Bakersfield - is anyone hopeful?
Hi All,I've been following some of the news on the High-Speed Rail project planned for Fresno to Bakersfield. (see View more
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Good contractors in Fresno?
Hello All,My wife and I should be closing on a small SFH in Fresno this week. Place will need a complete rehab on the inside and a yard tear down/haul away. I plan on doing a lot of the simpler items but will need some... View more
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Looking for Off Market Multis in Fresno and Need price guidance!
Hello All,My wife and are are still looking for our first deal! Wanted to connect with any wholesalers in the area that may come across any multifamily projects. I am looking in Fresno and Clovis. I spent a good part... View more
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Can we get a Modesto/Merced forum
The California Central Valley is Huge! There is a Sacramento Forum, a Stockton and  then a Fresno Forum .There is about a 2-3 hr drive on Highway 99 From Stockton to Fresno (it runs north and south). Roughly between... View more
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This board has been dormant for awhile. But I'll be in Fresno.
This board has been dormant for awhile. But I'll be in Fresno this weekend (07/13-07/15) to help celebrate a family member's birthday (step-mother) I don't know the Fresno area very well as were to meet but just... View more
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New to Wholesaling looking for others
I’m fairly new to real estate I’ve been listening the the podcast and reading books on investing. I have a friend who moved to the Bay Area and is doing wholesaling. I wanted to see if anyone here is doing that as well... View more
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Fresno General Contractor Required
Hi all those in Fresno. I have a 10 unit I am about to rehab and am looking for a great General Contractor. Someone detailed, has ideas, is proactive and gets the job done. Thank you!
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