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Creating an IE Meet-Up Group
Hi there, I would like to create an IE meet up group that is free for everyone to attend. Please post in here a day (Held in the evening 6pm) that works best for you and e-mail me so I can get a list going. I'd like to... View more
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CPA/Tax Preparer Recommendations
Hello All, I am a new investor with 1 property and am looking for an experienced tax preparer.  I would appreciate your recommendations, who they are and why you recommend them. 
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looking for a CPA in SoCal
hey!  I'm looking for someone in Riverside County, San Diego County or Orange County that is savvy with taxes, bookkeeping and business consulting for a young investor with big dreams!  Anyone know a good CPA around... View more
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Corona, CA - Coffee
Hey BP,I am going to be in Corona, CA this week and wanted to know if anyone local wanted to grab a coffee/drink on Friday or Saturday? My fiancee's family is down there and I would enjoy learning more about how the... View more
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Riverside/Corona multi family?
Hi Everyone,I live in OC and I am considering using an FHA loan to purchase a multi family (probably duplex in Riverside or Corona) I plan to live in one and then rent out the other.I have seen some decent returns on a... View more
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Meet Ups in the riverside area?
Any there any individuals in the Riverside, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino (I.E.) regions that would like to meet-up and discuss real estate?
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Murrieta Recessed Lighting Recoemmendation?
Hi Does anyone have any recommendations for a good electrician for a recessed lighting job in the Murrieta/Temecula area?
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Low Cost Locksmith Referral Appreciated - Riverside / MOV
I would appreciate any referrals to a low cost locksmith in the Riverside / Moreno Valley area. My preference is bill by time, instead of by the cylinder. By the cylinder can quickly add up. Local, so I can avoid... View more
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Laundry Machine Rentals
I am looking for recommendations from small property owners (I have a 4-plex) on what to do about laundry washer/dryer. I am currently leasing from WASH Laundry and they collect for me and send a check. In general, I... View more
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Vacation Rental in Indian Wells
Hello All, I’m looking for a property in the greater Palm Springs area that I could use a few weeks a year and rent out the rest of the time. I found a property in Indian Wells I like, but am concerned with the... View more
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Is It Possible Too Cash Flow Positive With FHA in Inland Empire?
I'm considering doing an FHA house hack in the Inland Empire with multifamily due to the affordability compared to OC. I'm wondering if it is possible to cash flow positive with an FHA on multifamily in the area.
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Newbie RE investor looking for like minded people
Hi BP community, I’m new to BP. I’m out near Rancho Cucamonga. Currently I work as a lender but I’ve been trying to learn all I can about real estate investing and buy and hold strategies. I just started analyzing... View more
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Local HUD Registered Agent
My partner and I are looking for an agent with who is registered with HUD. Let me know if you are or know a HUD agent. Thanks!
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Looking to network in Palm Desert, CA
Hello! Right now I am currently waiting on taking my real estate license exam in LA. I was wondering if anyone would like to do a zoom call or meet up to talk about your experience in real estate investing. I am 19... View more
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Coachella Valley market
Hey everyone, I'm a contractor in Palm Desert looking for projects or flip deals in this area
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Property Management in Inland Empire
I'm looking for a solid PM for a SFR in Moreno Valley. Any good recommendations for anyone in the area?
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Anyone wholesaling in the Inland Empire / Riverside area?
Hi everyone, I'm thinking about starting wholesaling in the Corona / Riverside / Inland Empire area. I was wondering if anyone was having success, challenges, market cycle trends that they've noticed, etc. I realize... View more
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Viable Returns in So Cal
I'm formulating my family's personal investment strategy. I've been analyzing deals that would be considered good retail buys, and they are no where near numbers that would meet Brandon's Cash On Cash... View more
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connect me with your local go to house finder
I live in Chino Hills I am considering using an FHA loan to purchase a multi-family 20 mins from chino hills. I plan to live in one and rent out the other. Looking for someone who is investor-friendly, looking to... View more
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Title company in OC California
looking for a title company in Orange County Ca closing wholesale transactions. Thanks
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New to REI (Wholesaling)
Hello everyone!!! My name is Jason Rice, I am 18 years old new to the REI scene and looking to connect with any new or seasoned investors in the Socal area to network, share ideas and learn as much as I can firsthand... View more
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Riverside Investor looking for good handyman referrals
Hi! BP members, I am looking for a good handyman who can help me with paint touch up and replacing faucet and toilet, etc., Your referral is much appreciated.Regards,  Joie Wang
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General Contractor in the Inland Empire
Hi Everyone! I am looking for a general contractor in the Inland Empire area for a property that is specifically located in Riverside. The GC would be used for a full kitchen remodel, and want someone who does quality... View more
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Real property transfer tax form
I'm transferring my real estate from my name to an llc that I just created and having trouble choosing which box to choose on the real property transfer tax exemption information.can someone give me hints as to which... View more
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Any Wholesalers in the Inland Empire California area??
Hi BP members, I'am brand new to real estate investing and i been doing a lot of self educating on it mostly wholesale. Im from the Rancho Cucamonga inland empire area. Is there any seasoned wholesaler who knows the... View more
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