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Bangor ME contractors, want to learn how to invest?
I’m in immediate need for a person that can coordinate jobs, work well with others, schedule jobs, etc. In exchange, besides good pay, I’ll teach and help this person develop their own portfolio of investments.
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Straight Outta Stockton - Anatomy of another Stockton “Deal”
Straight Outta Stockton - Anatomy of another Stockton “Deal” In a previous post I made some bold general statements regarding how hard it is to find an even halfway decent deal on the MLS in Stockton, CA. As a sort of... View more
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How to find local assisted living facilities for sale?
Hello, Has any assisted living investor had success finding facilities licensed for over 30+ residents in the area? The market is saturated with 6 bed facilities. There are many smaller properties available, but... View more
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Stockton: The Last Bastion of Housing Affordability in California
After my most recent post on projecting Stockton to be the #4 metro market in the nation in 2018, I've received the same question over and over and over again:"But WHY Stockton? What's so great about it?... View more
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Stockton good bad map
Hello,Looking for a map someone posted a couple years ago. I remember it gave the good and bad areas of Stockton ca. Looking to develop a small strip mall. I tired looking for the map without any luck. It was probably... View more
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Getting into private lender
Hi,I'm starting out and trying to diversify.  I have some good funds saved up and looking into private lending.  I appreciate any thoughts on how to get it going?Thanks,Stan
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Stockton CA Help "Im stuck"
Hi everyone So I'm your typical newbie i want to start and i have a lot of wants and a lot of drive to start my investing journey but i'm stuck and don't know where to start.My goal is buy and holds. I have my first... View more
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small bank / investor friendly / heloc
Looking for recommendations for local lender who doesn't require seasoning of the property. Ideally investor friendly and offers 80% - 90% LTV. Great large bank recommendation? I'll take it!Thanks!
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Hows the occupancy rate in Stockton?
I've seen some pretty good deals in Stockton, but I don't know how hard it is to keep or find tenants. I know UOP and a CSU have a campus there,  so I figured I can at least rent to some college students. Any thoughts... View more
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Wholesalers in Stockton
Do you know any wholesalers in Stockton ?
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Needing Contractor Referral in Stockton area ?
Hi, can anyone please recommend me general contractor in Stockton, CA  area . I have a duplex and had to evict tenants from one one of the units out and they have left the house in a big mess and needing alot of touch... View more
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Contractor Referral? My contractor has his hands full...
Hey Everyone,I was wondering if anybody had a contractor for single family home flips they can recommend in Stockton/Lodi area? My current contractor is jam packed with work and I need someone for my next several... View more
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Stockton Investor Meet ups?
Are there any meet ups for the Stockton area? Really want to obtain my first investment property here in Stockton so i would love to attend a meet up if there are any!
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Real Estate Lawyer Reference
We have several questions that we need to get answered by a real estate lawyer.  Anyone have any references?  Thanks in advance for your time. God bless,Arturo 
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Stockton commercial agents and property managers
We are looking for expanding my portfolio by including Multi-families in Stockton. Would appreciate to get references for commercial agents and property managers in the area? 
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Looking to connect w/ commercial brokers
Looking to connect with commercial brokers in the Stockton area for small-mid size apartment investment. Please PM or comment here. Thanks!
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Refinance of the BRRRR possible?!
When using the BRRRR method is it possible to refinance a multi unit(4) at 80% in the stockton ca area? Do you know any good lenders who work with investors using this approach? And who currently BRRRR's in the area?... View more
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New to forum, looking to build a network
Hey all, I’m new to BP, but have been a part of the real Estate game for several years now. We hear on the podcast that it’s important for us to join our local meetups, but I can attest that it’s difficult given my... View more
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1% rule in Stockton ca?!?
I was chatting with a colleague about the process I use to purchase properties and I was wondering with the market rising does anyone still use the 1% rule in Stockton CA or is that hard to achieve. Thanks in advance 🙏🏾
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Stockton & Lodi To Be #4 Housing Market In 2018
Well, well, well... whaddaya know... my sweet little hometown of Stockton, California has some big things planned for... View more
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Stockton,Ca for investments
Hi BP,I am on the lookout for properties in my area and wondering how the market is doing here. I don't have much cash on hand for a down payment so I am looking at Condos as a way into this investing game.A quick... View more
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Stockton, CA - Go to Person / Local Manager
Hey guys, we're looking for someone who can help us out locally on a Multifamily property in Stockton. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.It would be light property management duties, ie. posting notices from... View more
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City Fees and taxes on New multifamily dev in Stockton
Hi,I have a seller looking to sell an entitled 190+ unit multifamily parcel.  I'm trying to add up the costs of development.  I'm wondering if anyone knows what city fees, permits, and taxes (school, water, fire) will... View more
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Local Investment Group Stockton CA?
Hi Everyone - Is anyone here aware of, or part of a local investment group in Stockton, CA? It would be great to network with other active investors in the area...
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Stockton Rental Market - How much do apartments rent for today!
Stockton, CA Rental Market – From the Tenants Perspective.About 9 months ago I did a little "market research" because I was bringing a few new units in Stockton online. This week I had another one come up and since I... View more
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