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Tehachapi investors
Hi Guys,I might be able to get a partially build plot of land and a flip property under contract soon in Tehachapi.  Any buyers/investors working that area?  Any thoughts on investing in that area?
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investing in bakersfield
Hello gang,i currently invest in bakersfield, have 9 doors and closing on 6 more next month. I am looking to expand my circle of like minded individuals so we can chat and share our network and experiences. let me know... View more
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Bakersfield real estate trends
Gary Crabtree predicted that future demand will rise by 7%.  He also stated that the oil sector is adding jobs.  BP Fund predicts that home prices will rise 3.3% in 2017.I have noticed much more strength in... View more
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Investing into condominiums
Hello,I currently own a 4-unit multifamily in East Bakersfield which is doing well for cash flow. I am looking into expanding and possibly purchasing a single unit condominium West of the 99 fwy. I am considering this... View more
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Inheriting an Apartment Complex in Riviera/Westchester
I live in Orange County and I'm inheriting outright a 10 unit apartment complex in the Riviera/Westchester area of Bakersfield near downtown. I was planning on selling the unit, but after doing some research I decided... View more
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Do I have to Buy Out a Tenant if I want to move in to a 4 unit?
I live in Los Angeles (Actually Santa Monica) with our draconian rules on getting people out of buildings and the high costs of buying them out, just curious how this would effect me in Bakersfield/Kern County.  What's... View more
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Do I have to Buy Out a Tenant if I want to move in to a 4 unit?
I live in Los Angeles (Actually Santa Monica) with our draconian rules on getting people out of buildings and the high costs of buying them out, just curious how this would effect me in Bakersfield/Kern County. What's... View more
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I'm from Patterson cal
I live in a mobile home now is Bakersfield a good place to live?
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Real Estate Tax Attorney
Hi BP club! I'm seeking recommendations for a real estate tax attorney in Bakersfield for my flips and rentals. I will greatly appreciate any good recommendations. 
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Anyone investing in Bakersfield, CA
Hello, I am interested in investing in Bakersfield CA. Anyone experience with that market?
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$10K Budget! How Would You Renovate a C-Class Asset!?!?
Hi Guys and Gals, I am seeking some advice here. I have a "Cish" class asset ( 1 of 3 units) that has just become vacant due to a move out. Question: With rent for this unit currently at $725/month, with room to grow... View more
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Bakersfield, CA Landlord Tenant laws, rules and regulations.
Hello BP!My fiance and I have owned an owner occupied duplex in Los Angeles for the past two years. It has appreciated about 36% in that short amount of time. We want to buy another 2-4 unit multifamily rental.  We... View more
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Anyone refer a Title Agency who will execute w/o Owner Policy?
Hey Team Bakersfield, I'm buying FSBO home from a friend who is an extremely low risk seller and its been challenging finding an agency who will execute a transaction without forking an extra $2k on an owner title... View more
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Current Bakersfield real estate activity
Would like to know if anyone is currently investing or has recently invested in the Bakersfield, CA market.  I have done a fair amount of real estate investing in the past and looking to get back into it.  I live in... View more
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Looking for Builder/GC Referrals
Fellow BP members, could anyone in the area recommend referrals for an investor friendly builder or GC in the Rosamond or Lancaster area? I dont mind the new GCs on the block looking to get into this arena either.... View more
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Should we close on this 4 unit?
We are under contract for a 4 unit apartment complex in Taft for $170k.Each unit rents for $575. Currently, there is 50% vacancy. It was advertised as fully occupied. I talked with one of the tenants who has lived... View more
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Investing in Bakersfield? Areas to avoid?
Hi everyone, My name is Mahmoud and I am new to Bakersfield. I am interested in purchasing a rental property, particularly either a single family home in the low 100s, or a duplex in the low 200s. But, I am not sure... View more
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Owner financing in Bakersfield CA
Hello, I live in Orange County and plan to buy some properties in Bakersfield and sell it with seller financing.My goal is to offer similar mortgage that the tenant would be paying as a rent. The price range of home... View more
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Starting an Owner Builder Network in Kern County
BP members, just curious if any of you who live in Kern or LA county are frustrated with high price of homes and decided to take a leap into building your own home either as a DIY Owner Builder or as acting as your own... View more
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Santa Clarita Area Networking
I am new to the bigger pockets website though I am not a new listener. I currently have three rentals and am looking to move into larger complexes. I am looking for like minded individuals in the Santa Clarita area to... View more
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Looking for Bank - Refinancing MultiFamily Central California
I'm looking for recommendations for community or regional banks to refinance an apartment complex in Bakersfield. Any referrals would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
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Investing in Bakersfield
My wife and I are interested in possibly buying a rental property in Bakersfield, like a 4 plex. I would appreciate anyone's input on their experiences with owning property there.  The city doesn't seem like it has a... View more
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Relocating Real Estate Business Owner Looking for Agent & KTRs
Fellow Bakersfield BP members, could anyone in the area recommend referrals for an investor friendly real estate agents the Rosamond and Tehachapi area? Referrals from other investors are definitely worth their weight... View more
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Roofing Contractors in Bakersfield
Hi BP fam,I am looking for recommendations on roofing contractors in Bakersfield. Thanks in advanced!Travelle
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The right software for investors?
I am searching for a software to view all my properties( income, losses, expenses, cap rate, etc) under one roof. I am currently using spreadsheets, but I am searching for something easier. Any suggestions? I found... View more
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